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  1. judy jackstadt

    Pre-Camino Travel Ideas

    Be sure to notice the beautiful train station in Toledo before just running through to get outside! It’s absolutely gorgeous and would be a lovely sketch!
  2. judy jackstadt

    Best earplugs

    I’ve slept with a loud snorer for forty years. Go to an audiologist (doctor for hearing aids) and get fitted for custom made earplugs. They aren’t cheap. I paid USD140, but they are wonderful. When I walk the Camino I sleep with a tiny net bag tied to a ribbon around my neck so that the moment I...
  3. judy jackstadt

    Roncesvalles Albergue

    I’ve stayed at Roncesvalles twice and eaten at both places for dinner and both were good. I prefer Casa Sabina for the whole trout , eyes and all. Delicious! Good comraderi too! Skip breakfast there and stop at the first place you pass to eat. (Less than an hour). Wonderful meals! Buen Camino!
  4. judy jackstadt

    Anybody want to meet? Puente de Reina

    Wish I were there!
  5. judy jackstadt

    Camino question

    On both my caminos I found the China stores (those dollar type stores run by Chinese people) in the slightly larger villages were always happy to take my large bills even with a very small purchase. One manager said to me... no problem, we have lots of money. Then she gave a big bright smile!
  6. judy jackstadt

    Too ambitious?

    I’m 71 and just finished my second Camino Frances this year. I carried my 18 pound pack all the way, but I stop for café con leche in almost every village. It’s my reward. I averaged about 20 km per day after the first week. Just take care of your feet and drink lots of water. Good for you for...
  7. judy jackstadt

    Live - Camino Francés One week in.. Logrono

    Darn. We are in Logroño tonight too but at Albergue Logroño. It’s nice and close to Laurel street for tapas but wish I’d checked out Winederful! Maybe I’ll see you in Nájera!
  8. judy jackstadt

    My New Camino Marker

    It is absolutely wonderful!
  9. judy jackstadt


    Great video! Thanks!
  10. judy jackstadt

    Pre Trip Anxiety

    I am 70 and beginning March 30 on the Frances. My friends and I walked it in 2017 in Apr/May. Perfect weather. Very little rain, cool mornings and beautiful scenery- yellow fields and red poppies! Whatever this year’s weather brings, I know it will be wonderful. We plan on taking it slowly so...
  11. judy jackstadt

    Pilgrim House Resources and Hours 2019

    Visited in 2017. It was a great place to wait for our bus after checking out of the hotel!
  12. judy jackstadt

    Sending some luggage to Santiago

    Thank you. I’ve read the phrase many times but didn’t figure it out. Buen Camino!
  13. judy jackstadt

    Sending some luggage to Santiago

    What is the Land of Oz?
  14. judy jackstadt


    Thanks for all the great ideas! I think I’ll let it just go crazy with a tiny scarf and/or my buff if I don’t need it around my neck. I think I’m going to keep my hair a little longer instead of shorter and too manly. I am six feet tall wearing pilgrim clothes but I would still like to look...
  15. judy jackstadt


    Wow! I loved my buff before but this is great! Thank you!
  16. judy jackstadt


    I actually look pretty okay with blow dry and makeup but not willing to carry that. Lol. I love the Camino and am starting the Frances for the second time of March 27 in SJPDP! Sending love to the forum peeps!
  17. judy jackstadt


  18. judy jackstadt


    I think I edited out all three pics now. Oh well!
  19. judy jackstadt


    Oh no. How did it get there 3 times. Sorry.
  20. judy jackstadt


    Here’s my hair with a headband. I was just wondering if anyone had a way to tame it without a blow dryer.

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