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  1. BruceNZ

    A reminder of the Portugués

    U cant say that without putting up the recipe lol ! Got lots of lockdown time to try it !
  2. BruceNZ

    Help! Is May too hot?

    We walked Granada to Merida in May 2 years ago and struck perfect walking weather. Low 20's most days and only one day of drizzle. Hoping for similar when we do the de la Lana April/May this year tho suspect may be cooler to start. Buen Camino
  3. BruceNZ

    Who's walking La Lana in April

    Hola Marilyn, We are three Kiwis starting from Alicante on 22 April (actually Elda as we will train out to there first day) heading to Burgos. We have pre-booked most of our accommodation - AirBnb, Casa Rurals etc as well as using Albergues. Plus we tend to walk 3-5 days then take a day off to...
  4. BruceNZ

    Live from Portuges - Donativo seems to mean free for most

    Yes perhaps in this day and age the albergues need to change their signs " We rely on donativo to offer the facilities you have enjoyed. We thank you for your support". As Derrybiketours says - some people 'just don't get it' these days.
  5. BruceNZ

    Missing out

    Hi Bart - my Portuguese one was similar - only a few nights shared meals - but I put it down to quite a lot of 'younger' walkers and small groups who stuck to themselves. Last year I went with friends one of whom was a non stop talker. Frequent toilet breaks or boot adjustments required to get...
  6. BruceNZ

    Doors on the Camino Frances

    I took photos of Chimney pots instead on the Camino Mozarabe… oh and a photo bomb by my friend who came with me (all the way from Granada to Merida.. to Bilbao by car and Avignon by bus - over 35 days !!) lol
  7. BruceNZ


    Hi... have had a few back problems on and off. One thing worth remembering (frm a muscularskeletal wizard here) is always breathe out (consciously ) whenever bending - bending down breathe out, coming back up breathe out. So may people do the opposite i.e take a breath n bend. The breathing...
  8. BruceNZ

    A Test/Review of the Engo Blister Patch is Coming

    Hi Dave … I'm not a regular reader of the forum but have not seen anyone extol the virtues of Compeeds Anti-Friction sticks. Looks like a wee deodorant stick and just (sparingly) put on any potential blister areas in the morning. 2 Caminos and never a single blister. Magic ! Have even given to...
  9. BruceNZ

    Blister product advice

    Compeed Anti-friction stick - use from day one … looks like a deodorant stick... use dabs where u think or feel rubbing... can spread with finger... magic - 2 caminos NO blisters...
  10. BruceNZ

    How to train for downhill walking

    Walking the Annapurna Circuit years ago I spent time watching the porters walk who were carrying up to 80kg ! Porters always 'bounce' as they walk ...in other words they engage their thighs and have a very regular bouncy walk. It seems counter intuitive to bounce up and down using your thighs...
  11. BruceNZ

    Many thanks for that ... it does help focus the +- cheers

    Many thanks for that ... it does help focus the +- cheers
  12. BruceNZ

    Hello Alan...you have probably been asked this before - Am looking to walk either Cordoba to...

    Hello Alan...you have probably been asked this before - Am looking to walk either Cordoba to Merida (and meet other friends there) or Seville merida next April. Any recommendation on which is the better way - picturesque, less roads etc ... Many thanks bruceNZ

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