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  1. K

    taking a shower in the albergues

    I am still laughing.. good response...
  2. K

    RDLP in spring 2018 with dog: canine companions?

    totally love this post content. they ARE our companions. NOT our pets!!!! for long before we made them cushy - they were our protectors I understand. I miss my boy every day, he passed on in 2017 and I await his instructions to lead me to find my next best friend to join me on this walk of...
  3. K

    Post-Camino Retreat

    how does one follow your blog? what a strange word that is? thx so much from Ozstraylia..
  4. K

    Live - Camino Francés Channeling Don Quixote...

    hello Joe, I should like to follow your blog - is it on Wordpress? had a bit of a look around, cannot see it.. best from Oz
  5. K

    Live - Camino Francés Requiring all my patience....

    totally love your Avatar, cracked me up... as did the posts!!! ha dee ha
  6. K

    Gale Force Wind Training!

    sing and play for us Frank.. you would have some soulful tunes in you me thinks!!!!! those few simple words hits chords with us ****puns intended**** thanks mate..
  7. K

    CaminoDebrita's Short Film SJPP to Roncesvalles

    "Salt water wells in my eyes" stunning thank you from Oz
  8. K

    Walking Sandals???

    dear fellow aussie, are you happy with those sandals? would you recommend their brand please? sunshine coast smiles
  9. K

    Where did you walk today?

    someone wise wrote - time does not exist, it is an artificial construct, clocks exist..
  10. K

    I may never get to Santiago!

    allo, allo - I too do not own a mobile phone, I was forced to use one for my last assignment job, when the supervisor heard I did not own a mobile, she almost had a mickey - "what, however do you survive", well, clearly I do survive and hopefully thrive without the dangers of getting my brain...
  11. K

    That tourist train at Obradoiro...

    ok, lead me to your taker, take me to your leader of the Virtual Camino thread..or is that a game someone is playing?
  12. K

    A Way now too travelled?

    I ain't just doing it for his bones, I am doing it for these old bones.
  13. K

    Live - Cam. Norte Kanga hopping

    Kanga, go Aussie go, go, go.. sorry could not resist sending that bit of Aussie love and familiarity,,, do tell, I imagine leeches are not a problem at this juncture, being that it is too cold for the little tackers? or are the wet conditions ideal for the lil suckers? all the best, following in...
  14. K

    motivational quotes

    YEAH, Brierley moves me to emotional states too. and I ain't met him yet. but would love to chance upon the gent when in Spain somewhere, sometime. what a soulful insightful sharing. more power to him and those who ponder and wander...
  15. K

    Camino Success Despite Being Overweight and Over 55

    great post. made me smile..... you up and out Woop Woop? I didn't google earth it but will. wondering who asks where the bloody hell is Woop Woop??? all the best maaaate from sunny coast hinterland.
  16. K


    a big queensland hug in this time of your grieving.
  17. K

    Flasher near Ponte Maceira

    Hi Patti, It feels to me that the whole sad Denise episode has allowed the opening of the flood, maybe tsunami of outpourings of concerns to be heard, to be allowed a place to settle and be shared. I am in angst for any of us who have had these blatant intrusions into our safety, any violations...
  18. K

    John Lennon's 'Imagine' along the Camino way.

    Keep writing "just your thoughts" please. enjoying your discourse.. In Peace k.

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