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  1. efdoucette

    Two weeks in March

    I have ~12 days to walk in March. Can someone offer help on where to go? I've been going around in circles researching. Would like: - warmth - variety of scenery - towns - hostals, hotels, pensions (not an alberque type of guy anymore) Any suggestions very much appreciated, Thanks, Eric
  2. efdoucette

    Wise Pilgrim Invierno app

    Hi folks, I purchased the above mentioned app, downloaded it but it won't load. I have a samsung galaxy 9, fairly new, so it shouldn't be my phone. Has anyone had the same experience ? Any ideas how to correct? Thanks Eric
  3. efdoucette


    From Canada, I added a little something to my outdoor fireplace, can you find it? You may have to zoom in a little, and it does point in the right direction :) Eric
  4. efdoucette

    The Corfu Trail

    I know this is not a Camino or Pilgrimage route but I was wondering if any other long distance addicts like myself :) have walked or experienced the Corfu trail. I have a guidebook on order but won't see it until the end of the month. Many thanks and cheers, Eric
  5. efdoucette

    Way of St James in Tirol

    Hello all, I have read of a Camino trail through the Tirol region of Austria. This is what I have been able to find, very informative https://www.tyrol.com/things-to-do/sports/hiking/hiking-tours/a-way-of-st-james Is anyone aware of further information, maybe a guidebook? Best regards Eric
  6. efdoucette

    Hostals or Hotels in Santiago

    Hello friends, I know there is a thread about favorite Hostals / Hotels in Santiago. My searching skills can't locate it, could someone please direct me to the thread? My favorite, San Martin Pinario, is full on my dates. Many thanks
  7. efdoucette

    Tale of 2 Caminos, via Jacobi and Cami de Ronda

    I promised some members an update after my walk this year. I have been walking Camino trails since my CF in 2011, this year I treated myself to a solo 6 days on the via Jacobi from Rapperswil to Brienz, Switzerland. Then moved to Catalunya to walk with 2 past Camino friends the Cami de Ronda...
  8. efdoucette

    Via Jacobi

    Hello all, Is anyone aware of an English guidebook for the Via Jacobi through Switzerland? Regards, Eric
  9. efdoucette

    Roto Vicentina

    Has anyone walked this route? Opinions? If you need motivation to walk this video may help.
  10. efdoucette

    Rota Vicentina

    Hello friends, I was wondering if anyone has walked this trail, Rota Vicentina. It is located in SW Portugal and I think somewhat tied to the Way of St James. I am curious about the trail in general and mainly about accommodations along the trail. Here is the website, looks fantastic...
  11. efdoucette


    Hello, Does anyone have any information on the Jakobsweg trail from Nuremberg to Konstanz. I know there is a guidebook on the CSJ site, I have that on order, but was wondering if there are any other guidebooks, websites, blogs, videos available. Thanks again contributors!
  12. efdoucette


    Good day all, Does anyone know if it is possible to pick up a credential in Bilbao? Thank you
  13. efdoucette

    Other Long Distance Trails

    Hello all, After walking Caminos the last 4 years in Spain, Portugal, France and Italy I continue to seek "fresh ground". Long distance walking is now in my blood, a big part of my life, from the planning, training to hitting the trail. I guess exploration has become my draw now since my...
  14. efdoucette

    Camino Reflection

    It has been 3 years now since I walked the Camino Frances and this morning the Camino entered my thoughts, as it normally does. Over time it has become clear how important the Camino has been in my life, it has been a real milestone. It was a special time to meet "friends" from different...
  15. efdoucette

    Vuelta 2014

    I see the cycle race Vuelta 2014 ends in Santiago de Compostela September 14 and I believe at Obradoiro Square. There will be lots of excitement / activity / confusion in the square that day. Good luck and Buen Camino.
  16. efdoucette

    Camaraderie on the Via Francigena

    I understand the VF is not the Camino Frances in terms of number of walkers but there must be some. How lonely is it on the VF anyway? especially if you converse in only English? I hope to walk from Besconson to either Florence or maybe Rome this Sept / Oct. Thank you for your thoughts. Eric
  17. efdoucette

    Oh no ... another call

    When I finished my 3rd year on the Camino last year I thought I had it out of my system. But during my daily dog walks I find my mind drifting back to the Camino and again starting to long for another walk. Sooo, I surrender but where to go? I think I will try either the Norte Route or the Via...
  18. efdoucette

    Anxious again

    It's back, that anxious feeling. In 2011 I walked the Camino Frances from St Jean PDP, last year I walked the Portuguese route from Oporto. In 7 days I leave for Le Puy en Velay to walk the Via Podiense. Yes, I've become a Camino junkie. Every year at this time I don't sleep very well, waking up...
  19. efdoucette


    Hello all, Can anyone give me approximate percentages of the different types of terrain on the Le Puy to St Jean PDP route? I get a sense that it is less paved than on the Frances. The reason I ask is I will be walking in Sept and I have Merrell Moabs, one pair Gortex (almost worn out but very...
  20. efdoucette

    Random thought

    Don't know where this thought came from but I was just thinking back to the showers in the albergues, remembering how few had hooks to hang a towel, clothes, etc. There is a definite shortage of hooks in the shower stalls, most had none, some had one, luxury to have 2. I'm thinking I may bring a...

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