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  1. Karen Cap

    Support for addicts walking the Camino?

    My husband is a recovered alcoholic. He hadn’t had a drink in decades. He simply declined wine. I did enjoy the wine. No one ever pressured him to drink. A simple ‘no thank you’ should be enough. But if someone continues to encourage alcohol, you could say a strong ‘No thank you!’ If...
  2. Karen Cap

    @Dave is walking across America -- can you put him up?

    If Dave is near Taos, NM. My husband and I would be delighted to host him.
  3. Karen Cap

    Help Albergue Santa Cruz in Sahagun

    I’ve not stayed there. But I have donated. Peace.
  4. Karen Cap

    Help Albergue Santa Cruz in Sahagun

    Thank you for allowing this post in the forum. We pilgrims need this albergue to continue the spirit of the Camino
  5. Karen Cap

    Today Was A Wonderful Day :-)

    Congratulations for having a great day! After all you've Been through I guess you appreciate every moment now. When are you planning to walk the Camino again? Wishing you the best with the hope of a Camino soon on the horizon.
  6. Karen Cap

    Are we losing our "Way"?

    QUOTE="falcon269, post: 754359, member: 3000"] Can I get some whine with my dinner?;) No whine, please. Only vino Tinto!
  7. Karen Cap

    Changing shoes as well as socks?

    I’ve been a Camino addict since before I walked in 2016. A knee surgery in 2017 and a cross country move after that has kept me away. Now it’s a very old but sweet little dog. My husband said he can’t leave her. I understand and totally agree. But I may still walk in August/September this year.
  8. Karen Cap

    Changing shoes as well as socks?

    It looks like you caught the Camino bug. I was 60 and recently retired when I first walked the Camino in 2016. I leaned a lot about what to do and what not to do. I made some wonderful friends. I may walk again in August/September. Buen Camino!
  9. Karen Cap

    Changing shoes as well as socks?

    I sent my pack forward too. I wore my hiking boots and carried a pair of Chacos to change into after walking about 10k. My feet started to ache in the boots. I wore Chacos with socks too. I just ties the boot laces and threw them over my shoulder. (In hindsight, I think I needed an arch...
  10. Karen Cap

    Wool socks

    I can’t wear wool at all. At REI, I found Darn Tough CoolMax hiking socks. They were perfect for me and were most comfortable on the Camino
  11. Karen Cap

    Post a picture of your "shadow".

    2016 Camino
  12. Karen Cap

    Forum upgrade this morning 😳

    Thank you, Ivar I look forward to reading this forum at least a couple of tunes a week. It keeps me connected to the passion I have for the Camino. I walked the Frances from Pamplona to Santiago in September 2016 and loved it. I plan to walk again next year. Again. Thank you thank you thank...
  13. Karen Cap

    What do you do when you're not walking?

    When I’m not dreaming about the Camino, reading about the Camino, or planning my next Camino, I make pottery, clean up at the clay studio,walk, cook, and hang out with my hubby. I’m a camino addict. I started making the Camino mugs as I was recovering from knee surgery. I feel a strong...
  14. Karen Cap

    Bathroom in October camino

    I have an overactive bladder. I would find a bush or something to squat behind. Once there were a few people around. So, I walked quickly ahead and slipped a couple of feet off the Way to relieve myself. As I was adjusting my clothes, I was met with a couple of grins. I also wore a macabi...
  15. Karen Cap

    Has anyone had a haircut on the Camino?

    My husband got a haircut before the Camino. He didn’t bother trying to get one during our walk. He was pretty wooly when we got home.
  16. Karen Cap

    Road walking

    Lovely photo. What a great experience to have with your child. I would love to walk with my daughter. But she is too busy.
  17. Karen Cap

    Starting a Camino with mild plantar fasciitis - crazy or not?

    I bought Voltaren in Spain and it’s not a prescription
  18. Karen Cap

    Starting a Camino with mild plantar fasciitis - crazy or not?

    I had a serious case of Plantar frasciitis last year. I could walk 1/4 mike and not be able to walk without a limo for 3 days. It was awful. I tried several types of therapy including rolling a ball beneath my foot, massaging it with arnica, stretches, etc. What worked for me was 6 weekly...

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