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  1. Pruden

    LIVE from the Camino Last minute mistake—now what?

    Be very aware of the very hot 🥵 weather coming , on the side of the Rivera Sacra would be a hell melting pot ( easily get around + 40 degrees) , take with you plenty of water, last time I did some fountains were completely dried. Villages with no people and las Medulas is to hot 🥵! Buen camino!
  2. Pruden

    Death on the CF

    To many pilgrims or travelers passing away this May and June on different caminos ! So sorry 😐! DEP
  3. Pruden

    What makes you walk

    I walked the first Camino because I wanted to path what millions had made before since ancient times. Now I walk because I have the urge to do it, because I get containment and happiness making it ( even it’s a big effort to walk it sometimes). I do Caminos because I’m in love with it ( and...
  4. Pruden

    Some advice re the Camino Invierno

    I totally agree with you about it, this is not Camino Francés, del Norte , Portugués or Inglés. To years ago I walked at the en of October and beginning of November and I did no meet any single pilgrims till the day before arriving to Santiago, there was very difficult to get supplies in many...
  5. Pruden

    Unsettling death on Camino del Norte

    It’s pity when someone pass away, but we have to understand that the Camino is just like any where else, life and death is just part of it, I can no imagine a better way to pass away that doing and enjoy what you like most.( I wouldn’t like to died in a hospital after a long and painful...
  6. Pruden

    Camino Lebaniego/Vadiniense!

    Yes , the house at Horcada is that one , but remember is nothing there for dinner unless the bar is open on weekends, or on holidays , si you must buy food at Riaño ( bocadillos o supermercado and it’s closed from 14,00 till 17,00). From Cistierna to Gradefes the path is fine and no to much...
  7. Pruden

    Camino Lebaniego/Vadiniense!

    From pandrave down to Portilla is the worst, especially if it’s a hot day ( ten kilometers of asfalt)!
  8. Pruden

    Camino Lebaniego/Vadiniense!

    Yes , better take the ancient track on the left hand side an pass a small ermita ( maybe you would have to remove some fences, but you’re on the right pathway)!
  9. Pruden

    Camino Lebaniego/Vadiniense!

    Thanks for reading me , I’m just nobody to on this Caminos. I’ll try to answer you even my English is limited, I did walk alone in some parts of the etapas , I make San Vicente to Cades , Cabañes, San Pelayo, Espinama, Portilla de la Reina , Horcadas , Cistierna,Gradefes,Mansilla de las Mulas ...
  10. Pruden

    Camino Lebaniego/Vadiniense!

    Thanks Michael for your wonderful words , beautiful camino and looking forward to next one , maybe Camino Olvidado!!
  11. Pruden

    Camino Lebaniego/Vadiniense!

    Yes I have a wonderful experience! I chose to be there and I knew it was going to be hard an beauty 50%! I enjoy it! Buen camino!
  12. Pruden

    Camino Lebaniego/Vadiniense!

    I just arrived home after Camino Lebaniego/Vadiniense. It’s has been a beautiful experience to walk this two Caminos , the beauty is something really impressive even there are extremely hard to walk sometimes, we enjoy walking the path side to Nansa river , we enjoy the beautiful views going up...
  13. Pruden

    Our stages - Camino Lebaniego (April 2019)

    Yes I have some information and also I got the App Camino Lebaniego, but usually I go my way and don’t use much of technology , even I got lost doing Camino de Invierno 2 year ago. Thanks for your words! Buen Camino
  14. Pruden

    Our stages - Camino Lebaniego (April 2019)

    I’m walking alone and I think I’m ready for that , but I don’t want to give it for granted because anything can happen on the way. Thanks for your words! Buen camino anywhere.
  15. Pruden

    Our stages - Camino Lebaniego (April 2019)

    I’ll walk Camino Lebaniego/Vadiniense starting Saturday , I know it’s a different and difficult one even I’m use to walk mountains and Camino Frances and also Camino de Invierno. Thanks for your comments ! Buen Camino
  16. Pruden

    Racial discrimination on the Camino

    That albergue owner have a personal problem himself. Very stupid person! This person do not mach with the spirit of Camino the Santiago! I apologize that this kind of person was treating this pilgrim like that!

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