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  1. jgiesbrecht

    Fall Camino - wishful thinking?

    Yep, if I were you I would expect to not go, but as you said, for now wait and see. Then you are ready for the worst but prepared to go if it can work out.
  2. jgiesbrecht

    COVID-19: Corona virus discussion (Round 4)

    Yes, when I posted that post I was correct, but then things kept changing. As of yesterday morning I am now not going. It was going to take those official states of alarm type things to stop me, and that's what happened. I wasn't going to skip just because of speculation, but things thankfully...
  3. jgiesbrecht

    Pilgrims Office of SJPP

    The technical date is April 1, but at times of really bad weather they still close throughout other days of the year.
  4. jgiesbrecht

    COVID-19: Corona virus discussion (Round 4)

    I am just double checking that I have my info right. As of right now I can fly from Canada to France and then walk the Frances. I know there is one closure so far of an albergue on this portion, but for the most part the frances is business as usual (at this point), correct? I am scheduled to...
  5. jgiesbrecht

    2020 Camino a "To be" or "Not to be"? - and "Why?"

    You could always fly over and do a different branch of the camino, leaving the frances to do with her!
  6. jgiesbrecht

    Train Bayonne SJPdP

    I have purchased my train ticket from raileurope for Bayonne to SJPdP. The email says I can print the ticket. I have read other people in the past posting about a) trouble with the right train (I don't speak french) and b) not having the correct ticket, needing to do something at a station, etc...
  7. jgiesbrecht

    Astorga Chocolate in SdC?

    Yes I know it's a weird question, but is good local chocolate available in SdC? Im asking because my MIL loves dark chocolate (like 70% or greater). I don't want to pick some up and carry it with me for the remainder of the trip, so looking to pick some up before flying back out of SdC. Any good...
  8. jgiesbrecht

    What to make for a pilgrim

    So I leave next weekend for my Camino and a friend of mine bought a piece of fabric not too huge I don't even remember specifically how big like maybe like 2 feet by 2 feet or something tops.... anyway she wants to make something small it doesn't have to use all the fabric but for me to take...
  9. jgiesbrecht

    ATM fees - which ones are a rip-off?

    Here is a post with a cheat sheet https://www.caminodesantiago.me/community/threads/atm-fees-cheatsheet.64292/
  10. jgiesbrecht

    Have you been sponsored?

    Oops, sorry
  11. jgiesbrecht

    Compostela questions for Santiago and Finesterre

    There are seperate certificates given in both Muxia and Finisterre for for those portions.
  12. jgiesbrecht

    The CELL PHONE Pilgrims!

    Pretty judgemental. Would it be nice if people took part and were open and experiencing more freedom from electronics...probably. You never know what's going on elsewhere, or maybe they have anxidty and it's comforting for the time, etc. If you don't want to do it then don't, but leave others to...
  13. jgiesbrecht

    Passport, Credencial and Certificate Care

    Just a couple questions... First, how did you keep your passport and credencial from bending/damaging during your walk? Second, in Sahagun, I have read different answers....has anyone been there recently and can they tell me if you can or cannot buy a tube to keep that certificate from...
  14. jgiesbrecht

    Was this cheating?

    The only thing that I would consider cheating is if someone lies about how they got somewhere. For example, especially in the last 100kms if someone says they walked the whole thing but took a taxi several times. To each their own camino, and I don't care if you go horseback up the mountains...
  15. jgiesbrecht

    A 'One Word' Why?

  16. jgiesbrecht

    Support for addicts walking the Camino?

    I don't drink, and am not worried about pressure (though also haven't had the problem of addiction). That being said, I think that if one is too worried about support and use, then maybe it might not be the right time to go walk the camino. This is not a judgement thing at all, more of a...
  17. jgiesbrecht

    Baztán during Semana Santa... Hordes? Prebooking?

    Holy Week for Easter is the whole week before. There will be an influx (I'm on the frances that week and have prebooked all of my accomodations just to save me stress). I would think the Frances would be by far the one most go to during that week, just like the rest of the year.
  18. jgiesbrecht

    hiking near the Camino

    I found the option pretty quickly.... https://www.innwalking.com/hiking-tour/mallorca-tramuntana-self-guided-walking-spain/
  19. jgiesbrecht

    2019 Statistics

  20. jgiesbrecht

    How to get from Santiago back to Paris?

    When I go I have a vueling flight from santiago back to paris, less than 75 Euro, thats with checked bag

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