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  1. Vaughan

    Footwear: The Limitations of a Personal Recommendation

    Totally agree with all of the above. I would only add that peoples experiences are undoubtedly coloured by the amount of conditioning they have subjected their feet to before they attempt the Camino. Even the best/most expensive footwear will be unable to shield you from poor preparation.
  2. Vaughan

    Iberia Cancellations and Refunds

    Thanks Ivar - that would certainly explain it.
  3. Vaughan

    Iberia Cancellations and Refunds

    I was able to speak to Iberia this morning and successfully obtain refunds for my flights on the 18th April and 20th May. I did not want the voucher option that they have been pushing on their website so I had to call them directly. Even then they made it difficult to get through the automated...
  4. Vaughan

    Airline refund on cancellation ?

    I'm with Iberia. They are currently offering me a reschedule until 31st December or a voucher for use until 30th November. Not sure if either of those will be of use but for now I don't have to decide. I still have the option of pursuing an insurance refund
  5. Vaughan

    COVID-19: Corona virus discussion (Round 4)

    I completely understand the sentiment but crashing economies also costs lives. Decision makers will be forced to strike a balance - very difficult to do but necessary. I pray the measures being taken are effective but I do not think they can be sustained for very long.
  6. Vaughan

    A Plea to Stay Home

    We can only hope that the measures being introduced work quickly. I do not think they are sustainable for very long as that would crash economies and ruin many lives, the long term effects of which would be worse than the virus. This is not the new norm but we can perhaps expect to be living...
  7. Vaughan

    COVID-19 — It is time to postpone your camino.

    Difficult question to answer as nobody knows for sure what the position will be in September, either in your country or in Spain. If you can re-book now and then cancel again in the future with the same penalty that might be a good option while things are so uncertain?
  8. Vaughan

    COVID-19 — It is time to postpone your camino.

    I think the ban is only for Europeans travelling from the Schengen area. US nationals are still allowed to return to the US but will have to self isolate. The UK route may not work as the advice said it was only ok if travellers had been in the UK for 14 days prior to travel.
  9. Vaughan

    COVID-19: Corona virus discussion (Round 4)

    I was/am planning to walk the Notre in mid April. Until 13th April I have the option to cancel my booked accommodation with no fee so I am waiting until then. In the UK the advice on travel to Spain does not include any of the Notre route. Of course that could change! I am not very hopeful but...
  10. Vaughan

    COVID-19 — It is time to postpone your camino.

    Whilst I completely understand the reasons for this declaration I would like to offer an alternative position. Here in the UK the government has taken a somewhat different approach to other countries. If I understand it correctly the governments advisors are assuming its impossible to...
  11. Vaughan

    Del Norte in 30 days?

    Aged 58, I am starting next month and am planning on 31 days - walking every day. I completed the Francais in 32 days last year and felt I could have gone quicker. It really all depends on your fitness and how well your body holds up. I recommend plenty of training to get yourself in shape...
  12. Vaughan

    Are you thinking to walk the Camino (the way of the Saint James) again?

    Yes! I didn't expect to want to return but like many other I got the Camino bug! I really didn't want it to end last year. I'm walking the Notre in April/May this year but will be back for the Francais in 2022 - 2021 seems like it would be too busy for my liking.
  13. Vaughan

    Advice from a first timer

    Excellent advice, especially the training. Walking these distances will come as a shock to a body that is not used to it and whilst I think its true to say that you can walk your way to fitness on the Camino its so much more enjoyable if you have a good level of preparation when you start. Some...
  14. Vaughan

    Ideal Time of Year for Camino de Norte

    Lets hope we get good weather. Buen Camino!
  15. Vaughan

    Pilgrim safety on roads in Galicia

    I'm walking the Camino Notre this April/May and knowing that there is a fair amount of road walking I've been looking at using cycle lights on my backpack, especially for those early morning starts. I've settled on a small rechargeable one (Lexyne KTV). On intermittent mode it lasts for 6 or 7...
  16. Vaughan

    Common Question: Days to walk SJPP to Santiago

    Regardless of how long you take the best advice I can offer is to be prepared by doing some training in advance. However fast or slow you walk it will be far more enjoyable the better adjusted your body is. I was surprised by how many people I met last year who had done no training whatsoever...
  17. Vaughan

    Ideal Time of Year for Camino de Norte

    Starting from Irun on April 19th
  18. Vaughan

    Common Question: Days to walk SJPP to Santiago

    I took 34 days last year. I felt that at a push I could have done it in less than 30 but I had a specific reason to start and finish on particular days so I wasn't worried and consequently I felt under no pressure. Conversely there were some days when I finished quite early and would have...
  19. Vaughan

    Coastal alternatives to the Norte's asphalt

    Brilliant! thank you. I need to dig into this fantastic resource a bit more
  20. Vaughan

    Coastal alternatives to the Norte's asphalt

    Apologies if I have missed this but is there any advice on the coastal variant from El Bao (before Villapedre) to Navia? Looks like it would add around 6kms to the route from Luarca to La Caridad?

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