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  1. laineylainey

    What do you have to take every Camino?

    As I think about getting out the rucksack from the cupboard under the stairs, I am excited about my VdlP short walk in Easter and the start of another Camino year. But I am also thinking about my Camino "must haves"; the things that every year come with me no matter what. These are items that...
  2. laineylainey

    Alcazarén onwards on the Madrid

    Hello to all you who have walked the Madrid. Special thanks to @NualaOC , @Kiwi-family for great plans of journeys on the Madrid and many others on the Madrid thread. I am looking at a couple of options. I start from Manzanares (from the Mendocino - thanks @NualaOC for that inspiration!) and...
  3. laineylainey

    are there any cycling Camino"loops" in France?

    Hi, I am posting this on behalf of my wonderful husband who encourages and supports me every year on my "traditional" linear walking caminos. I mean supports me by the fact that he stays at home and looks after our dogs, hence the fact that we take it in turns to adventure alone. Anyway, he is a...
  4. laineylainey

    Back on the silver road again

    Well here I am back in beautiful Zamora again planning to walk via the Sanabres to Santiago. I had hoped to do Sevilla to Mérida (where we started last year) at Easter but that didn't happen and instead I ended up doing the gorgeous Baztan instead thanks to great enthusiasm from Nuala O'C...
  5. laineylainey

    Renfe trains over Easter

    Just started to think about a VdlP trip over Easter 2020. Thinking of flying to Madrid and then getting a train to Córbodo on Good Friday before getting train then to Sevilla on Easter Saturday. Can´t seem to find my answer online and it´s too early to book so can anyone tell me if Renfe trains...
  6. laineylainey

    6 days walking the beautiful Baztan

    Well I have just walked the first day of the truly amazing Baztan. Thanks to @NualaOC for her great notes on her own journey. This really is an amazing short walk. Flying into Biarritz, I was staying the night at the wonderful Aguirre Albergue run by the most amazing Socorro. I truly...
  7. laineylainey

    I admit, I can't remember!

    One of the many things that really impresses and depresses me is when dear members, when asked about a particular route, year, Albergue, restaurant, hospitalero have such clarity of memory! Is there anyone like me who although has a clear memory of year, starting point and finish ( I also...
  8. laineylainey

    VdlP -Sevilla to Mérida and back to Sevilla in 7 days - is it possible?

    Advice please from those who have walked the first stretch of the VdlP. Unfortunately due to the chance that they may or may not be Spanish Airport strikes across Spain at Easter, I took the decision to cancel my beloved 11 day trip starting at Sevilla, getting to Mérida and then back to...
  9. laineylainey

    Spanish Airport Strikes have started and one has ended

    Hi, wondering if anyone flying over Easter has been able to find any advice from airlines about the proposed ground staff strike starting April 20th affecting all Spanish airports? I was going to fly out tomorrow for a short 10 day walk returning Sevilla to Dublin 20th April (Easter Saturday)...
  10. laineylainey

    Zamora to Santiago via Sanabres

    Hi to everyone who has walked the wonderful VdlP (and to those who hope to, like me!). I am planning to go back next September to restart where I finished this year, Zamora, and walk to Santiago via the Sanabres. It's only 18 days walking but as usual I like to have the odd extra day just being...
  11. laineylainey

    March or April - Seville to Mérida

    When planning to walk part of the VdlP this year, I was aware of many comments about how hot it can be starting In Seville in Sept/Oct. So I walked from Mérida to Zamora just returning on the 8th October. Strange thing was this year, it was hotter in Mérida than in Seville on my start date of...
  12. laineylainey

    Live - Via de la Plata On the road again -VdlP

    Well it's all about to start again, this walking malarkey, this time the VdLP from Mérida to Zamora. Starting in Mérida because of the heat in Sevilla usually, but I think it's hotter today in Merida at 34° than yesterday in Seville! Staying at Hostal Sereno and would highly recommend. Have...
  13. laineylainey

    Guides for VdLP

    I wondered if anyone has used the guide sold by the Via de Plata Association and if so how useful you found it?
  14. laineylainey

    Live - Camino Mozarabe December walk from Almeria

    I started my short Mozárabe walk today and am sitting in the bar of the Hostal Mirasierra in Abla after a sturdy and much needed meal! So I started in Nacimiento and walked the Riverbank route to Abla. Just a couple of things to note. It is very cold during the night and morning but then at 12pm...
  15. laineylainey

    Stages of the first part of the Via de La Plata

    A favour to ask from some of those who have walked the Via de La Plata. I have bought the CSJ little book and downloaded some of the useful guides on this forum. I am thinking of doing a bit of the Via de la Plata next year (September?) and just wondered if someone would share their own stages...
  16. laineylainey

    Camino Mozárabe - Granada

    Wondering if anyone knows that latest you can turn up at the Convento Comendadores in Granada for a bed? I don't get into Granada (my first night on the Mozárabe) until 9.30pm and just wondering if that would be too late to knock on their door? I can't find any information online?
  17. laineylainey

    LIVE from the Camino On the Primitivo

    Hi to all! Totally agree with randomtravela 1. I just loved tbe Salvador although it could be a bit challenging on some wet slippery descents. Was glad of sticks and boots. Today started the Primitivo from Oviedo and boy is it busy, which is great but after the Salvador it's was a bit of a shock...
  18. laineylainey

    taking a sleeping bag in Sept?

    I am hopefully walking the Salvador and Primitivo in Sept and my question to those who have walked these routes especially the Salvador around that time of year, is did you take a sleeping bag? I ask because although my sleeping bag is only 700G, I am more conscious of carrying weight this year...
  19. laineylainey

    getting from Malaga to Almeria

    My flight in December gets into Malaga too late for the last Alsa bus to Almeria. Has anyone ever done this route by others means of transport? Also has anyone any experience of car share with Blabla .es? Thanks for any advice!
  20. laineylainey

    short walk on Mozárabe in December

    As a special Birthday treat to myself and as I have always wanted to visit the Alhambra at Granada, I am thinking of doing a short walk in early Dec? As I would have to fly into Malaga can anyone advice on any parts of the Mozárabe that could start or finish in Granada (assuming I could get...

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