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    Extra Precautions - For the Frances in Winter?

    Robo , I'm going nowhere in winter unless the sun is in the sky above me.🙏🙏🙏
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    Governmental guidelines albergues

    As per GR 65 Dave. Many gites and alberques from Le Puy in France have implemented this , it will become the norm i believe ..........it will decrease in size the numbers allowed in each abode, maybe a good think. Keep safe.
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    A leisurely start from St Jean Pied de Port

    Bunk beds would suit fine , 10 am shopping with bags left in one room , hard to beat.
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    New start dates?

    It looks like no International flights from Australia until 2021 . Because of the seasons that makes April the earliest sensible time (Napoleon closed) The problem here Dave is if the virus repeats So I pray that every country can get a vaccine ASAP and the Spanish Govt helps prepare all...
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    El Primitivo te espera (the Primitivo is waiting for you)

    Agree and on a par with Le Puy En Velay.
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    El Primitivo te espera (the Primitivo is waiting for you)

    They are and yes are the answers.
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    New start dates?

    A previous life i think , Stand Down DB, A great post
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    New start dates?

    Not treating it as a joke David but we were told we were a chance to lose 150,000. I think this virus will change how we approach life , how the Govt's approach life , the young will be worse off after this for a few yrs.......... how is this proposal ...................to make us smile ; The...
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    New start dates?

    Have always been intrigued Dave whether you guys on the west coast take the smaller plane [737 etc] first or last when flying to the Camino , and is Madrid the get off destination or Paris ? Personally i can't sit in the 320's [ 2x2] or 737's[ 3x3] for any period in excess of 3 yrs unless up the...
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    Historic photos of Camino Francés

    We have found that we are spending more time in Burgos when we repeat or on the way to commence or after we finish a Camino .......... its a city we love.
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    New start dates?

    Two yrs extra saving , Beautiful Casa Rurals , Great Hotels and 3 Paradors are yours for the milestone...enjoy
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    New start dates?

    Keep positive ........ you will be there and maybe insurance will not be required if you use the bank card insurance and booking.com .........you can always cancel the accommodation .....and by then you will be able to afford those lovely rooms . Glad i saw you commencing the Portuguese in...
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    New start dates?

    Andrew , you are in exquisite company .......enjoy . Lygon St a 'Ghost Town' thus spending plenty of time @ Mt M which is beautiful this time of the year. All open gardens and viewing of the trees has been cancelled ..............peace . Not too many Easter Eggs young man :)
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    Walking from Notre Dame in Paris to SJPDP

    Or Sacre Coeur where there are plenty of arrows and a good vibe. Take your time getting out and watch the roads.
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    Historic photos of Camino Francés

    A decade ago we went to an old shop in Bayonne after The Norte and got post cards of St JPP, They were in the 1940's and truly beautiful. We increased the size and framed , with HRH hanging these in her kitchen. The only writing on them is bottom right , CAP in lovely script. Have no idea what...
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    Can we please stop using the word "devastated"?

    Devastated might mean Ruin / Destroy in some contexts .
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    COVID-19 — It is time to postpone your camino.

    Hope you arrived home in good health.

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