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  1. JamesVT

    Struggling with sock choice

    My polyester t shirts were bought at Walmart and cos $10 a piece, dried quickly, and did the job.
  2. JamesVT

    Struggling with sock choice

    Great subject. I wore medium weight Darn Tough Sox, either Merino wool or a blend with that. I wore Inglii (sp?) toe Sox under the Darn Tough Sox. On small blister during the entire Camino. Bonus— those socks didn’t need washing every day, which made it easier to always be sure I d have dry...
  3. JamesVT

    Footwear: The Limitations of a Personal Recommendation

    Dave, thanks once again for your thoughtful, well ordered advice on shoes for the Camino. (In the midst of the current, weird moment in time, I’ve wondered now and again how you are faring. I hope well and happy). But, back to shoes. I do ask for advice and recommendation and read reviews...
  4. JamesVT

    Ear plugs) Sponge or Layered?

    I used on my Camino inexpensive Mack’s silicone earplugs that can be easily shaped to fit your ear and shut out or reduce sound to reasonable levels.
  5. JamesVT

    Were the pilgrim tips or packing list from books useful?

    I learned what to take from reading the Forum and from talking with my wife, who was also a pilgrim. Useful advice was to wear low cut trail runners for shoes and good wool Sox with liners. Also, the admonition to not carry more than 10% of your body weight can be, I think, misleading. That...
  6. JamesVT

    Spain at 22.00 (10pm) last night...

    God, I love Spain!
  7. JamesVT

    Recommended men's trousers please

    I tried out the Outdoor Research Ferrossi hiking pants and found them to be quite unsatisfactory. Poor fit, poor appearance, and didn’t like the rear pockets that lacked zippers. The leg roll up feature didn’t work well. Sizing seemed unreliable also. Not recommended despite all the positive...
  8. JamesVT

    Recommended men's trousers please

    I tried on a lot of pants while preparing for my Camino. I finally chose LL Bean Cresta hiking pants— reasonable price, good fit, some water resistance, color choices, extra pockets, but simple design. The best aspect was that the pants are loose enough that if you want you can roll the pants...
  9. JamesVT

    Packing hack and List for the VDLP March/April

    I used a compression sack for my down quilt and found that this did not cause any problems or compromise use of the quilt in any way.
  10. JamesVT

    Resource for short distances?

    You will find it easy and simple to walk shorter distances. There is no need or requirement to walk the ”sections” that are identified in guidebooks. Use the Brierley guide and Booking.com or other guides and booking sites that list out the many towns and sleeping possibilities. Short segments...
  11. JamesVT

    Problems with Carry-on Back Packs

    This is good advice and is what I did when flying from the U.S. I boxed up poles, knife, liquids, etc. and checked all that and then carried on my backpack.
  12. JamesVT

    Getting back to Santiago de Compostela from Muxia/Finsterra

    I took the bus from Muxia, which I recall, was an early morning bus and quite pleasant ride.
  13. JamesVT

    Is anyone doing the Camino without any specific purpose

    I was walking the Camino for a few kilometers with a young Korean pilgrim. I remarked at one point that the Camino gives one lots of time to think. My companion immediately replied, “Yes, and plenty of time not to think.” I’ve remembered that observation of his ever since. Such wisdom, such truth!
  14. JamesVT

    Is anyone doing the Camino without any specific purpose

    The Camino is a wonderful, beautiful walk across Spain. Plenty of time to look and see a glorious green world as the kilometers drop away behind you. the reasons for being on the Camino reveal themselves day by day. You don‘t have to know them to begin, they will find you.
  15. JamesVT

    Walking from Sarria

    No, pre-Camino training is not necessary. My son is a long distance hiker who coached me before my Camino. His good advice was to keep my initial days on the Camino in terms of distance and time and then to slowly increase each bit by bit until I felt ready for greater distances. Other useful...
  16. JamesVT

    first-timer packing list starting April 11

    In read your post with envy— I walked the Camino last year, starting in SJPP in April and the walk was a wonderful and transformative experience. The Camino forum was a great, encouraging help. Your packing list is well organized and thought out. I skimmed your list and have a few random...
  17. JamesVT

    Walking after knee replacements

    Great news about your knee replacements. I finished the Camino (SJPP to Santiago) a few months ago with a replaced right hip and two knees that were replaced less than a year before starting my trek. I am 75 and also have pulmonary problems. But my new knees (and hip) were reliable partners for...
  18. JamesVT

    Trekking Pole Suggestions

    I’ll just add my two cents’ worth— Pacer Poles are great. I used them on my Camino trek, and they provide great support, are easy to use, and adjustable. They are a bit on the expensive side, but their hand grips allow you to use the poles with an easy, natural grasp that supports you without...
  19. JamesVT


    You’re right. That behavior crosses the line. No uninvited touching!
  20. JamesVT


    This is a hangover from the “good old days”!

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