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  1. Walton

    It Is Normal For Feet and Knees to Become Sore

    Thank you Dave. I owe you another cafe con leche. Saw your posts regarding shin splints and plantar fasciitis too. Absolutely good advice and well worth doing. Stay safe and fit and perhaps it won't be too long before our Camino community is walking all over Spain and elsewhere again...
  2. Walton

    It Is Normal For Feet and Knees to Become Sore

    Thanks for that Dave. Your advice is always appreciated and I have learned a lot from you over the years. Unfortunately, we don't know when we'll be able to walk another Camino thanks to Covid, but I feel that it is important to keep one's fitness up, especially us older folk because if "you...
  3. Walton

    What would you like to ask John Brierley?

    Thank you for your books John. We appreciate them enormously. I'd like to ask him to include, a little more history along the route. It would be interesting to know when one is walking through ancient battlefields, or where significant local historical events took place. Thanks John
  4. Walton

    COVID-19 — It is time to postpone your camino.

    Thank you Ivar and to all the mods for all the work you do for us. You can't rest though - we'll all be planning for a future camino and there will be plenty of chat about various things. Let's start things off! When those speedy pushbikers blast at 100 kilometers per hour past you walking on...
  5. Walton

    Asphalt on the Norte

    I'm sure some of us who don't have the Wise Pilgrim app have an alternative 24/7 wife or husband (so as not to be sexist) app! Perhaps, for want of a better word, a Partner App. I need an app that weighs my backpack every morning. I'm sure my wife packs a few extra items in it when I'm not...
  6. Walton

    Asphalt on the Norte

    I must have a "wife Pilgrim" app too because she tells me what to do and where to go, most of the time. 😂 Erm...sorry Collette, but I just couldn't help myself regarding your little typo there! Cheers Graham
  7. Walton

    Live - Via de la Plata Annie live from the VDLP

    Gee, you don't muck around! One day, you are home and the next in deep Spain. Enjoy your Camino and report often Buen Camino to you both
  8. Walton

    Change to post reediting rules?

    I'm just thinking that maybe the member that deleted old posts might have had a valid reason to do so. For example, and these are just off the top of my head, maybe they have applied for a job where the potential employer does a deep dive into their past activities, or perhaps that person is...
  9. Walton

    Hoka one one torrent starting to break after 10 days

    Where is Dave Bugg Enjoy your break Dave, but hurry back when you are done. Your wise and experienced counsel is highly value by me, and I'm sure, most of us too! Cheers Graham
  10. Walton

    Opening a coronavirus thread for forum discussion

    Stephan - My post did not discuss cancellation insurance. To be sure, you would want written confirmation that coronavirus caused medical expenses are covered. This would be especially so if you are buying insurance now. My post also stressed the wise precaution of reading your proposed...
  11. Walton

    Opening a coronavirus thread for forum discussion

    I've noticed there are various comparisons here between the common flu virus and Corona virus. May I respectfully point out a couple of differences; 1. There is generally a flu vaccination available for annually predicted flu virus types. I bravely have a flu needle every year. There is...
  12. Walton

    Corona Virus...

    This statement could be misleadingly broad in my opinion. I think Atlas Traveler probably wrote with American travellers in mind. However, for the rest of us; For example, in Australia, many companies will not cover coronavirus cancellation fees if a policy is purchased after January 20...
  13. Walton

    Corona Virus...

    Is it Ok to insert my own quote? Trying to get my quote stats up a bit :) Anyway, I want to add a comment. There may be travel insurance companies that will agree to cover Covid 19 expenses, but you'll have to shop around, ask and if they do, make sure you keep written communications...
  14. Walton

    Wildfire Season?

    The problem is that many countries including Portugal and Spain have invested in growing Eucalyptus trees for timber. Eucalyptus is mostly an Australian native type of tree and if you break a leaf and rub it between the palms of your hand, you will get a highly aromatic eucalyptus smell. In...
  15. Walton

    Corona Virus...

    I'm thinking along your lines Level Neville and Camino Chrissy. We were planning to walk the VDLP beginning in April just after Santa Semana. Being Australian, and knowing that travel insurance excludes Coronavirus claims, the issue for us is not only the risk of getting Coronavirus and...
  16. Walton

    Corona Virus...

    At the moment, I would be very careful to check all the terms and conditions of any travel insurance that one might buy to make sure that the coronavirus or derivatives of, if it mutates, is not an exclusion. Should an excluded event occur, Insurance companies will not pay and you are then...
  17. Walton


    The CP is very different to the CF. On the whole we enjoyed it - the people along the way were very welcoming - we had fruit trucks stopping and asking us to help ourselves to whatever fruit they were carrying. In one town, a gentleman stopped his car and gave us a package with a bottle of...
  18. Walton

    Camino Portugues from Lisbon

    We used the Wise Pilgrim guide and app for a lot of our research and planning. Other sources included the Internet, forums and so on. Our Itinerary (Cut and pasted from MS Word) Bear in mind that prices shown are 2017 prices. Quite a few places from Lisbon to Tomar were booked in adavance...
  19. Walton

    Starting from Lisbon — good or bad idea?

    We walked from Lisbon to SdC in 2017. Glad we did. Did Porto to SdC via the coast. Loved the boardwalks and route. Hated walking on the cobblestones but loved the cobblestone look. Each Camino has pro's and cons. By all means. do your research and listen to others but as always, you choose...
  20. Walton


    Dave - Could your guide be called a "Quick and Wet guide about water treatment options for suspect water sources" or maybe "Quick and Dry Guide about water treatment options for suspect water sources". :-) Looking forward to reading your guide.....whatever you call it! Cheers

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