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  1. nickymd1

    Mixed-method Camino - no distance certificate/compostela?

    Hi all, Does anyone know if one is still technically eligible for a distance certificate if one mixes modes? I started walking the 'real' camino from my front door last year and would like to walk the rest of Jakobsweg through to France next spring. I'm seriously considering switching to my...
  2. nickymd1

    Overthinking Camino number 2...

    I cannot be the only one. I just can't be.... right? In 10 days I will touch down in Madrid and bus to Burgos; the next day my CF will begin. Two years ago I walked a life-changing CdN from Hendaye to Finisterre in 35 days. I know how this goes. I know what I need to pack. I know that it won't...
  3. nickymd1

    Meseta vs Karoo...

    Hi guys, Not sure if anyone will be able to help me with this but I thought I'd ask here rather than annoying the general population ;) I'm hoping to be back on the Camino in April for 3 weeks (fingers crossed) and although I am a true CdN lover, a German friend of mine has been telling me for...
  4. nickymd1

    April/May '19 - Three weeks - Which route?!?

    I miss walking the Camino. A lot. So rather than continue my walk through Germany and France to get to Spain in the three weeks I can take off next Easter/start of May, I'm wanting to fly down and spend that time in Iberia. I've walked about 1400km on the Camino so I wouldn't consider myself a...
  5. nickymd1

    One year ago...

    In six hours time, I will wake up to receive the keys to my new apartment. It will at the same time be a year since I stopped at the bridge that divides France and Spain, Hendaye and Irun, ate my first cold breakfast on the Camino, cried at my own silliness for embarking on such a harebrained...
  6. nickymd1

    Time Limits on Credencial

    Ok, so the Camino might actually have made me crack my nut. Today I sat at my desk and, 8 months after arriving in Finisterre after my CdN, I've decided to walk from my front door. There is one problem: I can't just take 4 months off to walk Berlin-Leipzig-Paris-St Jean/Bayonne-Santiago(-Muxia)...
  7. nickymd1

    Long shot: Anyone starting in Porto today?!?

    Hey guys, random I know, but I have 2 hours at the Porto airport and will need to leave my beloved poles behind after 35 days of walking the del Norte + Camino Fisterre. If there happens to be someone who might need them here, I'll happily gift them to a pilgrim about to start on the way or...
  8. nickymd1


    Hey all, so with Tapia closed for 3 days, a large number of pilgrims are headed to Ribadeo today - what a nightmare! Can anyone confirm or deny that Vilalba (the one 6.8km from Ribadeo) s closed this year?
  9. nickymd1

    Mailing knife to Irun

    So... it's weird, but as I've mentioned before, I have certain dietary requirements. Which means that I'll be doing a lot of my own meal preparation, which means that a knife will be essential on my Way. I could probably buy one along the way, but it seems like the cost of posting my current one...
  10. nickymd1

    Kettles and kitchens on the Norte

    Hi all, Wondering if anyone can comment on the current availability of kettles (and/or stoves) in albergues on the Norte? I'm on a very strict budget since I am currently only flexibly employed (hence the time to walk) and I have some dietary requirements to be considerate of, and I'm...
  11. nickymd1

    How much training do we really need?

    So here's the thing: I live in Europe in a city where we walk *a lot*. I regularly walk 10-12 km in a day in my ballet flats and my 5kg laptop bag slung over my shoulder without an issue, and I've gone on a few 20-25km training 'hikes' to some of the hidden treasures in my city (combining...
  12. nickymd1

    July Pilgrims: Anyone Ever Walked In Stockings?

    Hi all, I'm planning a Norte from mid-July to late August and am anticipating it to be quite warm. I'm an African child so I'm not all that concerned about living with the heat but I am concerned about sunburn in the height of summer as my legs seem to be fairer than the rest of me and burn...

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