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    Pre-Pilgrim times - photos of when you were young?

    How 'bout some 80's hair?
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    Problems with Carry-on Back Packs

    At Decathlon poles start at €3, a folding Opinel is €7. Scissors and nail clippers can be had at any farmacia. Corkscrew? Nah, just stick with Cava or Lambrusco.
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    Food lessons for life....

    Oh, you're right, I did omit that one 'small detail'. My bad.
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    Food lessons for life....

    Re: #5 Restaurante La Compuerta on Calle Cervantes across from the Dia. We got there as they were opening and the paella wasn't ready. They fed us snacks for 20 minutes, then we got fresh hot paella that was about 50/50 rice/goodies. Best paella on our Camino!
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    Food lessons for life....

    For me it was: always say yes. In a bar in one day we weren't sure what to order and the owner offered to make us something Asturiano tipico. Sure, why not? That was our introduction to fabada. Also, if you don't know what something is on a menu, order it. I mean, if it's on a menu it's food...
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    A Homage to the Steely Eyed Locals - :)

    Thank you. It was right on the tip of my tongue 😉
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    A Homage to the Steely Eyed Locals - :)

    I don't remember who this is. Not my wife, the other guy.
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    What was your meltdown point?

    My wife and I did the Norte in 2017. She had never hiked before, never camped or stayed in a hostel, and we did a "proper" camino: up early, stayed (almost) exclusively in albergues, walked every day. She had 9 meltdowns on that trip. 9. I know because I started keeping track after her 3rd...
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    Any wild life safety concerns on the French Way??

    My wife and I were "charged" by a small dog while walking through a village on the Norte. I pointed my hiking pole at it, just to keep it away from my ankles, and the owner intervened. Not sure who he was yelling at. He said either "Cabron! No hacen nada!" or "Cabron! No hace nada!" Couldn't...
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    REI Trail 40 pack

    I had the opposite problem; I ended up buying the women's with the shorter torso. My wife and I both used one on the Norte this summer. Fantastic bag, IMO, very comfortable and great contents access. Plenty big for the camino and slides right into the overhead bin. I won't go back to a top...
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    Best time for Albergues on Del Norte

    I downloaded that about a year ago! And I keep my old handheld GPS with me for emergencies.
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    Best time for Albergues on Del Norte

    That's our plan for this year (and I'm also going to ignore the hospitalero at Lourenzá and take the steeper route out of Mondoñedo).
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    Best time for Albergues on Del Norte

    I believe that is correct. I remember the hospitalero in Soto de Luiña going over the map and recommending the lower route.
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    Best time for Albergues on Del Norte

    I can confirm that it was near La Granda, but I can't comment on the route; I remember coming into town at the intersection near the Hotel Casa Roja and GPSing the way to Carin.
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    Best time for Albergues on Del Norte

    We did the Norte in June/July 2017. It was busier than expected, but we never went without beds. Casa Carin (sp?) in Cadavedo, as I recall. Nice family. We even got our laundry done.
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    Camino del Norte as my first Camino in June - have I made a mistake?

    We made the same mistake 2 years ago; we're back now, making it again ;)
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    Places with communal meals on the Norte .....

    The monastery of Zenarruza served a communal meal of very good soup and bread. And the little shop there sells big bottles of cold beer.
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    Camino Souveniers for Foodies

    These. Ate them every day and can't find anything comparable in the U.S. Withdrawal was horrible.;)
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    Camino coffee

    No shortage on the Norte in 2017. Usually came with a cookie or tiny muffin. And, often, the bartender would size us up as Americans with the offer of "Grande?" while holding up a 6 oz cup.
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    Botafumeiro swings with a new scent

    Nah, it wouldn't be concentrated enough to get anyone high. We used to burn armloads of the stuff in a bonfire during eradication ops.

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