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  1. JillGat

    One day at a time, one photo at a time...

    Wow, I have this same picture; the catedral in Santiago from a distance, early in the morning as I left for Finisterre. I bet others do, too. And I had exactly the same feelings you did.
  2. JillGat

    Deep_Puncture_wound_right foot. What helped you w/ similar experience?

    The test would be to use a placebo on an injured animal.
  3. JillGat

    Lets Build an Albergue!

    Reading this made me really miss the camino.
  4. JillGat

    Lets Build an Albergue!

    Yes, check in with them and let us know.
  5. JillGat

    German Peregrino on the Camino already.

    Well then, he sounds fun.
  6. JillGat

    German Peregrino on the Camino already.

    How does the Free Spirit make a living? I want to be a free spirit when I grow up.
  7. JillGat

    Albergues in the time of covid

    It seems to me that what will happen with that albergue is that pilgrims will meet up on the trail and combine resources to rent the room of beds together. Which wouldn't be much different than before, other than self selecting your roommates.
  8. JillGat

    Camping Thinking about tents

    Except it isn't waterproof, which - to me - is one of the main reasons to have a tent.
  9. JillGat

    Your All Time, Absolute BEST Camino Moment!

    I expected my first Camino to end in Santiago, but when I reached there, I didn't feel at all like I was done walking. The evening I arrived in late June, I ended up having a couple glasses of wine in la Plaza de Cervantes with a couple of guys who talked me into walking with them the next day...
  10. JillGat

    Clean the Camino

    I'm game. Put me on the list of garbage collectors. Would love to help with this.
  11. JillGat

    Vicente Fernandez

    All of Vicente Fernandez' singing is great. Especially when there is a horse in the bar! Here is a lighter (not as melodramatic) piece from about 10 years ago that reminds me of my fun road trips through Mexico:
  12. JillGat

    Vicente Fernandez

    En medio de la pandemia, Chente es todo lo que necesitas escuchar.
  13. JillGat

    Has anyone heard of *this* camino!?? (Camino de las Asturias)

    I wonder if there are yellow arrows? This looks like a great route.
  14. JillGat

    American pilgrim living in Mexico

    I met a Mexican guy at a Camino Real (the ancient south/north route; Mexico City to Santa Fe, New Mexico) regional meeting once who was exploring ancient indigenous walking routes across Mexico. I wish I still had his contact info. because his walks sounded really interesting!

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