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  1. JillGat

    Vicente Fernandez

    En medio de la pandemia, Chente es todo lo que necesitas escuchar.
  2. JillGat

    Today's New Mexico Camino

    April 24, 2020 Today I riffed on the historical connections between Spain and New Mexico in all sorts of ways. Most of the day I hiked along one of the oldest acequias (water ditches) in Albuquerque, right next to the original, ancient route of the Camino Real; now Edith Blvd. NW El Camino Real...
  3. JillGat

    All About Osprey

    I spent last week up in Dolores, Colorado, staying with my friends, Mike and Diane. Mike and I have now been friends for 50 years (!) since we hiked and camped together as young teenagers. He owns, and founded, Osprey Backpacks. I used to tease him because he liked to sew. I said that...
  4. JillGat

    Pedra Furada

    I haven't seen anyone mention this funny little town between Rates and Barcelos on the Portugues. It is named for a large stone with a hole in it sitting next to the church. The story is that a saint was buried alive and he escaped by poking his head through this rock, creating the hole. From...
  5. JillGat

    Dealing with unwanted harassment

    I served in the US Peace Corps in a country where aggressive harassment of solo women was not just tolerated, but culturally celebrated in stories, jokes and song. If you reported it to the police, they were likely to come onto you, too. I developed my own way of responding to this behavior...
  6. JillGat

    Blog: Camino Portugues Porto to Santiago (June, 2019)

  7. JillGat

    Knee don't stop Mee

    I was always thankful, seeing all these walkers with knee support wraps, that I never had knee problems. Then last July (a year ago), I tore a lateral ligament in my knee, riding a bike. Apparently ligaments don't heal, as there is no blood supply. It's a structural issue and all you can do...
  8. JillGat

    Dutch peregrinas hit by car in Leon

    I met another peregrina in Santiago who was there and saw this happen and was very shaken up. The two women were walking in (or out of) Leon when they were struck by a car.One died and the other is in critical condition in a Spanish hospital. Please be careful and walk defensively. I think...
  9. JillGat

    LIVE from the Camino Harp de Eternidad

    Here I am in Santiago in a hotel by the Cathedral and the harpist has been playing under my window non-stop for 4 hours. Not even a break for a few seconds. If this is what heaven is like, I may opt for the other direction.
  10. JillGat

    Santero in Santiago?

    Where can I buy a miniature San Roche statue in Santiago?
  11. JillGat

    Heading to Porto. My blog here

    (Duplicate post)
  12. JillGat


    Which route of the Portugues goes through Vigo?
  13. JillGat

    Central vs Interior

    I see comparisons between the Central and Coastal Camino routes through Portugal. But now I see there is a third; the Interior. Is that an option from Porto? In what ways is the Interior different than the Central? Less pavement, by any chance?
  14. JillGat


    Who runs this site, who/how is it regularly updated? Just curious about it, as it is so popular.
  15. JillGat

    Primitivo, June 2019

    Just got my plane ticket to Madrid on June 4th! Looking at options to get to Oviedo now (Rome2Rio doesn't show train schedules for that date for some reason). Anyway, who else here is headed out on the Primitivo in June?
  16. JillGat

    Can't stop thinking about walkin'

    I had really hoped to walk Via de La Plata this spring. Then I got an opportunity to join a small group of motorcyclists riding over the Pamir mountains in Tajikistan on the Silk Road next year, in 2020, and prudently thought I should save my money for that and postpone my walk until the year...
  17. JillGat

    VdLP Spring Walkers' Calendar

    Before I walked the CF, I started a calendar list here where people could add their names on the day they intend to leave. It was a great way to find others who will be walking around the same time as you. Doesn't mean you HAVE to walk together, but we can certainly plan together ahead of time...
  18. JillGat

    Rescued stork. Awww!!

  19. JillGat

    How/why is VdlP difficult?

    I've walked the CF twice, averaging 20K a day. A couple of times I walked 30, but I didn't enjoy it... I have some mechanical problems in my foot that start to act up at repeated, very long distances. But I want to walk La Plata. People here use words like "challenging," "arduous," even...
  20. JillGat

    Pugrim on the Catmino

    Don't know if anyone's posted this yet. AwwwWW!!

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