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    Camping Camping the Camino del Norte

    As per the other enquiry about camping, you need to actually spend money and buy a a good quality lightweight tent, or their will be guaranteed trouble on wet, cold, windy etc nights! Cheap tents are either heavy or rubbish that will not withstand a shower.
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    Camping Thinking about tents

    Pop up tents usually have rigid fiberglass poles or similar, so don't fold small! And having a single skin, no peg, cheap tent to my way of thinking is just asking for miserable nights. Better to spend money on a good quality lightweight tent. I do have a lifetime of bushwalking experience!
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    I'm still walking a bit of the Muxia Camino

    Could I ask why you are there, in this corona close-down??
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    Unsettling death on Camino del Norte

    Oh? My doctor has never mentioned any bad connections with Statin and alcohol, and I hope he never does.
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    Unsettling death on Camino del Norte

    We came across a man who had a heart attack, the medics were working on him but apparently got there too late. This was on a hill on the Way just out of Bolivar. He was 76 and apparently had walked a number of Caminos, as he told the lady walking with. Perhaps a good way to go, sudden and doing...
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    Is Courtesy Still Alive on the Camino? A Pre-Bookers Rant and more...

    Would be very interesting to know how many of those 558 get to Santiago!
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    What is rule/law on a E Bike to gain your certificate?

    If you ride an ebike, it's like riding a motorbike all the way. Do you really think you should get a Certificate???
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    What is the best SIM to use

    I used Vodaphone, finding a shop when I got there. I guess you can Google where they are. The advantage was that the salespeople all spoke English!
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    Weird & wacky vending machine finds

    I think it wa I think it was in Burgos that we saw a hamburger vending machine - we didn't try it!
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    Is Courtesy Still Alive on the Camino? A Pre-Bookers Rant and more...

    I think you are screaming at the wrong people. If a hostel or whatever takes bookings then people are entitled to book. You should, perhaps, be complaining to the people who run the establishments, they are the ones who make the rules not the users. I was not aware the god ran a booking...
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    Pilgrim masses in Santiago cathedral to be suspended from Monday 28 January 2019

    Annoying for some, but the walk is the main thing - 'it's not the destination but the journey'!
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    Could O Cebreiro hostal be full

    I stayed in the new Linares hostel, very nice hostel, but there is very little at Linares, only a small shop and tractor repair factory! No food available at the hostel. Seems to like group bookings, so book ahead if you want a bed. Hostel is on the road opposite side to the shop if you are...
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    Is Roncesvalles worth staying in?

    The Monastery is newly renovated and great, it is still a fair way from Orrison to there so i would stop.
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    Smelly hipsters ruining the Camino

    I was in Logrono in July, didnt see ant protesters- just tje opposite people were friendly and appreciated our Pilgrim spending!
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    Compostela Craziness!

    We finished the whole Camino this month (July) and got to the office early, waited 10 minutes and they were very efficient, especially the volunteer fron Wagga.

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