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  1. Packinglight

    COVID Covid19- groceries...what to do

    Is this perhaps the article? https://www.motherjones.com/environment/2020/03/coronavirus-plastic-industry-bags/
  2. Packinglight

    Plantar fasciitis

    I had an ongoing double case of plantar fasciitis from ages 17-38. My podiatrist told me that it would never heal until I quit my job. I wore Crocs in all non-work hours, which helped enormously. Then I quit my job, and approximately 6 months later I could walk normally again. I have a...
  3. Packinglight

    Will it EVER slow down?

    I am only seeing this now; apologies for such a late response. I also teach and therefore can only go July and August. the only days I had reservations was Sarria to Santiago. (Prevention rather than actual problem). From my starting point, Pamplona, to Santiago, there really was no problem. I...
  4. Packinglight

    To the person who wanted to inspire love . . . you didn't!

    Huh. Graffiti doesn’t bother me. maybe because I have mostly lived in cities and there is always graffiti somewhere, routinely scrubbed off and frequently reapplied. I don’t like pointless tagging, (although I live in a city where there are certain areas where it’s legal and there sometimes is...
  5. Packinglight

    From which country this pilgrim is from?

    I am wearing a 20€ pack from Hofer in Vienna. It has been perfect.
  6. Packinglight

    To those on the Frances now...

    I stayed with you last night—lovely albergue—and loved the beautiful cats, although I only got a small glimpse of them.
  7. Packinglight

    ...On Being Short...

    I have always loved being a really average height for my cohort (female, 5’4 3/4”) but I cracked up at Rick’s description of Peg: I too am shortish in altitude but tallish in attitude. Yesterday my walking company was ahead by leaps and bounds at the end of the day (up and over the cross of...
  8. Packinglight

    To those on the Frances now...

    In Burgos today. I have stayed off the “main” e.g. Brierley stages and have always had half-empty Albuergues. Once there was only top bunks available. The weather has cooled down quite a bit, making for very pleasant walking.
  9. Packinglight

    Spanish Shutters - a Tutorial

    I have lived in Europe for some time and i still was playing around with the shutters in Pamplona. Up—no problem. Release to lower—i had forgotten where the release was. But my most amusing thing many years ago when I moved here was how to flush a toilet. NOT standardised. The most interesting...
  10. Packinglight

    Will it EVER slow down?

    Where I am it’s been calm—started Saturday from Pamplona and just stopped at the first Albuergue I spotted and immediately got a bed. I am a very slow walker (took me from 6:15 to 4:30 to walk from Villamayor de Monjardín to Viana today, granted with two long coffee breaks) but despite my...
  11. Packinglight

    Something importrant which I know nothing about!

    Wow that is cool, scruffy1 I (mostly) paid for university working summers in the Yukon. It is beautiful and unforgiving nature. He’s on an amazing adventure. I love it up there. The mosquitoes: well, a little less love for the mosquitoes. Whitehorse is a square dusty little town but it has a...
  12. Packinglight

    To rainwear or not?

    I haven’t heard of Frogg Toggs, but I will do some googling to see if they are available where I live (Europe)
  13. Packinglight

    To rainwear or not?

    I also have this question: due to work I can only go in July. I’m leaving from Pamplona the first week of July. Would I typically require a raincoat in high summer? Mine is huge and heavy, because I am rather huge and heavy.
  14. Packinglight

    Sad death of Sagalouts

    my deepest condolences on the loss of your father. I only knew him through his posts on this forum and I always enjoyed reading them.
  15. Packinglight

    How easy is it to get ice on the Camino?

    oh, ice is pretty much unknown where I live (Austria). And never served in cafes or restaurants. The large hotel chains would have ice for their American guests, I suppose. when we're at other expats' parties, there are those who are designated to buy ice at the one or two gas stations that...
  16. Packinglight

    Do you keep your passport on your person at all times?

    I've used the same very simple money belt since the 80's. Cash, cards, and passport go there. It's a light cotton zippered pouch on an elastic waistband. everything's inside plastic baggies because they can get sweaty. Once the passport has done its airport duty I visit the loo and zip it...
  17. Packinglight

    Buffs Camino design

    oh thank you so much! I got mine yesterday and wore it at home all evening ;) it's great!
  18. Packinglight

    Stolen Electronics

    I have my USB cord, my plug, and my earbuds cord each tagged with matching, bright, patterned washi tape (a bright red or yellow electrical tape, or funky duct tape would do too) because even staying alone in hotels when I travel it is so easy to leave a plug/cable behind as it's all white, and...
  19. Packinglight


    Lush is also well-known in Canada, and I believe you can order online too.
  20. Packinglight

    searching for German Andreas and Kristina

    the German forum has a thread for looking for pilgrims. seems like a good idea!

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