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  1. Jeanne from Washington

    Autumn Camino Frances Pictures

    It looks like I may delay my camino to the fall months. I was so looking forward to seeing the wildflowers and green fields on the meseta. It can't be helped. So now I was wondering what a late September through mid November Camino Frances looks like. Would you post a favorite picture from...
  2. Jeanne from Washington

    COVID 2020 Camino a "To be" or "Not to be"? - and "Why?"

  3. Jeanne from Washington

    COVID 2020 Camino a "To be" or "Not to be"? - and "Why?"

  4. Jeanne from Washington

    COVID Coronavirus thread (Round 3)

    Can you give us the gist of this for someone who doesn't speak Spanish please.
  5. Jeanne from Washington

    Buy everything you need in St Jean

    Wow, I'm glad you pointed out this list was 9 years old. I thought I was getting ripped off with the Altus rain poncho being so cheap. Lol. My daughter is ordering it online from Germany to bring it to me in Paris in a month. It's almost a pound lighter than the one I'm train I'm training with.
  6. Jeanne from Washington

    COVID Corona Virus Discussion Thread (continued)

    Me three. I already had some of the symptoms about 3 weeks ago. Everything except fever and cough. Basically, a cold and headache that lasted a week. I'm ready to go to Spain. It is sure looking iffy, but a lot can happen in a month.
  7. Jeanne from Washington

    Shoes to relax in

    Thanks everyone for your recommendations! I knew I could count on this board.🤗
  8. Jeanne from Washington

    Shoes to relax in

    Hi again. I am hoping to get some recommendations for shoes you use to relax in after you finish walking for the day. I was planning on bringing some Keen sandals, but they are too heavy and just not comfortable. My everyday sandals that I wore last summer would have been perfect. EXCEPT, I...
  9. Jeanne from Washington

    COVID 2020 Camino a "To be" or "Not to be"? - and "Why?"

    My airline ticket to Paris is for April 7th. I will meet my daughter there and we will take the train to SJPP the next day. I'm in the state of Washington and live very close to where the only deaths from Coronavirus in the USA have happened. I'm in good health and I've debated this decision...
  10. Jeanne from Washington

    We are GOING! And I decorated my pack . . .

    Godspeed and Buen Camino!
  11. Jeanne from Washington

    Earliest you can see the meseta in bloom?

    Thanks for the lovely pictures. I would love to see them, but will be very content to be able to see the beauty of the wildflowers and green fields. Crossing my fingers nothing stops my April 10th from SJPP pilgrimage across Spain.
  12. Jeanne from Washington

    Earliest you can see the meseta in bloom?

    Thanks. Looks like I will definitely miss the red poppy fields.
  13. Jeanne from Washington

    Earliest you can see the meseta in bloom?

    What is the approximate time for the poppy fields to bloom? I'll fly back to Seattle on May 28th, but would LOVE to take pictures of the poppy fields
  14. Jeanne from Washington

    Travelling from the UK without flying

    Swimming! 🏊‍♀️😅🤣😅
  15. Jeanne from Washington

    Parador in Leon

    Yeah! I'm hoping to walk through there at the end of April, I think. I start from SJPP on April 10th. Fingers crossed, unless the dreaded coronavirus somehow derails the camino.
  16. Jeanne from Washington

    Parador in Leon

    Do you walk by the Leon parador while on the Camino? I would like to take a picture of the statue in front of it. I'm a nerd who plans on taking a million pictures of statues, shells, and everything else.☺
  17. Jeanne from Washington

    Update on my orthotic/foot pain issue

    Yes, I'm back to my regular shoes, regular inner soles, and foot pain has decreased dramatically. I was overtraining. I'm still in physical therapy due to old injuries.
  18. Jeanne from Washington

    Update on my orthotic/foot pain issue

    Last month I posted about a problem I was having with foot pain and had been prescribed orthotics. The orthotics did not fit into my trailrunners. Someone had asked at the time for a later update. I went through a few sizes of trailrunners and boots trying to get the orthotics to work. Nothing...
  19. Jeanne from Washington


    Thank you everyone for your recommendations. I'm going to see if my daughter who lives in Munich can buy the Altus poncho for me.

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