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  1. maruska89

    Will it EVER slow down?

    Yes totally! We were sleeping in an attic area/top floor of a hostel, 3 of us, and there was a window and fan but the one young European girl insisted on closing the window and not having the fan on:( Needless to say we were quite warm.... I'm from an Eastern European background but thought it...
  2. maruska89

    New thievery model on the Camino....be aware!

    what a good idea to sleep with a whistle nearby.
  3. maruska89

    Recommendations: No blisters, no sunburn!

    I wore my toe socks occasionally as well, but I tend to get the worse blisters around the heels, so those didn't help as much for that. But they are great otherwise.
  4. maruska89

    Thieves at large on camino

    Thats so upsetting! I was there in Los Arcos a month ago when they also stole a bunch of phones, money etc. Luckily I wasn't staying at the municipal that time. I sure hope they catch them soon!
  5. maruska89

    Municipal closed in zubiri and larrasoana

    For anyone setting out from Roncesvalles be aware the municipals in zubiri and larrasoana are closed. We went through yesterday and there was all of a sudden a huge influx of pilgrims that had no where to stay in zubiri. We ended up taking a taxi to villava just before Pamplona to find a bed...
  6. maruska89

    Overthinking Camino number 2...

    oh my gosh... same thing here.. I leave in 2 days for Paris to start my 2nd camino on April 11th from SJPDP. I know I am overthinking this one especially as the last one was only 10 days from Porto. Well we just have to go with it all and things will work out. Buen Camino!
  7. maruska89

    Who is walking the Camino in April 2019?

    My friend and I are also starting from SJPDP on April 11th. See you there and Buen Camino
  8. maruska89

    Avoiding the breakfast trap?

    I'm bringing my luxury item, an immersion coil, and instant Starbucks Via packets,to get a quick cup of coffee before waking. A necessity for me:)
  9. maruska89

    Any Slovakians walking the camino fran

    wow.. I just checked our itinerary and we should be arriving in Astoria may 2, and leaving from there again May 3rd! So will likely meet up with you after all.
  10. maruska89

    25th Anniversary of the Canadian Company of Pilgrims

    Just ordered my badge. Thanks for the info and I'm happy to be going again this year for my second camino!! Hope to meet other Canadians along the way!
  11. maruska89

    Any Slovakians walking the camino fran

    I'm starting in SJPDP April 11 so may meet up with you at some point. Odkial ste??
  12. maruska89

    Any Slovakians walking the camino fran

    I will be 0n April 11 from SJPDP.. I was born in Slovakia but live in Canada. I'd be curious as well if any more from our small country are doing the pilgrimage.
  13. maruska89

    A wonderful Birthday present: Camino Magic

    What a beautiful gift from a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing. May you enjoy many more camino in the future. Buen Camino.
  14. maruska89

    Help with Lamb's Wool Questions...?

    Following. I'd love to buy some as well as my friend had a fellow pilgrim help her blisters heal with this amazing wool.
  15. maruska89

    Help with Lamb's Wool Questions...?

    I would love some of this wool. A Scottish self proclaimed "DR" fixed my friends blisters with this on the Portuguese 2 years ago. I'm on the west coast of Canada. Does anyone know where I can find this here? I tried ordering from the site mentioned but it didn't go through.
  16. maruska89

    Stop in Santiago or continue to Finisterre/Muxia?

    HI John.. thanks for replying. I wasn't planning on staying in Santiago for those last days, but rather, going to Cinque Terre with other friends who were joining us of the last 230km of Frances. But then got thinking of just staying in Spain and continuing on to Finisterre/Muxia.
  17. maruska89

    Stop in Santiago or continue to Finisterre/Muxia?

    I was thinking of going to go to some other part of Europe for the last 5-6 days, maybe Italy's Cinque Terre, but I also didn't want to be rushed. Appreciate everyone's input!
  18. maruska89

    Stop in Santiago or continue to Finisterre/Muxia?

    Thank you Laurie. You always have in-depth thoughtful replies. Hmmm... getting more difficult to decide which way first. But I'd love to check out that albergue and town of Dumbria! May have to go to Muxia, then backtrack to Hospital and head to Finisterre! I'll see how much time I have.
  19. maruska89

    Stop in Santiago or continue to Finisterre/Muxia?

    Haha... Old is a state of mind.... or maybe a state of your knees sometimes! Buen Camino!
  20. maruska89

    Stop in Santiago or continue to Finisterre/Muxia?

    thanks Loretta for your reply. I'm leaning towards continuing on, just not sure now whether Finisterre first or Muxia? But I'm sure it'll come together at the right time. I hope you get to come back and make it to Muxia next time. Gracias

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