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  1. J

    Walking in reverse

    A friend and I are planning on walking the Via Francigena, starting on May 20. We would really like to walk over the Grand St. Bernard Pass, but realize that we would probably be a couple of weeks too early. So my question is, could we start in Pontremoli and walk towards Switzetlsnd instead of...
  2. J

    How is the Primitivo in October?

    I started the Primitivo on Oct.3 and it was beautiful until the last two day when I had some rain.
  3. J

    Lodging in Oveido

    Thanks for all the suggestions.
  4. J

    Lodging in Oveido

    I will be finishing the Camono del Salvador tomortow and then starting the Primitivo. I would like to stay at an inexpensive non-albergue for one night. Is there someplace close to the start of the Primitivo that would be a good choice?
  5. J

    LIVE from the Camino Buiza to Oviedo

    I stayed at the albergue in Poladuras with 4 other pilgrims on Saturday night. It was quite nice. The walk on Sunday was breath- taking.. I took my time snd only went as far as Pajaras yesterday.
  6. J

    Food on the Salvador

    I met Ender last night very briefly in La Robla. I was there with three people from Spain and one from Poland.
  7. J

    Very quiet on day 1

    I started from Leon this morning and am in La Robla at the albergue this evening. I did not see any pilgrims along the way. There are 5 of us at the albergue so far. The weather was perfect and the way is very well marked.
  8. J

    Shortage of beds in August

  9. J

    Shortage of beds in August

    Which company did you get your sim card from?
  10. J

    Camino Primitivo Guidebooks....

  11. J

    Camino Primitivo Guidebooks....

    I am glad to hear that. My Wise Pilgrim Book arrived in the mail today. I am leaving next Wednesday. I am walking the San Salvador first.
  12. J

    Camino Primitivo Guidebooks....

    What is your recommendation now ?
  13. J

    Albergue in Leon

    Thanks for the suggestions. I followed the advice here and made a reservation at Hostel Don Suero. I am always nervous about the traveling to the start and the first night. After that I am always fine.
  14. J

    Albergue in Leon

    Thanks. I am starting on September 26. I will be traveling alone and will be a bit jet-lagged. Since I am 4 years older than on my first camino (68) , I am looking for the best of all worlds for my first night back in Spain. That includes an inexpensive private room before I start staying in...
  15. J

    Albergue in Leon

    Do you know how far this hostel is from the train station and the start of the San Salvador?
  16. J

    Temperatures in late September and early October

    I am planning on walking the San Salvador and the Primitivo in late September and early October. I have previously walked the Frances and the Portuguese and was fine with just a silk liner into early October. Will that be the case with these Caminos or should I plan on a light sleeping bag?
  17. J

    Iowa pilgrims

    I am leaving for my Camino on August 24. I was originally going with my blind friend, but will now be traveling alone. I am both nervous and exited.
  18. J

    Phone service in Spain

    My carrier is US Cellular. I have a Samsung S3. According to the tech person that phone will not work with a European SIM card. I would have to update to the Samsung 6. I have decided I will just use local WiFi and email updates to my family.
  19. J

    Phone service in Spain

    I am leaving from Iowa to start my Camino on August 24. My last ( I hope) big question is about phone service. I had been told by my cell phone company that my old Samsung smart phone would work in Spain if I purchased a Spanish SIM card. I found out today that I need a newer phone if I...

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