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  1. trafferty

    To Richard from Dublin

    This is for all the Richards out there: Dear Richard, who rode the train with me from Leon to santiago. Thank you so much for encouraging me to go to the cathedral and complete my camino. I wasn't going to go because I had injured my knee and was only able to walk a hundred miles. I felt...
  2. trafferty

    Help for the unfit! How many hours from Orisson to Roncesvalles?

    I am 65 years old and way less fit than I thought with 2 artificial hips. I did the napoleon route beause I wanted to see the views of the pyrenees. It was foggy both days but I did eventually get somewhat of a view when I got above the clouds. It was HARD. It took me almost 11 hrs but I did...
  3. trafferty

    Help - need a plug adaptor

    Someone is sharing right now so I could get it charged up until I find one :)
  4. trafferty

    Help - need a plug adaptor

    Thank you thank you thank you!
  5. trafferty

    Help - need a plug adaptor

    I just discovered I left my outlet adapter in the last hotel I stayed at. I will be in hornillos tomorrow. Can anyone tell me the closest place I will be able to get one and where to look for one?
  6. trafferty

    Name the one thing you could never have prepared for

    That I would be so emotional. That people,would be so kind and take your pack right out of your hands and help you to a bed and tell you to check in later when they see you have over extended yourself. That serendipity would be the norm rather than the exception. And much much more.
  7. trafferty

    Leaving tomorrow !

    Leaving tomorrow !
  8. trafferty

    This Dangerous Business

    Yes! And thank God the fate of middle earth doesn't depend on me finishing it!
  9. trafferty

    This Dangerous Business

    Ah yes, I love that quote and have have been happily repeating it to myself as I plan my pilgramage. 11 more days!
  10. trafferty

    Are There Really That Many More Pilgrims?

    I was kind of hoping the "surge" was because more people were going in the spring to avoid the summer rush there by leaving june and July less populated. ;)
  11. trafferty

    Live - Camino Francés A death in Lorca

    Sad for his family and maybe he wouldn't have wanted to go yet or that way. For myself I can't think of a better way to go.
  12. trafferty

    Highway of horror

    Thank you everyone, for your responses!
  13. trafferty

    Social anxiety...

    I have those same thoughts at times. I'm basically a quiet person but I do enjoy sitting with others and listening. I want to walk alone but I know I will have to put myself out there if I want company in the evening. I just tell myself don't be silly, you will be fine and find something else to...
  14. trafferty

    Highway of horror

    Thanks everyone. Whew, I feel much better.
  15. trafferty

    Highway of horror

    I've been reading "I'm off then" by Hape Kirklin and he gives a horrific description of walking on the shoulder of the highway between villa franca and vega. Has anyone walked that? I am terrified of walking close to speeding traffic. I nearly had a panic attack walking across the golden gate...
  16. trafferty

    Alison, to you mind me asking how long it took you? I'm sure I will be that slow too...

    Alison, to you mind me asking how long it took you? I'm sure I will be that slow too...
  17. trafferty

    Why Do Adventure Snobs Hate The Camino De Santiago? By Tom Allen

    To me an adventure is going someplace I have never been and doing things I have never done. Simple as that.
  18. trafferty

    Packing Revisited 2016: What NOT to take and etc.

    So, if people could say what month they are going it would be helpful.... thanks. I am having trouble deciding on outer layers for June 4th start. I know in upstate ny june can be pretty cold in the first 2 weeks. Hiking through the pyrenees at that time might be cold. I know I will warm up...
  19. trafferty

    An unexpected day in madrid

    I just realized my flight itinerary leaves me with a day in Madrid I wasn't expecting. I have no interest In the big modern city. Is there an old section or an outdoor marketplace I can visit? Is there a reasonably priced place to stay near it?

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