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  1. jdickson

    Rain, rain, rain in the forecast! Should I brave it?

    Go for it. You'll dry. You never know what will happen. Enjoy!
  2. jdickson

    Do we need a Compostela?

    ....the walk matters. It is for me. The Compostela is the document.
  3. jdickson

    Is this a sign?

    Maybe you're trying too hard. What's so wrong with drifting? You're living an interesting life it seems. Another Camino may not rid you of your anger, but lower expectations may help you find your way. Best to you.
  4. jdickson

    How long do your shoes last?

    Call me silly, but to me it is all about your feet.....not the boot. Two Caminos (Francis, Portugal) plus numerous day hikes with Keens. No blisters, no boot breakdowns, no problems. Preparing for my next Camino and will wear the same boots with confidence. I think it's the person/feet not the boot.
  5. jdickson

    Sleeping mat? Rain gear?

    Skip the pad. Take the poncho. Enjoy.
  6. jdickson

    Not getting it

    Mary, perhaps all these responses will help you find your "Way"
  7. jdickson

    Clothes washing - what to use?

    We start with shampoo/bodywash in a 3 or 4 oz container and wash out some clothes daily with that. We refill as we can from wherever we find soaps available. Soap is soap and this plan keeps our bodies, hair, and clothes clean. . We do pack 3 or 4 laundry pods and every week or ten days, we...
  8. jdickson

    Carrying my stuff--

    Well said Kelly. I have walked two Caminos and thru-hiked the AT. I sent my pack ahead once on the AT. I was sorry almost immediately. It is a part of the journey. It belongs with me. I know I can survive with just what I have in my pack. Since then it is always with me on my hikes. It's a good...
  9. jdickson

    How's the Pyrenees?

    Its a very long day from SJPdP to Roncesvalles but like any difficult endeavor, it is definitely worth it. Enjoy it. No one can ever take that memory away from you!
  10. jdickson

    Camino or AT?

    I have walked two Caminos and thru-hiked the AT. The AT is definitely more difficult and challenges your inner strength and endurance. The Camino is probably less expensive though frankly, no less challenging. I have found you spend what you can afford and according to your desired comforts...
  11. jdickson

    SJPDP to Roncesvalles in a Day....hmm

    I did it at 61yrs. A long day, but you should be fine. Enjoy!
  12. jdickson

    Trashing the El Camino

    I just completed the El Camino in October. It was wonderful and beautiful and difficult. At the time I thought how can anyone want to do this several times. Now that I am home and reflecting, I would go back and walk again without question. I loved every minute of it. I have one issue though...

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