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  1. Viggen

    Camping Thinking about tents

    Could this work? only 1.61 lbs. Including the mat. Other than color, It checks all your points :). Therm-a-Rest LuxuryLite Cot Bug Shelter price $90.73
  2. Viggen

    On this date in May...

    In Muxia, after completing VDLP 2018.
  3. Viggen

    From your bedroom window

    Sorry, couldn't resist.
  4. Viggen

    leaving from Porto Covo April 1st

    I had to change plans to walk Vicentina to Lisbon and on to SDC about the same time. I would love to hear your experience though, towns/places you stayed, between Porto Covo to Lisbon. Bon camino
  5. Viggen

    Don't Believe Everything Cast Into Stone

    Is it true that rays are in the opposite direction in Galicia? is "Galicia" in the bottom picture covered?
  6. Viggen

    CPAP Machines and Albergues

    On Via Francigena, I walked with a pilgrim who used CPAP machine. I never heard the machine, nor did I hear anyone complain about it. Make sure you have an extension, you won't always be close to an outlet.
  7. Viggen

    Anyone want to GoPro their walk - I'll add it to the collection

    There are affordable alternatives to Go Pro that are pretty good for less than $100. Google 4k action cameras.
  8. Viggen

    Anyone want to GoPro their walk - I'll add it to the collection

  9. Viggen

    New info (I think) about the caminhos south of Lisbon

    I am pretty much set to walk from Cabo de Sao Vicente to SDC beginning in March. I used the Rota Vicentina site to Lisbon. https://www.caminhosdesantiagoalentejoribatejo.pt/mapas/, is yet another good site for more research, thanks for sharing.
  10. Viggen

    Vertigo and the VF in Italy

    Thanks for sharing
  11. Viggen

    Vertigo and the VF in Italy

    Thanks, Vigo
  12. Viggen

    Vertigo and the VF in Italy

    I discovered the same thing, "hill/mountain/cliff drop-offs on the left" I though it was just a personal thing and had no basis, I was curious never the less, so I wonder if one is left handed, would experience the opposite.
  13. Viggen

    Starting April 15th from Lisbon-Fisherman's Way/Portuguese Camino

    I am planning on walking from Sao Vicente to Lisbon, then continue on the Portuguese to Santiago, maybe in March 2020. I did the Coastal Portuguese from Coimbra a few years ago, but as I am reading up on Rota Vicentina, I am ready to do it all over again connecting the two. Any advice from folks...
  14. Viggen

    Best Shoes?

    I doubt the shoes would withstand the varied terrain of the Camino IMHO. "Trail shoes offer durable soles with more aggressive tread patterns to defend against rocks, sticks and other obstacles one might encounter on the trails. They are wide and close to the ground to provide support on uneven...
  15. Viggen

    "Buff" question for native English speakers

    Here is the description on Amazon, Outdoor Wide Wicking Headbands Men Women Seamless Headwear Tube Bandana Face Mask Magic Scarf for Backpacking Running Yoga
  16. Viggen

    Time for Some Trail Runners

    Most studies are done on runners, but the results can apply to walkers to a lesser extent. I personally prefer a shoe with enough cushioning that still allows for a minimal feel of the surface. The feel of the surface is important in sending neural signals to the brain, in return for the brain...
  17. Viggen

    Time for Some Trail Runners

    How much cushioning is too much? Here is an interesting study to consider. New research published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine investigated whether runners’ biomechanics change after they train in maximalist shoes for six weeks. The study found that even after becoming acclimated...

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