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  1. LMH27

    Just Updated my Primitivo Guide.

    What an amazing guide, thank you so much for sharing!
  2. LMH27

    Start Camino Primitivo on 13/05

    Very interested to hear how it goes, I hope to start on a similar date next year arriving in to Santiago on the 27th which will be my 30th birthday :-)
  3. LMH27

    When to walk?

    I was going to go at the end of September to avoid the heat and crowds (even though they're not as bad on the primivito) but I can no longer go then, what's the latest I can go this side of the summer to get the same effect? Late May? Or would it have to be earlier?
  4. LMH27

    Thoughts on photography and camera selection for the Camino

    Hi D, I've been completely inspired by your post and have downloaded both apps tonight in the hope that I'll get to grips with them before I go in my camino in Sept. How did you decide which app to use for each picture? And tips? Give me a DSLR any day, give me a fancy app and I get all...
  5. LMH27

    Pilgrim passport

    I'm in the UK and am planning on walking the primivito in Sept, is there somewhere easy to get a pilgrim passport there or should I get one before I set off?
  6. LMH27

    Where to buy Scallop Shells

    Thanks for the heads up will try and take both with me, does anyone know where I can order a shell from in the UK?
  7. LMH27

    Any good Primivito guidebooks?

    I've been reading and researching online a lot but I prefer actual paper books. I know there are many for the Frances route, are there any for the primivito and if so where can I buy it from? Thank you x
  8. LMH27

    Specialist diets on the camino

    Wow, thank you Laurap, that's so helpful and exactly the type of info I needed. I'm very grateful to you for taking the time to write all that our for me! x
  9. LMH27

    Barefoot hiking shoes/boots?

    Anyone used barefoot hiking wear? I only ever read good things about barefoot shoes and buy them for my kids so wondered if using them for the camino might be an idea!
  10. LMH27

    Specialist diets on the camino

    Hi, I am hoping to walk the camino primivito in sept but I have a very restricted diet. Will this be possible? I have natural yogurt, oats and fruit for breakfast, protein (eggs/cheese/meat) cooked vegetables and salad for lunch and dinner. Obviously I won't want to carry much with me so...
  11. LMH27

    Can you help pick a book and a month?

    Thank you all for the input, I shall get searching and reading! Olivares I love Paulo Coelho, especially the alchemist and the pilgrimage...his experience of walking the camino. :) I think from what I've read I will go for September which is just over 6 months away, very exciting!
  12. LMH27

    Can you help pick a book and a month?

    Hi, I've decided I want/need to walk the camino. I've only had a brief look through this forum and seen so much good info and am enjoying reading throughit all. Are there any good books that people would recommend? I want to go with little planned and prepped but I will need maps surely...

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