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  1. Artemis

    Teva Terra Fi 2 sandals

    mermaid lilli recommended these sandals many times on this forum so I finally ordered some when I found them on sale for $32. I received them today and think they are great. I also just saw that they are on sale for $27.96 now. I think they are normally between $80 and $100. Anyway if anyone is...
  2. Artemis

    Just discovered Couch Surfers

    I just found this site called Couch Surfers where you can stay in people's homes. I fly out of Geneva and wanted to spend a few days there before I leave and found all these people listed who will let you stay with them for a couple of days. Maybe everyone else has heard of this but it is a new...
  3. Artemis

    buying train tickets

    I need to buy a ticket from Geneva to Bayonne. When I say I am from USA when it asks for country the train isn't available for a first class seat. When I say I am from other countries (Great Britain, France, Switzerland) it is available. I am confused. Also I read that when you buy a ticket it...
  4. Artemis

    Trains from Geneva

    I am flying into Geneva and am trying to find train info for a sleeper train from Geneva to SJPP or Bayonne leaving August 25th. My flight lands at 2:45 pm and I am not sure if there is a train from the airport. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Melinda
  5. Artemis

    Trains and choices!

    I am getting ready to buy my plane ticket and I found two good flights. The first one is from Tampa to Zurich for $638. The problem is that I have to change airports in London. There is plenty of time to do it but it will cost about $30. The train fare will probably be more from Zurich and I...
  6. Artemis

    Inserts for shoes

    I wore Merrells shoes when I did Camino Frances in 2006. I loved them because they were comfortable from the minute I put them on. I didn't get blisters but the only problem was that the soles weren't thick enough to protect my feet from the stones. I would really like to wear them again but...
  7. Artemis

    Flying out of Dublin

    I just found really inexpensive tickets flying from US to Dublin. What I am wondering is how hard it is to fly out of Dublin to France. When I made reservations to Gatwick in 2006 I had no idea about having to try to get from one airport to another, the time frame and costs. The ticket is half...
  8. Artemis

    L'Esprit du Chemin updated website

    Here is a link to the L'Esprit du Chemin updated website. It has a lot of useful information about traveling to and from SJPP, different routes, etc. http://www.espritduchemin.org
  9. Artemis

    French anyone?

    Is anyone on this forum fluent in French? I walked with a French Canadian woman in 2006. We were able to communicate because she spoke some English. We have tried to email each other but she doesn't read English and I don't speak or read French. She found out that she has breast cancer and has...
  10. Artemis

    Pictures Camino Frances

    Here is a link to the "video" I made for my sister for her birthday. We went in the fall of 2006 and think about going back every single day since then. Hope you enjoy it. http://www.mydeo.com/videosavecopy.asp? ... CID=177260
  11. Artemis

    Yotel at Gatwick, Heathrow

    I just came across this on a travel forum. There is a Yotel with small pods at Gatwick and Heathrow airports that you can book for four hours or longer (4 hours is the minimum). They have a bed and bathroom with a shower. We arrived at Gatwick at 7:30am and our flight out wasn't until 3:00pm...
  12. Artemis

    Easyjet London Gatwick to Biarritz flight

    Someone may have already posted this but I just got an easyjet email saying that flights from London Gatwick to Biarritz were going to start July 4th. The price was 38 euro. The flight leaving the latest was on Sunday leaving at 9:40 am. On the other days the flight leaves at 9:15 am. I think...
  13. Artemis


    I saw under the Camino Etiquette topic the comments about snorers. In defense of snorers (unfortunately I am one) it is not something that we do on purpose like choosing to turn the lights on in a room full of sleeping people, getting up at the crack of dawn and rattling around with all those...
  14. Artemis

    Prices for albergues

    Is there a site that has the current prices for each albergue on the Camino Frances? I am trying to make a budget for another trip.
  15. Artemis

    Spanish Lessons

    What have you used to help you learn Spanish? Has anyone tried the Roseta Stone program? It is expensive but if it works I guess it would be worth it. Any suggestions?
  16. Artemis

    Leaving tomorrow!!

    My sister and I will be leaving tomorrow for Bordeaux and will began our walk there. We have 2 months so we will have plenty of time. It still doesn't seem real. I guess I will realize it is really happening when we land in France. Thank you Ivar for the great site. The information we have...
  17. Artemis

    Calling home

    My sister and I are leaving in less than 2 weeks and will be gone for 2 months. We need some way to call home occasionally without taking a cell phone with us. I thought there was some mention of international phone cards but have done a search and can't find anything. Any suggestions will be...
  18. Artemis

    Ivar... hotel website

    Ivar, you posted a website for hotels that had reviews on it several months ago. I can't seem to find it even though I bookmarked it. Would you please post it again? I am trying to find a small hotel or B&B in Toulouse. Thanks, Artemis
  19. Artemis

    Trekking poles and airlines

    I just bought some trekking poles for my trip and then as I was looking at the airlines baggage rules I saw that some of them charge extra for sports equipment. Does anyone have any experience with traveling with trekking poles? I am thinking now that I should have waited until I got to France...
  20. Artemis

    Information on routes in France

    I have been researching the routes in Spain for several years and had planned to start in SJPP but since we are probably going to fly into Toulouse we would like to spend some time walking in France. We were thinking of starting in Lourdes but want to go through SJPP. Where can we find...

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