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  1. NicP

    COVID Fuenterroble hostel is hosting a baker's dozen of pilgrims who got stuck on VDLP

    This is a lovely, heartwarming story. Thanks so much for sharing it. Its beautiful to see such positivity in these strange and unusual times, and its also lovely for me to look back on my own night there, which was one of the many highlights during my time on the VDLP.
  2. NicP

    Virtual Camino You CAN walk a virtual Camino in Google Earth!

    This is genius... thanks @alexwalker for bumping this up! I've got a big wall map, and Efren's Vlogs, and will be out as often as I can to clock up the kilometers, marking on my map the equivalent distance walked on the Frances, checking it out on google Earth, and possibly even starting the day...
  3. NicP

    COVID When the Camino again has Pilgrims...

    David, I think you're right - many of us will be able to focus on the future positively, in a way we normally wouldn't, during this strange time that we're living in. And for many of us, the strangeness of the times will give us something bigger than our own more general existential angst to...
  4. NicP

    A 'One Word' Why?

    Yes - where is this course?
  5. NicP

    A 'One Word' Why?

  6. NicP

    Walking... and waiting for the next camino...

    Walking... and waiting for the next camino...
  7. NicP

    COVID Wave of pilgrims when lock down is over?

    For me (I was due to travel to SJPDP on 28 April 2020, now cancelled), I will walk as soon as it is safe and sensible to do so. My work can be relatively flexible, so I am fortunate in this respect. What is safe? That's a subjective assessment that each of us will have to make for...
  8. NicP

    Is less .... more? - Pilgrim footware

    The "no shoes"advice might be great for a young person who is still in good shape, but what about us slightly older and worn out people, who have already damaged knees and spines and other bits and pieces (possibly from years of wearing these shoes).... it seems to me that the cushioning in the...
  9. NicP

    New Zealand friends of the Camino

    Have a great time in Spain, and buen camino. Let me know when you’re back and maybe we can catch up for a coffee in Wellington when you get back - I’d love to hear about your camino.
  10. NicP

    LIVE from the Camino Waiting for pilgrims in Zamora

    Thank you so much for your updates on life as hospitaleros in Zamora at Christmas - its been a joy to hear what you’ve been up to - keep the posts coming! Merry Christmas and Buen Camino!
  11. NicP

    Thinking about whether I can walk another camino, one day...

    Thinking about whether I can walk another camino, one day...
  12. NicP

    New Zealand friends of the Camino

    Hi all, just wondering if anybody was still thinking of starting a New Zealand friends of the Camino group? If so, I’d love to be part of it. I’m in Wairarapa, and would love the opportunity to meet up with others with an interest in the Camino locally, in Wellington or possibly Manawatu...
  13. NicP

    Wine and Beer

    Aside from recommending the 'cerveza con limon', which I think is a really refreshing and relatively easy to drink, I'd take @FrankieBallz advice - if you're walking long distance, and exerting yourself in a way you usually don't, its worth being wary of dehydration - water, occasional sugary...
  14. NicP

    The pilgrim next to you just had a heart attack?

    You might not start CPR if you come across a person who is clearly dead and has been dead for some time (i.e. they are cool / cold), as opposed to somebody whom you witness collapsing in front of you. If somebody has been dead long enough to be cold, you aren't going to revive them with CPR, no...
  15. NicP

    Camiño Frances in 20 days

    Hi - in my personal experience it is entirely possible to do this, if that's what you want to do. With plenty of training beforehand including with a loaded pack, if you are fit and healthy, then go for it. On my only camino experience so far (which was a fairly long one, distance-wise) I...
  16. NicP

    Camino Elitist

    Personally, I think you just have to walk your camino the way that suits you, and write the book you want to write. Some people will have similar views, some wont - as @Camino Chris says, a book review is just an opinion. Although I imagine that its disappointing to have something you've...
  17. NicP

    Family on the Camino

    Great post - thanks heaps! I'll bring my son with me one of these days, once he gets to be a little older (he's 5 at the moment)! It's always good to hear about the positive experiences of others when walking with family!
  18. NicP

    About obtaining Compostela for last 100/200kms (again, I know...)

    Ha - I had no idea about the detail of the rules. Although I've heard it said often that one needs two stamps per day over the final 100km, I never had a problem when I went to get a Compostella, and I'm pretty sure I didn't meet the two stamps per day rule. Perhaps these rules are more...
  19. NicP

    Interesting Read

    It's a great illustration of how different people are looking for different things... Having said that, from my perspective, many of the so called "negatives" about the Camino he discussed initially led me to feel that he'd missed the point. Having now also read the Tom Allen article, I quite...
  20. NicP

    measuring weight carried - is FSO (full skin out) a useful concept?

    I agree with much of what is written above - its a useful basic guide for those who have never walked before, but as @Bradypus says, there are significantly more pragmatic ways of deciding how much to take with you if, you've done a little walking before. The forum has loads to say about what...

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