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  1. jo webber

    We made it to Leon.

    We are now back home after one month of Camino walking and two months of tourist fun in Spain. The ligaments in my left knee twisted very badly on day 3, all was fine going up and over the mountain in the rain and cold and wind. lol So I walked for most of the time on a painful knee, going slow...
  2. jo webber

    Thank you, everyone.

    We fly out in 36 hours. So many of you have helped, in too many ways to count. You have listened to my fears, helped me pack (and repack and ...), held my hand, recommended equipment, offered encouragement and pulled me down from the ceiling. I have felt the care from this community. Now, you...
  3. jo webber

    Unplugged vs. fully plugged in

    Hubby just made sure he can use his tablet, which he is taking, to get to his laptop and main computer at home. He has told clients he will be available, it's only Spain so no problem. He is all set up with phone, data etc. I will have my phone off unless I really need to do something. And I...
  4. jo webber

    Staying dry in Oct. Options needed

    Our Camino on the Francis is close, just 5 weeks. We start 9/9 in St Jean. Walking slow and stopping in several places to enjoy the history, churches etc. We will probably not get to Santiago until the end of Oct. I'm sure it will rain some of the days. What have you found works best for...
  5. jo webber

    Pack is packed.Weight?

    Ok, for my pre-Camino checking and rechecking, my pack is complete. It weights 14 lbs. dry. Packing for cold weather, as is everyone from the Az desert, for Sept and Oct. At 50F I will be cold and wearing almost all of my layers at the start of walking. Once I warm up the jacket comes off. We...
  6. jo webber

    Bus from Pamplona to St Jean

    I've got most of the trip set up. Just one last question for the last trip on wheels :) Should I get the bus tickets from Pamplona to St. Jean in advance? Or get the tickets when we arrive by train in Pamplona? There are 3 buses a day and we need the one in the middle...
  7. jo webber

    My clown feet .....

    My clown feet love Keens. I needed water/shower/possibly to walk in sandals. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01H79JZKW/?tag=casaivar02-20 Because they adjust everywhere, my narrow heals and wide fronts fit. Tevas are to narrow, the Xero sandals are super comfortable, except no arch support...
  8. jo webber

    What gear is the lightest in your pack?

    Through out the posts there are items mentioned that are very light weight choices, or items people have made, cut down etc. Having much of the information in one thread might help many searching to lower their pack weight. Mine is a wind jacket that weights 1.7oz. Learned about it on the forum...
  9. jo webber

    GEO tracker, anyone ever use one?

    I saw this article online for a Geo Tracker and wondered if anyone has ever used one on the Camino. It seems to have a fairly limited range, unless other trackers are near (or something). This is a link to one of the many trackers on the market. Not advocating this brand or any other, as I...
  10. jo webber

    Sling bag or daypack?

    Due to possible back issues there will be days I will need to have my backpack transported. Rather than a small daypack I am thinking about a sling bag. It would, I think, be easier to carry. Then I start thinking about what I will need just for a day! Sun hat or warm hat, water, snacks or...
  11. jo webber

    Sciatic nerve pain

    We went to the mountains to hike this past week. Pretended we were on the Camino with items in our packs, hand washed clothes etc. I learned a lot. My pack is a bit lighter. The first day (Tuesday) we walked a fairly rough trail, up/down/rocks for 7 miles. It was tiring but we did ok. Lots of...
  12. jo webber

    Changing to a 20L from 32L pack

    This isn't a question. lol. Couldn't figure out where to put the post. For the last 6 months I have been training with a 32L Osprey Mira pack. As the weight and items causing the weight have been removed or exchanged for lighter items, I had a lot of empty space in the 32L pack. So I just got...
  13. jo webber

    Packing My Fears

    Finally, I get it. This is the only place to get it all out there. Here is where people understand. What am I afraid of going into the unknown on a daily basis? What will I need, not want, to manage the Camino? Will I be cold? So I pack for cold, with light weight layers and a jacket +...
  14. jo webber

    Mont-bell jacket

    Ok, I got the Mont-bell jacket to save weight. This jacket is 6oz lighter than my other one. The jacket does fit inside the tiny pocket!!!! I was surprised. The jacket isn't wind proof. Just waving my arms and I could feel the air flow. In front of a fan, no stopping the breeze at all. The...
  15. jo webber

    Roncesvalles market question

    I see there is a full kitchen available at the Roncesvalles Albq. From the Wise Pilgrim site there is also a convenience store in town. Can items for a full meal be purchased at the market and is the kitchen complete enough to really cook in? Thanks for your help.
  16. jo webber

    Where to stay in St Jean?

    I just emailed a reservation request to Orisson. (Excited) As soon as I hear back, or wait a week and call them (excited), I want to make a reservation in St Jean for my husband and I. We want to stay two nights and not spend a lot of money. Jet lag always gets us. So two nights in Barcelona...
  17. jo webber

    Surviving in the Heat

    After reading the Hot, Get a Hat thread I decided to post a bit of information on how to survive a heat wave or just heat one is unaccustomed to. I have lived in the desert for 55+yrs, where summer temps reach 115F on a normal summer day. Last year we had a person die almost every weekend from...
  18. jo webber

    First Blister

    Walked 10 miles with my fully loaded pack of 12 lbs. Got a hot spot on both feet between the pads just under the toes. This had happened on one foot before and tapping worked very well. I tapped both feet and the right foot was happy (this has always been the foot with the hot spot). The left...
  19. jo webber

    There are Stores in Spain

    For a Camino Francis starting in very early September I'm thinking only a silk liner would be needed at night. In October it will get cold. Rather than haul a warmer liner or sleeping bag for 20 to 30 days - just buy as needed. Does that make sense? We are planning a slow walk with several days...
  20. jo webber

    Headlamp or tiny flashlight?

    Having read many of the topics there seems to be good reason to take a headlamp, it gets light late or dark early. A headlamp is hands free and a good walking light. However I have seen many complaints about headlamps shinning too brightly in the dark in alberques in the night or early mornings...

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