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    LIVE from the Camino Live from the camino, Ruta de la Lana

    Where did you stay in Villena Frederico?
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    Transport help needed please

    Hello everyone. I am currently working the lana and I have a problem. My husband is joining me next week and will fly into Alicante. The plan was to get a train or bus from Alicante to wherever I happen to have got to at the time. However, I couldn't find anything as far as alatoz and that's...
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    Transport on the Lana

    Thank you so much. Ive only just seen this. Its great. 👍
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    Transport on the Lana

    I guess it would be difficult to stop and wait on some occasions (like the lana) because nobody is going to be coming. But the fact that you have walked so many is reassuring
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    Transport on the Lana

    Have you been on any of the lonely caminos before? When we were walking the VdlP we saw few other pilgrims
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    Transport on the Lana

    I leave on 3 April. I'm the snorer 😆
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    Transport on the Lana

    Brilliant. Thank you. One other thing that worries me is personal safety. I am a 62 year old woman alone until my husband comes a week later. Will that be OK?
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    Transport on the Lana

    Thank you. Thats really helpful. We want to fly back from Madrid
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    LIVE from the Camino Live from the camino, Ruta de la Lana

    Everyone likes me during the daylight hours :)
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    LIVE from the Camino Live from the camino, Ruta de la Lana

    I start on 3 April from Alicante
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    LIVE from the Camino Live from the camino, Ruta de la Lana

    I am also leaving in early April. Please bring your earplugs because I am the champion snorer for Britain (not a joke).
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    Transport on the Lana

    Hi everyone. Can anyone who has walked the Lana tell me the places (as far as Cuenca where I can get public transport to return to Alicante. (Preferably trains) Thank you. Also is it possible to get a bus to the cemetery from the middle of Alicante?
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    Dealingwith the heat

    I thought the same as you when I walked the Via de la Plata at the end of July 2011. The temperature in Extremadura averaged 44 degrees. I always carried 3 litres of water every day for a walk of 20-25 kilometres. I also only carried 4 kgs in a 25ltre pack (without the water). One day I took a...
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    Starting from a place not on the route

    Yes it is about the VdlP. Although it is a story and not a guidebook it does have some history, legends and descriptions of the route. You could check it out on amazon 'Tortoises on the Via de la Plata, look inside, read what is there and let me know if you would like a copy. Best Jackie
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    August from Ourense with children

    Hi there Peter we walked the VdlP in 2011. From Ourense it is quite cold and hilly but there is plenty of space. How old are your children? I have written an ebook and it's on special for 99p 0r 99c this week but its not a guidebook. The walk from Ourense is very beautiful and you have the...
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    Is camping possible around Caparra?

    Camping is possible. there are lots of shrubs and very little else although there are some toros bravos in fields a few kilometres away.
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    Dealingwith the heat

    When you get tired take fruit or dried fruit. Do not eat salt or salty foods during the day.
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    FAQs on the "European Peace Walk"

    3. Can I walk outside of these dates? Sorry, but No. The EPW2015 is only open for these dates. The signs are only put up the week before the 28th July, and taken down after the 25th August. The price deals we have organized for the PeaceWalkers off the Hostels are only valid during this period...
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    Camino Ingles walk 17-21 June 2015 . . . m

    Thank you for this post irishmancamino. We have booked a flight to and from Santiago with a view to walking the Camino Ingles. Are there places to stay in between towns as these distances are long. thank you.
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    Tortoises on the Via de la Plata

    Thanks Dominique. I hope your own VdlP will give you whatever you desire.

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