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    One Day at a Time, One Photo at a Time (Part 2)

    Camino primitovo hospitales route. The fog lifted and came back 3-4 times that day!, came
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    Osprey Backpacks are awesome!

    Interesting. When we bought our Sirrus and Stratos 36 L packs we filled them with our stuff and went on training walks. Mine (stratos) made squeaking noises that we could not figure out or fix. I called the store and they asked about the noise- they asked me if it sounded like crickets. I said...
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    Video Is the Donativo Camino Culture under Threat? Rebekah Scott shares her thoughts

    We have stayed in municipal albergues, private places, and donativos. The convenience with the municipals is that they have a set price and everyone understands the process. We tend to overpay in the donativos because i) the owners seem to be so nice and dedicated, ii) in our experience they...
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    This map is GREAT!!!

    Ours just arrived today! It is too much of a distraction from the work I am supposed to be doing.....
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    COVID Maths and Covid 19

    A key variable the government is looking at is the so-called reproduction factor of the virus — R0, the number of people an infected person passes the virus on to. Here is a nice figure to describe/explain the benefits of social distancing and its effect on R0
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    Camino del Norte - Stages of 20-30km

    We have done the norte/primitivo combination twice. The stages we did can be found on the blog (https://carlosandmick.wordpress.com/). We did some ~30 Km stages because we arrived at a place and were not yet tired so carried on, but there were intermediate places we could have stopped. But I...
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    Is swimwear necessary?

    In 2015 we swam at Pobena, Castro Urdiales, Santander and other spots. Some days were chillier than others. Also at the beaches some of the local Spanish people also must have forgoten their swimwear as many were au naturel.
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    Del Norte in 30 days?

    We walked from San Sebastian to Santiago in 30 days- albeit we left the norte and switched to el primitivo (blog can be seen at https://carlosandmick.wordpress.com/). We did not find ourselves rushing/ruining the experience. For us the first few days from Irun or San Sebastian to Bilbao are drop...
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    HELP! (Shoe advice) April 2020

    We have walked el camino del norte twice, el primitivo, San salvador and others. Foot comfort is paramount. We prefer the waterproof- sometimes we have used Keen hiking boots, and other times trail runners, always waterproof. We also wear rainpaints so that the water does not run down the legs...
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    camino del norte

    We walked el Norte and el primitivo in mid May to mid June in 2015 and 2019. About 7/30 days each year we had rain. Sometimes all day, some just a light drizzle for a few hours. Temps were 10C (at 7 AM) to 20 C at noon. Great conditions to hike. Past results are no guarantees!
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    Variante Espiritual - how much farther to walk?

    When we left Porto (in June) we stayed on the coastal route the whole way and then diverted to the Spiritual variant when leaving Pontevedra-see our stops below. The route we took was never crowded and we never had problems finding roooms in the albergue- sometimes the problem was finding the...
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    Raincoat or poncho?

    We prefer rain jackets- since in the evening on parts of San Salvador and Norte we needed all the warmth we could find and they served us well, also in the mornings when there was still frost on the ground. Our packs were so light- all our clothes were in use!
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    Osprey Backpacks are awesome!

    We used stratos 36 and Sirrus 36 on 4 caminos, and also on several trips to Mexico, Greece, etc. They are tremendous packs for our demands. On the camino, when full, they weighed about 6-6.5 Kg, which was fine for us..
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    Poll Where do you come from?

    As we were taught (and I lived in the Caribbean and South America) North America contains all of the Central American countries and the Caribbean nations.
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    COVID Primitivo in Spring, 2020?

    As mentioned by Rick M the route is well marked and there is no worry about getting lost. Having said that we did miss a few arrows and had to backtrack, mainly because we were chatting and not paying attention. There will be others on this route in June, so go ahead and enjoy what we think is...
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    Notes: Camino San Salvador September 2016

    If you stay at the albergue in La Robla the email addresses and phone numbers for Poladura and Pajares are posted on the walls with notes stating you should call to confirm a bed and food.
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    Favorite Leg/Section

    Camino del Norte: Irun-San Sebastian, Deba-Markina-Guernika Camino Primitivo: Campiello to Berducedo via hospitales San Salvador: La Robla to Poladura and Poladura to Campomanes Portugues via variante espiritual: Combarra to Armenteira and Armenteira to Vilanova de Arousa on the route of stome...
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    Travel from Canada

    Hello G. We also find it difficult flying from Vancouver. But if you fly on Air Transat into Bordeaux or Toulouse there is a convenient train every 2 hours or so to Narbonne. You would need to take the shuttle from the airport to the train station, but that is pretty simple! We last flew from...
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    camino del norte

    If you get the early flight from Barcelona, you can walk out of the airport (which is a lot closer to Irun than it is to San Sebastian) and start directly on el camino del norte. Walking from the airport to town, you cross the path of the peregrinos leaving Irun. You can walk all the way to San...
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    Travel from Canada

    Hello! We have done the trip from Vancouver to Barcelona, or Paris, or Pamplona, depending on the best prices. If you are looking only for inexpensive, the best trip would be YVR-CDG on Air transat, and then Porto (OPO) to YVR again on Air Transat, for about 850 mid May-end of June. If you want...

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