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  1. Turning48

    Thoughts about my upcoming walk

    Hi Tilly, Your post resonated with me on a number of levels. If you are open, I think you may find this book a worthy read and very comforting in dealing with many of your valid emotions right now. "Living Beautifully with Uncertainty and Change" by Pema Chodron. I cannot begin to count the...
  2. Turning48

    Anyone Stayed in Auberge du Pelerin in SJPP? New Pilgrim Needs Info

    FYI: I'm booked to stay there. I read a number of reviews and most seemed decent. I don't have lofty expectations as they are bunk beds, but I liked the fact I would meet many fellow Camino friends there like you and that among other things is what my trip is about. I hope wherever you decide...
  3. Turning48

    2 questions: Dealing with Jet lag/Daypack?

    Hi Everyone - Thanks again for all of your insight and tips. So, it seems like those of you who have already done this journey would would not transport your bag on day 1 despite it being a grueling day. Got it. It also seems like many don't pack a day pack either. Got it again. As for jet...
  4. Turning48

    2 questions: Dealing with Jet lag/Daypack?

    Hi everyone, 2 questions, please: 1) I'm curious if anyone can share their experience of how they dealt with jet lag before starting their journey on The Camino? Did you give yourself a few extra days to recover before starting this and if so, how many? OR did you just deal with it more...
  5. Turning48

    3 simple questions: Lock, sleeping bag/liner, PJs

    Hi everyone! Just a quick note to thank everyone who weighed in on my questions and gave me/us great insight. This is a wonderful forum and I'm very thankful to all of you who graciously took time to share your perspective. Oh, as an aside, the nightdress I referred to above was given to me...
  6. Turning48

    3 simple questions: Lock, sleeping bag/liner, PJs

    Such great advice and tips from everyone. Thank you. I decided to take a sleeping bag and ordered the Marmot Nanowave 55 from REI. It's priced well and I think will do the trick while remaining reasonably lightweight. I also like the idea of sleeping in my outfits - so far, I have 2 t-shirts, 2...
  7. Turning48

    How did you discover the Camino?

    I learned about The Camino 3 years ago and I have always felt an enormous feeling of synchronicity in my story. There are 3 parts to my story. Part I. Most years I try to attend the Newport Folk Festival in Newport, Rhode Island with friends. It's a beautiful coastal town with a lot of...
  8. Turning48

    3 simple questions: Lock, sleeping bag/liner, PJs

    Oh, goodness! I didn't even think about climbing up a bunkbed and the poor souls who could witness my bottom! Thank you both for your kind answers to all of my questions. I will follow your leads.
  9. Turning48

    3 simple questions: Lock, sleeping bag/liner, PJs

    Hi - I will be arriving mid-May starting my hike at SJPP. I think I have many of the basics down for very light travel bag, but I'm still debating on 3 things: 1) Should I do a sleeping liner or bag? I know this has been covered a bunch of times for various months, but I'd love someone to...
  10. Turning48

    considering canceling my trip :(

    Don't cancel! I'll be starting the same time as you arriving mid-May. We CAN do this. :) Sometimes I think the same thoughts, but then I just stop them. I realize it's fear and that is something I just have to conquer. We go through life once and we need to live it without regrets. This is...

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