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    COVID When will we go back to normal?

    While I cant answer your question I will say the world has been through MUCH worse in every measurable way and still come back. Be responsible but hold on to hope and do not give in to fear. "You are arranging what lies in Fortune's control, and abandoning what lies in yours." - Seneca
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    COVID Europe promises to reopen for summer tourism in wake of coronavirus

    It is quite the proverbial rock and hard place as economic problems continue to mount. I do not envy decision makers. Mental health and the effects on it is very important as well.
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    COVID A likely scenario of things to come

    Yup. Especially when I am not even close to convinced we understand as much about the virus as we think we do. The amount of noise surrounding it (and almost every other topic these days) is enough to drive a person mad. I do the best I can to keep myself and others safe and practice a lot of...
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    Camino withdrawal symptoms help is here

    I realized after watching his frances vlog we walked within a day or two of each other in 2017 and were even in a couple places at the same time. Never did meet him but it does lend an extra special connection back to my own walk. Also, I swear I remember someone mentioning "the drone guy" but...
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    COVID Wave of pilgrims when lock down is over?

    Way to many moving parts to do much more than speculate on the future. I would not be surprised to see travel restrictions last quite a bit longer with stricter regulations following. :(
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    COVID COVID-19: Corona virus discussion (Round 4)

    My opinion is this will end with travel restrictions in and out of most countries for awhile. It does not seem like something that will magically burn itself out in the next month. I would plan for the worst and hope for the best.
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    Multi-timers: Compare your Camino experiences

    I can definitely understand the age thing. I was 35 on my camino and felt in between the age groups for the first couple of weeks. Later though everyone just kind of put all that aside as they got comfortable and it was a lot of fun.
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    A Journey on the Camino de Santiago

    Really enjoyed this and your entire video series.
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    Ok I´m home, I want to leave.

    As many others here have stated in various different ways, what you seek can only be found within. That is not say it is easy to find though :) . I am a fellow searcher of the inner depths. A journey inside a journey.
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    Favorite Leg/Section

    Mine as well. There was just something very special about that first week.
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    Walking the Camino in your living room

    Need one to go with the red plastic chair and bottle of vino tinto I bought as well. I mean if we are making requests. :cool:
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    Camino Podcast Episode 33 - Volunteering on the Way

    Good to see you back. I really enjoy them!
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    Camino Frances 2019 PostScript 1: NOT TOO MUCH, NOT TOO FAST.

    Texas is the friendship state! I'm guilty of replying "Texas" when someone asked where I was from on the camino instead of the states. That usually got a smile or laugh. Great post! I always enjoy people's post camino thoughts and yours ring true Matt! In fact I'm headed out to partake in some...
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    Imo everyone on the camino is cheating while I'm stuck at work! ;)
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    The Camino does NOT start in StJpdP - discuss

    Reminds me somewhat of a quote I enjoy from Robert Jordan's books. "There are neither beginnings nor endings to the Wheel of Time. But it was a beginning."
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    Post-Camino blues already starting

    I am ~2 and a half years removed and still have days where I feel exactly like you do. Hang in there.
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    Will it EVER slow down?

    I would love the opportunity to return, crowds or no crowds. Those of you that have the option to return again or even multiple times are very lucky. Simply another way to think of it. Try not to decide how your camino is going feel before you even get there. ;)
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    Something to be aware of..

    The story of one man's fight to find a bed during peak pilgrim season.
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    Camino Vlogs to watch

    Another one from this year. Derek Cullen Outdoors . Derek has a great personality and a very positive take on walking the camino and life in general.

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