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  1. futurefjp

    A left turn

    For a few days I have tried to walk the Chemin Saint Jacques from Strasbourg, but due to the difficulty finding any Abbeye, etc, willing to accept pelerin, I was forced, unhappily, to stay in too many Hotels. Obviously this costs more so I lost my nerve at Colmar. Now I'm heading east into...
  2. futurefjp

    Utrecht to Vézelay

    In the unlikely event the UK government does a U-turn on the Quarantine issue that currently prevents egress to the Netherlands I have booked a flight to Amsterdam on the 1st of July and a night's accommodation in Utrecht. After that I will camp the way as it's the best solution to the current...
  3. futurefjp

    Jakobsweg, Fulda to Trier

    Two things: Firstly: I'm going to walk the section of the Jakobsweg from Fulda towards Trier from the start of Lent 2020. Flying to Köln on the 23rd February and setting off on Ash Wednesday. Last time I walked at Lent was in France and it was easy to find accommodation, even off season, but...
  4. futurefjp

    Another day/Another Camino

    Recently returned from walking the southern route between Beziers - Chemin du piémont pyrénéen - towards Lourdes (17th September to 3rd October) in France. Now I am heading to Alicante (5th November) to walk a few weeks the Camino del Sureste (or towards Valencia, Cuenca thence Madrid on the...
  5. futurefjp

    Chemin Saint Jacques, GR78.

    Flight from Manchester to Béziers. From Béziers I'd like to head into Spain to join the route via Girona/Barcelona/Montserrat, etc, after Carcassonne. Any up-to-date accommodation lists on the French route until Carcassonne, where I think to head south, or perhaps to Saint Jean Pied-de-Port Is...
  6. futurefjp

    Back on the Camino: Geneva on the 25th March ...

    So ... I got a cheap flight from Leeds to Geneva and I have 28 days to go as far south east as I can in those days - no rest days ... I've decided to stop the resting (life's too short). But, obviously I am quite frightened about the possible 'expense' of Switzerland - is there anywhere 'cheap'...
  7. futurefjp

    Early January (8th 2019) are auberges open?

    Hi, Feel another few weeks coming on ... Intend flying to Lyon on the 7th. Depending on the weather forecast for the Aubrac in January ... But I wish to return to go all the way ... Not just as far as Cahors(2013). Will there be any other pilgrims and will I struggle to find accommodation...
  8. futurefjp

    To Ghent on Thursday 4th October ....

    So I have been back in the UK two weeks and I need to continue on the Camino - I got a flight to Belgium and feel a Way from Ghent, Sebourg into France to head towards Vezelay - does anyone have contacts for 'refuges' along the Via Scaldea???? Don't you just love the way ...
  9. futurefjp

    Heading to Limoges this afternoon

    Hi, Got a cheap flight from Leeds to Limoges so ... Going out on the route for a few weeks heading towards SJPdP - wondering if there is anyone else heading from tomorrow (29th August) on wards?
  10. futurefjp

    Nuremberg/Nürnberg Jakobsweg/Pilgerweg

    I'm flying to Nuremberg on the 2nd May and setting off on the 3rd, for around 4 weeks on the Camino, from there. I am guessing I am aiming for Einsiedeln in that time. I wondered if any fellow pilgrim had a more recent list of possible Pilgerherberge from there. My German is limited ... I've...
  11. futurefjp

    Camino Mozárabe from 2nd Nov

    Got a cheap flight to Málaga on the 1st and have a couple of weeks to head north. Wondering if I'm picking a bad time - will I see other pilgrims or will I be alone ... Wondering if I can reach Mérida in this time?
  12. futurefjp

    Faro onwards!!!

    Hello, I've booked a cheap flight (£12.99) to Faro on 1st December. Although I've plenty of French and Spanish experience of Albergues etc what is the set up in Portugal on that route up towards Santiago do Cacem? Is there a good (uptodate) guide to purchase? Daniel
  13. futurefjp


    All being well I am setting off from Puy on the W/E 21st or 28th (or any day in between) and perhaps offer my services as a 'guide'/'Simon of Cyrene' from the steps of the Cathedral in Puy as far as Cahors (I suppose) unless I keep going this time. In the past few years I have learnt that...
  14. futurefjp

    Lent 2016

    Hi, I am considering Le Puy from from Ash Wednesday next year - 2016. Anyone else planning setting off that way at that time? Getting from Leeds to Lyon and then a train. Not sure of the cheapest means of traveling to Le Puy then. BlaBlaCar or Eurolines I am guessing cheapest or flying from...
  15. futurefjp

    Lent 2016

    Hi, I am considering Le Puy from from Ash Wednesday next year - 2016. Anyone else planning setting off that way at that time? Getting from Leeds to Lyon and then a train. Not sure of the cheapest means of traveling to Le Puy then. BlaBlaCar or Eurolines I am guessing cheapest or flying from...
  16. futurefjp

    here's to sharing a glass of vin, pan et fromage.

    Hi guys, Sort notice, but I'm heading to Montpellier on the 18th June. Will head to Arles for a night before heading West for a couple of weeks - I fly out from Rodez on 3rd July - it would be lovely to share a little of the way with Pilgrims 'other' if they're choosing this time too?
  17. futurefjp

    Dieppe towards St Jean

    After quite a bit of self questioning and problems with 'feeling' finally my resolve is complete. I am traveling to Amiens by Bla Bla Car on Tuesday and intend to head up to Dieppe to set off on Thursday towards Rouen, Chartres, Tours and generally drift towards Saint Jean at 25km per day(on...
  18. futurefjp

    Cahors to the Plum Village

    Anyone either considered setting aside the GR65 and seeking this lay Monastery?
  19. futurefjp

    Cahors to Pamplona - 4th March (Shrove Tuesday)

    Finally decided, money dependant, to return to Cahors to set off again towards Pamplona. Ash Wednesday I head south-west again! I have seen the light and I am prepared for more challenges - Anyone from the UK wanting to join me are more than welcome - Newcastle to Limoges and Train to Cahors -...
  20. futurefjp

    Ash Wednesday - I be hoping to head off again

    Over the last 6 months I have been all over the route - in and out - from Nijmegen(Jakobsweg), Puy(Chemin Saint Jacques) to Santiago (Compostelle 28th June), but I didn't do any of the section from Cahor to Pamplona - Oh I must return and when better than during Lent? Is there anyone like me...

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