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  1. RedRuby

    One day at a time, one photo at a time...

    Sunrise on the Meseta. As the sun hit the fields, just for an instant everything turned to fields of gold. A very precious moment and one I will never forget 12 Sept 2017.
  2. RedRuby

    Anyone use Hoka One One shoes?

    Hi Camino Chrissy I did a hike today in Altra Lone Peaks. First time in these. Impressive, has a good wide toe box, soft and very comfortable with a zero drop. This zero drop is a new concept to me, anyway they were great. Not as squishy as the Hokas but almost as comfy on the insole. The...
  3. RedRuby

    Anyone use Hoka One One shoes?

    I have Hoka One One trail runners and yes they are very comfy and soft, however I find the heel a bit too wide and even lacing up in a heel lock I still have a bit too much movement. Also, I haven't found them that great uneven, rocky, bushland and forest terrain. I seem to have more...
  4. RedRuby

    What makes you walk

    Initially I was compelled to do the CF and for me it was like a long distance walking meditation. The rhythmic motion of putting one foot in front of the other over long distances I think allows time for my subconscious to 'unpack and process'. It is truly enlightening, furthermore it has had a...
  5. RedRuby

    what if you cannot reserve/do not find a bed

    I had to share a double bunk once, it was the only space available. I was so tired and just grateful to be able to have a bed. I have no idea who the guy was next to me. I remember being very glad I had my sleeping bag. I did zip it up tightly hahaha. I didn't stop at Orisson, it just seemed a...
  6. RedRuby

    What’s on your playlist?

    Music can be a therapeutic break from your own thoughts, and if you are out there solo sometimes you need a tune occasionally. The album Lonesome Dreams by Lord Huron was one I discovered on this forum. It continues to be one of my all time favourite albums.
  7. RedRuby

    Long Haul Flights - How Far Ahead Do You Book?

    Coming from Oz I book early, this time 8 months in advance. I have noticed they are getting very expensive within 6 months of the travel date. I booked during a travel expo... what a joke! Still expensive and nothing particularly special. Only upside was a brief stop in Singapore. I go on...
  8. RedRuby

    Possible explanation of why some of us do multiple Caminos or the same Camino multiple times

    Not done yet... heading to Via Podiensis in September and already looking ahead to another after that.
  9. RedRuby

    What was you best moment (apart from walking)?

    I had a profound and perplexing moment which I will alway remember and still don't quite understand. I've never shared this publicly, until now. My life had blown up in my face like a grenade - death of husband then breast cancer, followed by a wayward son and I was feeling absolutely gutted...
  10. RedRuby

    Post a picture of your "shadow".

    Near Moratinos
  11. RedRuby

    Hiking Quotes - just for fun.

    And for those wth a Star Wars appreciation... May the forest be with you :)
  12. RedRuby

    Hiking Quotes - just for fun.

    It's not the mountains we conquer, but ourselves.
  13. RedRuby

    Walking While Pregnant

    Hi BeePerigrino, Just some gentle recommendations and suggestions, You didn't say if it was your first pregnancy or how many weeks pregnant you will be when you travel and when you start your Camino? This makes a difference to the wellness and safety of you and your unborn baby. Be mindful that...
  14. RedRuby

    Shuttle Biarritz to St Jean

    I've used Express Bouricott last year, they were great. They do try and pick up as many people as possible going to SJPP to make the trip cheaper. They sent me a text on arrival in Biarritz to say they would be arriving later than planned so they could pick up other people going to SJPP. My...
  15. RedRuby

    Where did you find the courage?

    @LesBrass I think it's more a question of letting go of fears rather than overcoming them. Planning and preparation are always very useful in decreasing uncertainty and worry but ultimately it when all that is done, it's a matter of letting the fear go and surrendering oneself to the adventure...
  16. RedRuby

    Where did you walk ( locally ) in 2017?

    Thanks @Peter Fransiscus. You are correct, there is a 100km. I have a few friends that completed it and lived to tell the tale. Evidently eating baked potatoes and boiled eggs on the go is the secret. I believe their last 30km was like another 100. It was an amazing achievement.
  17. RedRuby

    Where did you walk ( locally ) in 2017?

    Thank you @Viranani, and yes I am still digesting it all. It was good to give my 'camino' kit a real test and to walk with a pack for that length of time in wet and muddy conditions was good experience. I'm looking forward to my Camino Frances in late August through to early October and...
  18. RedRuby

    Where did you walk ( locally ) in 2017?

    Thanks so much @SabineP, it was an incredible day. Hasn't really sunk in yet, I think my brain went numb at around the 45kms mark and it hasn't quite come back online. Thanks again.
  19. RedRuby

    Where did you walk ( locally ) in 2017?

    I had massive day on Saturday. I completed 55kms in the Brisbane Australia, Oxfam Trailwalk in 18hrs and 22 mins. We began at Lake Manchester and finished at Mount Coot-Tha. The event started early in the morning and hiked all through the day and night (0700 am till 0022pm). Initially we were a...
  20. RedRuby

    Thinking about walking again

    Hi KSM - my advice is to have a discussion with your husband. An International move is big as is the move without a job at the other end. Reality bites and bills still have to be paid, and perhaps while you have savings, maybe your husband is just trying to ensure in the best possible way that...

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