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    Booked Orisson

    Did you walk in 2015?
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    Tips for preparation? :)

    Include squats in your training to train the quadriceps. Other than that, take it easy during the start as you are embarking on a long walk with a heavy pack behind you everyday for the next xx days and you want to finish in SdC and not mid way.
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    Orisson Food Question

    Yup, I bought a mixture of savoury and sweet panini at the bakery not far from the pilgrim office and had that when I reached orission and waiting for checking at 12.30pm.
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    Walking in Mid September- October

    I second Mike's opinion cos we started CF on the same date in 2015 :)
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    Well I'm off then . . .

    We are planning Camino Portuguese coastal next year around the same time (Sep). I'll visit your blog and see the itinerary. Did you veer off to do the Variante Espiritual route? How was Tomar? We plan to start from Porto, but I was hoping to visit Tomar first. Ohh...volunteering in the Pilgrim...
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    Well I'm off then . . .

    Hey Mike, you're on a roll here. Any plans to complete a Camino hat trick next year?
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    Lisbon to Santiago

    Thanks for the reply, Geoff! Merry Christmas to you and to all members of this wonderful site! :)
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    Lisbon to Santiago

    Hi Geoff, just to find out more information on this detour. I assume there are no markers on this detour, am I correct? If so, do you just follow the coastal road from A Guarda all the way to Vigo? How many days did it take you on this detour? Thanks.
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    Cash or credit card

    I think you got your answers here if not somewhere in this forum. You can download Camino related app which tells you which towns have ATM/bank facilities and you can then plan accordingly whether you need to withdraw cash or not depending on your schedule. Buen Camino.
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    How much training is required?

    I second this post. Stay at Orisson to take it easy. If raining you'll be grateful not to continue to Roncesvalles. If no rain, being in the Pyrenes, you get to socialise and make friends. win win. :)
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    The joy of sharing the last 100 km

    Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of time/holidays to walk the whole CF. Most of my friends from SE Asia only have 14 days annual leave. Even if they do manage to accumulate 2 years worth (28 days) as you can see they would probably have to cover quite long distance per day to complete...
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    Just Finished The Camino Frances St Jean To Santiago Some Thoughts

    To OP, I just returned from CF on the 12Oct. I went with the expectation of walking alone. But there were other plans for me.The moment I step out of the albergues at SJPDP on 7 Sep, I met 2 lovely Taiwanese sisters who invited me to walk with them. I decline but still caught up with them on the...
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    Wine Festival-Logrono and Najera Sept 15th

    Hi, does that mean that there are 2 events: Najera 16-18 Sep and Lorgrono 21-25 Sep?
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    Fountain water quality

    Hi all, thanks for the reply. Think I should take imodine along and have a go with the fountain water and see how it goes.
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    Fountain water quality

    Hi past pilgrims, in the Yellow Guide book, it was mentioned that 'due to the high chlorine content of the pipe or fountain water, many pilgrims prefer to buy inexpensive plastic bottles of non-carbonated mineral water'. Like to know past experience whether water from the fountain taste like...
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    Comparing Brierley and yellow German guide now in English

    isn't the yellow book available on kindle? you should be able to access it without Internet unless the kindle app for Apple is different.
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    Altus Ponchos

    Hi all, just to confirm that the Altus mentioned here is the atmospheric model? I understand this poncho model is 1000mm waterproof rated, which isn't exactly high end yet it has been described as sufficient in most cases. I'm not sure how heavy and long are the rain experienced along the way.
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    Walking poles pack shorter

    Thanks for the information :)
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    Walking poles pack shorter

    On the subject of poles, maybe a bit off topic: does most albergues on the CF route requires pilgrims to leave their poles at the door or a collection point?
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    Which Osprey backpack?

    Hi Alfonso, like to ask if you had any problems with the hip belt after the walk? By problems, I refer to some posts here where people mentioned that because they lose weight over the camino, what used to fit around the hip now becomes loose and because the pack just fit, there wasn't much room...

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