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  1. Michelle G Daoust

    Hi Mark, Thank you so much for your responses. Love the idea of dressing as one would travel...

    Hi Mark, Thank you so much for your responses. Love the idea of dressing as one would travel and the binder with credentials and compostela’s. Like you, I think it is so rewarding to walk...and to share the adventure to those curious about a ‘pilgrimage’. Best wishes for a nourishing walk in...
  2. Michelle G Daoust

    A 'One Word' Why?

    Hi Jill. My husband and I, who have walked two Caminos (SJPP to Santiago) and Lisbon to Santiago are planning on offering a similar ‘talk‘ at our local library. We are excited about this prospect and being new to the town we recently moved to, will hopefully connect with those who have walked...
  3. Michelle G Daoust

    Le Puy to SJPP

    Thank you Scott for your response and suggestions. I think the download route is a good one. Ha ha....yep, the old 10C paths :cool: happy trails. A great blog by Jenny and Keith, www.Walkinginfrance.info May be of interest to some of you.
  4. Michelle G Daoust

    Le Puy to SJPP

  5. Michelle G Daoust

    Le Puy to SJPP

    Thank you TerryL - excited for that to be our adventure next year. I speak French well enough, husband, not so much, thus a welcome, like you describe, sounds lovely. All previous time in France has been nothing short of marvellous....and the food everyone on line has noted....well, what more...
  6. Michelle G Daoust

    Le Puy to SJPP

    thank you! Miam Miam dodo it is ☺
  7. Michelle G Daoust

    Le Puy to SJPP

    Hello Andy, I have just enjoyed my morning coffee reading your link - wow, what a delight to read....I was transported to the fields, the quiet, the people, the food. Many thanks for taking the time to post such a lovely summary of your walk. I speak/read enough French that the Miam Maim Dodo...
  8. Michelle G Daoust

    Le Puy to SJPP

    Thank you! Wonderful suggestions. Merci.
  9. Michelle G Daoust

    Le Puy to SJPP

    Hello and Happy new year to all pilgrims! I have enjoyed two walks: The Camino Frances and the Caminho Portuguese. Next year my husband and I will walk from Le Puy to SJPP. I am capable of “holding my own” in French but would enjoy having a guidebook - for information on accommodation...
  10. Michelle G Daoust

    Kyte Backpack for Women

    Hi Steve, I (female, 5’5”) chose the 38L Kestral, as did my husband (he has a much longer torso than me but the back adjustments make it that it can fit a variety of torso lengths) . We were professionally fitted and he moved the back adjustment to the large size and I moved the back adjustment...
  11. Michelle G Daoust

    For the Women Only...Walking With DD Breasts

    Hi Lizlane, You may wish to explore the brand “Knix” - no underwires, all sorts of styles including what they claim to have as the “best sports bra” ever. http://knix.com/. Two styles of sports bras, the Catalyst probably the one you may want to try (not the ‘pull over your head’ type which can...
  12. Michelle G Daoust

    Portuguese Camino from Lisbon

    Hi Old Cuban, You are about to embark on a wonderful Journey! My husband and I did the Camino Portuguese in June, 2017, from Lisbon to Santiago. Enjoyed the people, the food, the places immensely. Four years prior, we did the Camino Frances, from St. Jean, so can compare from experience. The...
  13. Michelle G Daoust

    Anyone starting in Lisbon Sept 19th

    Oops, I responded to previous poster, Maria.... To "the world my village" safe journey on the Camino Portuguese.
  14. Michelle G Daoust

    Anyone starting in Lisbon Sept 19th

    Hello Maria, I walked the Camino Portuguese, from Lisboa to Santiago this past May/June....amazing. It is much quieter than the Camino Frances, but in the evenings at the Albergues, there was always a wonderful gathering of pilgrims. We got to meet and really connect with many people from 15...
  15. Michelle G Daoust

    Help me pick a route?

    Hello! I have recently returned from walking from Lisboa to Santiago and completed the Camino Frances several years ago......whichever route you choose will be the right one! If you only have a week and wish to end in Santiago, I would choose 7 days of walking on the Camino Portuguese...

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