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  1. Dogbreath

    Jesus and the Money Lenders

    BRAVO! The title of the thread caught my eye. The overwhelming schlock vendors along the Frances route did not disgust me, and I did load up my backpack with a few trinkets and books. But having also visited Fatima while I was in Europe, it was incredible -- and disappointing -- how...
  2. Dogbreath

    Travel from CDG to SJPP - overwhelmed & would like advice!

    Currently the voice of no-experience. Here is what I have planned for next week. I have 2:40 in CDG to clear customs and get on a TGV from CDG to Bordeaux (4 intermediate stops, over a 3 hour journey). There I connect with another TGV (nonstop from Gare Montparnasse), head to Biarritz with a...
  3. Dogbreath

    Paris to SJPdP

    Hello Pilgrims, I've made my plans for the start of my Camino. This forum has had many nuggets of useful info in the six months since I started planning. Here is what I'll be doing in September 2019. Commentary is always welcome. And perhaps this will be useful for a Class of 2020 Pilgrim...
  4. Dogbreath

    Is there any elitism between pilgrims taking different routes?

    Greetings All, This has been a GREAT thread to peruse. I've been online ~6 months, gearing up (logistically and mentally) for my first Camino in 90+ days. If I've learned anything in the multitude of years I've been on this earth, it is to focus on satisfying some higher power or purpose, not...
  5. Dogbreath

    Help! The walking pole makes me feel like the walking dead!

    I've come to like them. I started out hiking the AT without poles, ended up several years with ankle/knee problems (Section hiker, summers only for several weeks). I'm sure there was more to the story than just the absence of poles. I started using them during one summer's hike in New York --...
  6. Dogbreath

    Pre Trip Anxiety

    A few posts back Maria Jo encouraged us not to over-plan our Camino. I can heartily endorse that. Prepare, yes. Get familiar with what's there, yes. But when the journey starts, enjoy the trip and adapt to the multitude of unexpected's and changes. (Of course, the 'journey' begins well...
  7. Dogbreath

    Getting to SJPDP from the US

    I booked my flights about two months ago (to SJPdP via Paris). It's the return I'd like to hear about. I'm coming back from Lisbon to Chicago. Various reasons I went this routing rather than Madrid. What's the take on Lisbon travel, sights to see as time permits? Thanks!
  8. Dogbreath

    Newbie - Camino Francés + Finisterre and Muxia

    Hello Max, This forum has great info for a newbie. I've only been online for 2 weeks. My Camino is Sept/Oct --> I'll look for you along the way. My plane reservations from/to the States are set. I'll arrive Paris Sept. 11th, want to see Chartres while acclimating on the 12th, train to St...
  9. Dogbreath

    Hiking at Night?

    This is all good info! And within 24 hours! You guys are amazing'! Keep the comments coming. I'm going to see what other threads have useful info for a newbie. It is currently snowing at home as I type. I'm really, really looking forward to six+ months when I can stretch my legs big time...
  10. Dogbreath

    Hiking at Night?

    When I'm on the Camino Frances Sept/Oct, I think I might be inclined to do some night hiking. Comments? Rather than hiking from evening until after midnight, then camping out or trying to find an albergue still open (private?), my thinking is that I'll crash shortly after a communal dinner...
  11. Dogbreath

    Importance of First Night's Stay

    Hello All, Thanks for the good info. I have some free time, starting to browse the blog. I have seven months until I start my inaugural Camino, will likely over-plan and over-worry. Your comments are very helpful. This is the first thread I linked into, will explore others during this...
  12. Dogbreath

    SJPP --> Santiago Pacing

    Newbie planning my Camino Frances hike Sep/Oct 2019. (1) Brierley allows 33 days. Is that a good pace for someone 'reasonably' fit? Depends on terrain and weather obviously. Of course I won't suffer any injuries, right? Anybody pushed it and finished in 30 days? Less? I've made my flight...

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