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  1. lissie45

    Illness concern

    I had an attack of this nausea the other week - I went to my dr to make sure it was nothing serious. He said it was an issue with my inner ear and would settle down in a few days - which it did. Now I know what it is I see no reason to go back to a dr again unless I get it worse and need...
  2. lissie45

    Just got back!

    That's one of the nicest travel videos with drone footage that I've seen - not just Caminio stuff . And the music makes it
  3. lissie45

    Macabi skirt - which colour

    I would bother about colour coordinating your pack - I have black and khaki and the colours are fine. But the darker colours are hotter to wear
  4. lissie45

    Hoping to walk in 2020 - depends on my partner's recover from heart surgery

    Hoping to walk in 2020 - depends on my partner's recover from heart surgery
  5. lissie45

    Caminio Skies Documentary Opening in NZ this week

    I wondered if you were the same Terry! Just heard on Radio NZ https://www.rnz.co.nz/national/programmes/ninetonoon/audio/2018703833/finding-peace-under-camino-skies
  6. lissie45

    Caminio Skies Documentary Opening in NZ this week

    I'm surprised that there doesn't seem to be a thread about this - a documentary following pilgrims has obviously been done before. But the twist this time is that they are all Australasians. https://www.flicks.co.nz/movie/camino-skies/ I'll be curious to see it when it opens in Wellington -...
  7. lissie45

    Communication with Home

    You don't need WIFI for Whatsapp or Viber - cellular data will work fine too. Viber, like Skype allows you to call a phone number -the other party doesn't need the app - or even to be on a cell phone - the app does charge you a small amount for this - but its fractions of a cent compared to...
  8. lissie45

    Traveling with backpack

    I regularly carry on a 40l backpack - the weight is the thing - 5kg should be fine. Just dump the bigger liquids - you don't want to be carrying larger bottles of liquids while you are walking anyways. Razors are fine. Pocketknifes and walking poles are more likely to cause an issue
  9. lissie45

    How to survive the Camino de Santiago

    I like your approach - the title reflects who you are as a self-described non-walking atheist- I could totally relate to both of those characteristics and the title resonates with me. I rather think that the commentators above who don’t like it are not atheists- and therefore are not your audience
  10. lissie45

    How to survive the Camino de Santiago

    Here you go https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07PNRKX7N/?tag=casaivar02-20
  11. lissie45

    Downside of Budget Carriers

    I'm old enough to remember that it once took me months of saving to afford the 3 hour flight from NZ to Australia - it was approximately 4x the minimum wage in 1983. That very same flight - on the same airline (Air NZ - not a budget airline) - now costs approximately 1/4 of the minimum weekly...
  12. lissie45

    Travel Medical Insurance: Do. Get. It.

    No coverage for Nz residents- that was before I got to preexisting
  13. lissie45

    A Great Way to Carry a DSLR on the Camino

    Thanks for this thread I'm waiting for my new Lumix GX85 to arrive - and I can see this working - probably on the waist belt for me. I do agree and always carry camera and electronics in a grubby beat up bag - but a camera in a bag does miss a lot of the action
  14. lissie45

    Travel Medical Insurance: Do. Get. It.

    I agree - but I hope that companies don't start with requiring a copy of travel insurance. Not everyone can get insurance - my partner can't because of what turned out to be a broken heart valve which has just been surgically repaired. I am very curious to see if he can get travel insurance in...
  15. lissie45

    Full Body Yoga Stretching Routine after Hiking

    Like I love the idea but the routine lost me at plank and downward facing dog - many of us just don’t have the flexibility/ so is there anything for beginners?
  16. lissie45

    Travel Medical Insurance: Do. Get. It.

    Ok in my part of the world when we say travel insurance we mean insurance that covers medical, evac, loss of deposits, theft, liability etc etc . Unfortunately you can’t buy just the medical and evac cover
  17. lissie45

    Travel Medical Insurance: Do. Get. It.

    No it’s not - it covers medical and evacuation which is critical for non eu walkers - I agree none of the rest of the benefits matter
  18. lissie45

    Travel Medical Insurance: Do. Get. It.

    I’m a kiwi too. Frankly travel insurance is not for a sprained ankle or similar. That’s small change My partner collapsed in China - 3 weeks in China hospital plus a private jet evac to Beijing plus business class home / I’m guessing to cost them around $100k - our insurance was around $1000...
  19. lissie45

    Best Camino Videos...EVER....IYHO!

    I never, ever look at detailed videos of anywhere I'm planning to travel - for exactly this reason. Guidebooks of course, but never videos, if I'm seen it all why would I go! And frankly too many videos about life lessons make me wonder whether I want to do the walk at all.
  20. lissie45

    Best Bank Accounts for Travel by Country

    There is no equivalent for New Zealanders - ASB charges a slightly better exchange rate at 2.2% - but charge $7 per a ATM withdrawal. BNZ I think is $5 per a ATM withdrawal. If anyone knows better I'd love to be wrong on this. I tend to carry more and more cash

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