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  1. MisterH

    camino trail work

    About your PS, in California when I was a crew leader we took anyone that showed up. All food and a place to camp were, and probably still are, free. Getting trail workers is difficult. We never checked the nationality or immigration status of crew members. We also provide a common kitchen and...
  2. MisterH

    camino trail work

    I used to help maintain trails in the Sierra Nevada mountains near Fresno. If I could figure out how how to get there I'd like to help, if my wife lets me.
  3. MisterH

    How much weight did you lose?

    I did a bunch of training for the walk.
  4. MisterH

    How much weight did you lose?

    21 lbs before, didn't complete the walk so that was all.
  5. MisterH

    Poll Do you prefer tags or the search function?

    I don't use either. I scroll through the current topics and go over whatever seems interesting.
  6. MisterH

    Bayonne to SJPDP

    I did it somewhat differently . I walked out the front of the airport and found two obvious hikers and we split the taxi bill to Bayonne. Then I caught the train to Saint Jean and had 2 nights there for dejetlaging. Found that my poles were lost somewhere between California and Saint Jean. This...
  7. MisterH

    Why do it Again?

    Too much virus isolation
  8. MisterH

    Recommendation on what to do with slides

    The other big problem with older files is having software that will support them. It used to be that Microsoft's word program couldn't work with files generated with previous revs of the software. It could work with files 1 or 2 revs old, but not with revs 5 or 6 revs back. Then some software...
  9. MisterH

    Breakfast in St Jean Pied de Port

    I had one great meal there, couldn't afford more.
  10. MisterH

    Recommendation on what to do with slides

    If there are some slides that you really want to save, and perhaps share with friends, you can save them in the cloud. Google currently offers multiple giga bytes of free storage. There are other cloud storage accounts available, each with slightly different features. I pay Google 1.99 a month...
  11. MisterH

    Harassment on the way to Fátima

    I think that at one time there was a female only group on Facebook that might have been CHMAGAS or something like that. If anyone knows what it is really named, it might convenient for women on this site to check out.
  12. MisterH

    Harassment on the way to Fátima

    Something isn't working. All I got was the Facebook home page.
  13. MisterH

    Harassment on the way to Fátima

    I'm male so this does not directly affect me, but it is VERY disturbing. I don't see any reason that anything even somewhat similar is acceptable.
  14. MisterH

    Recommendation on what to do with slides

    Thank you for providing an estimate ($0.25) of the scanning cost per slide. To scan all of mine in will come to over $1,500! Now I have to see how many of the slides are worth scanning in. I went to the only good photo shop in town and they don't currently have one available for sale. They...
  15. MisterH

    Handy Bottle

    I got dehydrated on my first Camino and I now carry a 2L bladder.
  16. MisterH

    Recommendation on what to do with slides

    I have the same problem. Fortunately all my Camino pictures are digital. I'll try the only photo shop I know of later on today. I hadn't thought of them until that was mentioned above. I had a bunch of 16mm films put on DVD by Costco a few years ago, but I heard that they have stopped doing that.
  17. MisterH

    Nantes Cathedral on fire

    I heard that it started in three places.
  18. MisterH

    Images from Brierley Camino Frances Handbook.

    If that is inconvenient for you I'll go back and look for you, if I can figure a way to afford it. (And if the EU will ever let us USA types in again.)
  19. MisterH

    Images from Brierley Camino Frances Handbook.

    Or you could go back and see if the book us still there.
  20. MisterH

    One day at a time, one photo at a time...

    Madrid 2016, not really on the Camino, but on the way to Saint Jean.

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