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  1. bjorgts

    We are many people around the world thinking of Spain now!

    We are many who have become very fond of Spain and the Spaniards through many years on Cominos to Santiago. It is very sad to hear the terrible numbers from Spain and see pictures and hear reports from this beloved country just now. This past week I have had Spain in my mind every day. What am...
  2. bjorgts

    Via Regia/ Der Ökumenische Pilgerweg - I'm starting a new thread

    I have read everything written here on the forum about Via Regia/Der Ökumenische Pilgerweg . A lot has been written, and one has to scroll far down to find the latest posts. That's why I'm starting a new thread now. Hope it's ok. Here is the address of the thread that is further down...
  3. bjorgts

    My photo videos from Levante in one place - here.

    We have walked Levante in parts from Valencia to Zamora, and then proceeded from Zamora to Verin through Portugal on Via de la Plata Portugues. Since we almost drowned in the rain on the first part from Valencia, we have walked that part a second time. We also started from Alicante. I made photo...
  4. bjorgts

    Photovideo from Ruta de la Lana, Almansa - Cuenca

    Late autumn walk on Ruta de la Lana. We started on Levante from Valencia and turned north on Lana from Almansa. A lovely Camino! See more information here: https://www.caminodesantiago.me/community/threads/photo-video-and-info-lana-from-almansa-to-cuenca.60039/ Bjørg
  5. bjorgts

    My photovideos from Via de la Plata

    I have walked Via de la Plata several times; all in one and in parts, in spring and in autumn. Two times I have started in Cadiz. Here are four videos from this lovely route. Bjørg
  6. bjorgts

    Hurray! Milestone reached! 10 000 kilometers on Caminos de Santiago.

    A couple of weeks ago, when I crossed the Roman bridge into Cordoba, I reached the milestone of ten thousand kilometers (6213miles) walked on pilgrim roads in Germany, France, Portugal and Spain. We walked out of Pamplona on our first Camino in spring 2003. Since then we have not seen any good...
  7. bjorgts

    Live - Camino Mozarabe Camino Mozarabe from Malaga now

    I am on Camino Mozarabe from Malaga just now. Weather and temperature just perfect. Better marked than 2 1/2 year ago. Near to perfect. El Torcal: a wonder!
  8. bjorgts

    Camino Sur, Huelva - Zafra this spring, a photovideo

    We walked Camino Sur, Huelva - Zafra, early spring this year. The marking differ a bit, but most of the way the camino is very well marked. The first part is quite flat, the second part is more hilly. Nice roads and lovely landscapes most of the way. For more information from me, see...
  9. bjorgts

    Information from walking Camino Sur (Huelva - Zafra) this spring

    Some information from our walk on Camino Sur, Huelva – Zafra, two months ago. We had a nice walk, with nice weather. That means a lot to the impression. The camino is quite flat in the beginning, and more hilly later on. There are a few stretches of asphalt that are not so nice, but there are...
  10. bjorgts

    Photo-video and info, Lana from Almansa to Cuenca

    Here comes a photo-video and some information. For more photo-videos, see my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt5ZEmAaRwk0YVj7HRwQa4g/playlists October 18th to 28th 2018 we walked Ruta de la Lana from Almansa to Cuenca. We had started at Camino de Levante in Valencia six days earlier...
  11. bjorgts

    Photo video from Camino de Levante

    Last October we started walking for the second time on Camino de Levante. We had our shortest, coldest and wetest camino five days on Levante in 2013, and have wanted to come back and do a new start. So October 12th we set off. We walked Levante from Valencia to Almansa, and then turned north on...
  12. bjorgts

    Photo video from Via de la Plata Portugues, Zamora - Braganca - Verin

    Here comes my photovideo from our camino last spring. We did the last part of Camino de Levante to Zamora, and continued on Via de la Plata Portugues. Starting in Zamora, walking through northern Portugal to Braganca, and then back into Spain to Verin. I have given some information on this forum...
  13. bjorgts

    Photo-video from the last part of Camino de Levante

    Last April my husband and I walked the last part of Camino de Levante from Arevalo to Zamora, and then continued on Via de la Plata Portugues Zamora, Braganca, Verin. I will come back with a photo-video from the Portugal part later, but here comes the video from the Levante part. Easy walk. Nice...
  14. bjorgts

    Via de la Plata Portugues, Zamora – Verin

    We walked this camino in April. Here comes some information (at last). We came from Levante and continued on this camino, 9 days from Zamora to Verin, from April 14th to 23rd. We found this a very nice but strenuous camino. One of the best when it comes to the road itself; gravel roads, dirt...
  15. bjorgts

    Photo-video number 1 and 2, Camino de Levante

    I started presenting video number 3 and 4 from Camino de Levante, and I said I would explain later on why I did not start with number 1. Here comes number 1 and 2. :) Most of the time we present ourselves and our lives as a “happy walk”, and so far my videos has been “happy walks”. But walking...
  16. bjorgts

    A new photo-video from Camino de Levante

    Here comes another (the next) photo-video from our Camino de Levante; mainly between Toledo and Avila (number 4). We stopped in Arevalo. On this part of Camino Levante, the landscape is very different from the landscape in La Mancha. We will continue from Arevalo this April! :) For more...
  17. bjorgts

    Photo videos from the Le Puy route

    Maybe someone would (still) like my photo videos from this route. (The last one is from Cluny - Le Puy.) Se my YouTube channel for more videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt5ZEmAaRwk0YVj7HRwQa4g/playlists
  18. bjorgts

    Photo video Santiago - Muxia - Finisterre

    I have made videos from Camino Norte, and since the last one was from the Camino to Muxia and Finisterre, I post it here. For more photo videos from me, see my channel on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt5ZEmAaRwk0YVj7HRwQa4g/playlists
  19. bjorgts

    Photo-video from Camino de Levante

    Here comes a photo-video from our Camino de Levante. We have done it in parts. Here comes the third part, where we cross La Mancha from Pedroñeras to Toledo. On this Camino (and especially on this part) I learned to love the agricultural autumn colors! This time I start in the middle, with the...
  20. bjorgts

    My photo-video from Granada - Cordoba

    Here comes the next part of our Camino last October; Granada - Cordoba. This is the landscape of olive trees! (The first part is the video from Almeria: Camino de Santiago Mozarabe, Almeria - Granada 1) We stopped in Baena this time, and since I think that was not the right place to end the...

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