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  1. Robert B.

    Missives from the Camino Madrid

    Funny, I thought I was ready to move to another route but the Camino Madrid is calling me back as well!!!
  2. Robert B.

    Which Camino for 14 days in March?

  3. Robert B.

    First Timer

    Frankie - Do spend as much time as you can researching lots of Camino Routes. I did that, and I was so happy to have discovered the 'route for me' and I am sure you will find the same. Don't get stuck on the idea that you have to walk the most popular route. Find the one that suits you best...
  4. Robert B.

    Which Camino for 14 days in March?

    I loved the Madrid Camino and I think you'll find it ticks all the boxes. Check out my Madrid Camino blog.
  5. Robert B.

    Missives from the Camino Madrid

    You won't regret it, I assure you!:)
  6. Robert B.

    If You Only Had Time To Spend In One City: Porto vs. Lisbon

    I know both cities well and I would say Porto, hands down. The parks, the Arts district, the architecture, the people, fantastic!
  7. Robert B.

    Guidebook for the Madrid camino

    There is an easy to use, printable Max Long map and guide to the Madrid Camino- worked for me! A donation to the Confraternity of St. James is all that's required.
  8. Robert B.

    Missives from the Camino Madrid

    As a Canadian, I have felt embraced and warmly welcomed on my journeys around the world and feel blessed. I most certainly don't want to give the wrong impression about our American friends. It was not so much my feeling that US pilgrims are not welcome, but that there is a possibility that in...
  9. Robert B.

    Camino newbie 😀

    50 Euros a day is more than plenty - in fact if you travel with the pack and do the albergue thing most of the way you will have extra should you opt for some solitude once in a while by checking in to a little hotel. Have you looked at other routes, or have you set your mind on the French...
  10. Robert B.

    Pre-Camino Travel Ideas

    Stephan - Is there a specific reason you want to start in St. Jean? Historically at least, one begins one's Camino from the front door, so, seeing as how you'll already be in Madrid - that great city of Art - why not start from there? Also that way, you will walk three routes if you wish - the...
  11. Robert B.

    Missives from the Camino Madrid

    You are very welcome - I am so glad you enjoyed it! The hotel is a pretty fancy one, but through I was able to secure an extremely reasonable rate for a lovely room and a big, included breakfast. Here is their website address. Enjoy your Camino!
  12. Robert B.

    Missives from the Camino Madrid

    Glad you liked it Paul. It was everything I had hoped for and much much more. I encourage you to give it serious consideration. Cheers! Robert
  13. Robert B.

    Missives from the Camino Madrid

    Greetings fellow travellers! Here is my humble blog from my May 2017 walk from Madrid to Fisterra. Enjoy! Missives from the Madrid Camino
  14. Robert B.

    My (leisurely) stages on the Camino de Madrid

    Thanks so very much for this comprehensive post - I found it to be an invaluable resource when I walked in 2017!
  15. Robert B.


    I am currently walking the CdM and came upon Peter's memorial during a rainstorm. Rummaging through the undergrowth for a nice stone to add to the growing pile, I found a stick and picked it up. Perfect size and weight for me. As I placed a piece of quartz down and said a few words for a man I...

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