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  1. Micah26

    COVID Shelter-In-Place Activities: What are you doing?

    It’s interesting to read all the different things people are doing especially making bread! I am an essential worker... child psychologist and I work at the local psychiatric hospital. It’s been hard on some kids not being in school not going outside... My life hasn’t changed much I work 4 10 hr...
  2. Micah26

    Special intentions

    Dear Michael, I’m so sorry for your loss! I walked for my mom and my friend Nancy they died of blood and lung cancer. I carried them with me along the way. They got me through the rough spots and the time let me mourn the loss. I hope the Camino is as healing for you!
  3. Micah26

    Poll Where do you come from?

    Born and raised in Ogdensburg NY on border of Canada... 30 yrs of my adult life Boston MA... 5 yrs ago returned home to Ogdensburg 50 mi from OTTAWA Canada...
  4. Micah26

    Do albergues refuse the pilgrims who don't carry their packs

    Hi all, I can only speak for me. To me when I walked it was a pilgrimage in honor of my mom and my friend both who died from cancer. I made a commitment to walk to them so they would know in a way I would be ok. I’ve had a stroke and my right side is limited. I carried my pack every day but...
  5. Micah26


    Hi All, I’m not sure how one can “cheat” on a pilgrimage... What you do or not do is up to the individual. I started in a small town in NY state traveled to Ottawa Canada then to Montreal jetted to Barcelona... walked from Pamplona took the train 1x and a bus 1x. In my world I was happy to walk...
  6. Micah26

    Liner versus sleeping bag

    Hi Scubageek, i walked Sept-Oct 2018. I brought a silk liner and light 1.5 lb down sleeping bag. I was glad to have both! I always put both down on my bed usually used both thigh couple times just the silk liner. It does get cold with no central heating... All comes down to personal preference...
  7. Micah26

    A woman walking alone

    The Camino does tend to be fairly safe for most of us. As a woman I felt ok except for 2 times which were probably more my paranoia. But, it always comes back to the reality that woman have to be aware and ask the further question just because we are women. It’s something most men, as men, do...
  8. Micah26


    Hi Shona! I was there walking with you! Sad and a beautiful time!
  9. Micah26

    Marilyn Kline, Camino Frances, Sept 2015 RIP Peregrina

    What a beautiful smile! May the angels lead her to the gates of paradise where she will be received with open arms. Buen Camino peregrina your journey is done... Welcome Home✨
  10. Micah26

    Help Albergue Santa Cruz in Sahagun

    Come on peregrinos/as! I’ve never stayed there but it seems this is the spirit of the Camino that drew us all to walk! As my mom taught me... every good deed gets you pennies in heaven...Blessings in you all!
  11. Micah26

    If You have Walked the Camino - Do you prefer boots or trail runners?

    Teva optimum sandals closed toe so rocks stayed out. Wore wool socks not one blister! Also brought New Balance trainers wore them 2x on the trail... sandals were the best!
  12. Micah26

    What would you do?

    All of them are wonderful options. For me making memories with your daughters... new country time with your girls and helping others. Seems like a winning trifecta to me!😉
  13. Micah26

    Compostela Error

    Well Dave, My Latin is limited but I’m thinking Cimex?
  14. Micah26

    Ladies Osprey Packs

    Lucyev, where ever you go as for help. Tell the staff what your using it for and they will help. I brought a bag of my stuff walked around the store for 1/2 hr with the weight at 15lbs which was the highest I would go. I’m glad I tried it out changed several times until I found one comfortable...
  15. Micah26

    The New Compostela Queuing System

    Hi all, sounds like they’re trying to make a positive change. Last October when I got my Compostela I waited in line for almost 3 hrs. Difficult for me as I’ve had a stroke and my side was really struggling. But I had a nice conversation with several pilgrims. To me this was part of the process...
  16. Micah26

    Ladies Osprey Packs

    I am a large woman after trying in many different backpacks I ended up with the Osprey Kestrel 38. I’m a total newbie! The Camino was my first hike ever. I walked last September and I’m always cold so I packed a sleep sack and light sleeping bag. The Kestrel gave me enough room and was the only...
  17. Micah26

    Reading while on the Camino

    Hi Dani7, I brought my iPhone 6s+ which was large enough for me. I had enough to carry without a separate e-reader. I used it for a couple things. My Spanish is minimal so I downloaded tha mass in Spanish and English. Helped me to participate in mass. Secondly, I downloaded a non fiction book...
  18. Micah26

    RIP @Dorpie (Rob)

    Eternal rest grant to him O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon him May the choirs of angels escort you to the gates of paradise and may you have eternal rest peregrino... your journey is done❤️
  19. Micah26

    A woman walking alone

    “Thank you Micah26 for your words. I enjoy being alone so I don’t anticipate sadness or loneliness, but I do relate to your comment of wanting to share thoughts and feelings from time to time.” I decided to walk the Camino in memory of my friend who died of lung cancer 3 yrs previous and my...
  20. Micah26

    Heat, feet and water

    It’s a beautiful time of year to go. I walked last year around this time only 1 rainy day after I got to Santiago! People and food complemented the nearly perfect weather! Buen Camino

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