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  1. Richard A Stead


    I think it is a question of individual choice. I set out to walk from SJPP and was determined to walk it all and I was 70. I have no problem with people making personal choices I just didn’t want to.
  2. Richard A Stead

    Death of Irish pilgrim at Finisterre

    Crazy place to swim. So sorry.
  3. Richard A Stead

    My Wife Insists We Start From SJPDP!

    Ha ha actually Hannibal did cross the Pyrenees ( nobody knows exactly where ) but nice too give everyone a bit of fun. Perhaps finding jokes about Roland might be harder.
  4. Richard A Stead

    My Wife Insists We Start From SJPDP!

    If you want to have a sense of history ie Hannibal. Napoleon etc the do the high route Not as difficult as people make out and massively rewarding. Is it seems too daunting book Orisson for the first night. Communal dinner and you’ll meet people who will be with you on and off for most of the...
  5. Richard A Stead

    Devastated in the albergue municipal in Monte do Gozo

    It’s 3 years today I walked in Santiago. I would say 90% of pilgrims don’t realise that by turning left and walking about 1k you reach the bronze pilgrim statues pointing to the Cathedral. So much nicer and inspiring than the awful ( in my opinion) new monument built for the visit of the Pope a...
  6. Richard A Stead

    is the first day as daunting as it looks?

    Yes it’s tough and depends on the weather. I stayed in Orison and would probably recommend this but then I was 70.
  7. Richard A Stead

    New thievery model on the aware!

    And credit cards/cash/passport should you not bring those either !
  8. Richard A Stead

    Weight, and how its discussion is terrifying me.

    No worries. If the worse happens get you pack moved on.
  9. Richard A Stead

    Non-Catholic on the Camino

    Have no idea why you feel like this. I have walked 3 Caminos and never once had this. I would say at least 75% of walkers are not catholic. Think this is your mind.
  10. Richard A Stead

    Quick Question

    As I understand it. Parts of the Cathedral will be open but there will be no Pilgrims mass. These will be held in other churches until the work is finished.
  11. Richard A Stead

    Is this ok?

    Done it. Roads cobbles traffic. Don’t do it.
  12. Richard A Stead

    Flying with poles in carryon.

    My daughter had hers taken and had to pay £50 for them to go in hold. I have Black Diamond lightweight folding poles. Great poles and no problem with carry on
  13. Richard A Stead

    On getting a compostela

    I guess it depends on how much you want another Compostela. I finished my third Camino last week and although my first Compostela was important I saw no reason to get more. The walk was the important thing not the paper.
  14. Richard A Stead

    Slow walk

    I have done both the Frances and Portuguese in the past 2 years but in October I am taking an old friend from Sarria to Santiago. I have 6 days walking so advice on stages and small hotels/ auberges would be much appreciated previously I walked until I was ready to stop ( 6 and 4 weeks ) but he...
  15. Richard A Stead

    If you are interested in Spanish history, check this out

    When my wife met me for 2 days in León we stayed in the Parador. Only on the 2nd day did we discover that it had been a prison in the civil war and over 800 people had been executed by Franco’s secret police in this beautiful building. Such a dreadful time and still not really discussed openly...
  16. Richard A Stead

    Stuck in Bayonne

    Hi is it marked and easy to find out of Bayonne . Thanks for any info available.
  17. Richard A Stead

    Preparation to avoid some feet problems

    No just ordinary surgical tape from any pharmacy. It peels easily at night. The very thin socks grip the Aquaphor ointment and any movement/ friction is then between the two pairs of socks.
  18. Richard A Stead

    Scammers on the Camino Frances

    Yep been going on for years. I got caught for 20 euros and later saw them picked up by some right shady characters with their takings for the day.
  19. Richard A Stead

    Preparation to avoid some feet problems

    Boots one size larger than your shoe size. Surgical tape across the ball of your foot and heel then Aquaphora ointment. One very thin pair of socks and then thicker walking socks on top. Sounds difficult but it takes a few minutes each morning. Two full Caminos and no blisters at all.
  20. Richard A Stead

    WARNING - Theft or Scam?

    Look with vast numbers now walking the Camino there are bound to be a few scammers. The deaf girls collecting for a new school has been going on for years Just take exactly the same precautions as in a big city. It’s a shame you must and on the Camino you hope for the best of human nature but...

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