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    Is the city of Braga on any route?

    I really enjoyed the Camino Torres. As said, some very interesting towns, and a lovely walk through the Portuguese hills. I found all I needed to know on this website: The Relatos section contains several very informative reports from previous pilgrims...
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    Via Francigena

    Hi Suzanna, I also started from Aosta (in September 2019) and decided that 27 km on day 1 would be a bit too far. I stayed in Nus at B&B L’Antico Borgo in Via Risorgimento 42 and it was excellent. I don’t remember the cost, but think it was about €30. I don’t know of an ostello in Nus. You...
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    Who's walking La Lana in April

    Hi Marilyn, I’m also from Cape Town – such a beautiful city, it bowls me over every time I go back there. If you are planning to reach Burgos by 26 April we won’t catch up with you – probably be a week so behind. Happy travels. When will you leave Alpera? I have good memories of that town from a...
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    Who's walking La Lana in April

    Hi Marilyn, two leaving from Alicante on 31 March, hope we catch up somewhere on the Lana. The giveaway will be one Australian accent and one South African accent (me) Donovan
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    Vertigo and the VF in Italy

    JohnandDeborah, you can download both the walking track and the cycle track for the entire Italian section from the website. I downloaded onto Having the two options side by side on the map was useful for daily planning, though in the end I used only the walking track...
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    accommodation prices for Levante

    Has the albergue at Gotarrendura closed? It’s between Avila and Arévalo. I stayed there in 2014 and it was an excellent albergue.
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    Looking for Lana services list

    This is a wonderful compilation of information. Many thanks Maggie.
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    Looking for Lana services list

    This is gold, the ideal planning summary. Thanks Laurie.
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    Advice needed please

    I downloaded from here directly into on an iPad. Worked fine. : The map was very accurate. The only potential deviation I know of is between Peso de Regua and...
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    Post Camino Torres thoughts

    I sent a trip report to Luis Quintales at USAL a while ago. He advised that he is updating the website at the moment and will include it then. Presumably he will pick up gns' report as well.
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    Senda Litoral Route

    Hello Jimi, another family group – this really is catching on. Are you going as well? The numbers in parentheses are distances in km. Worth checking as I can’t remember the source from which I took them. I agree 100% with your friend's opinion. It’s a lovely walk, mostly rural but with some...
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    Senda Litoral Route

    Hi Tarina and welcome to the Forum - great plan to walk with your parents. I’ve walked a few caminos with my daughter and they were never-to-be-forgotten experiences. I walked the Senda Litoral last year starting from Porto on 2 May. I’m in your parents’ age bracket. I stayed mainly in...
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    I, too, thought it might be a bit crowded after the junction at Ponte de Lima, so I caught a bus to Porto and followed the Senda Litoral and Camino Espiritual from there. I enjoyed both. Numbers on these caminos were rather like my experience on the VDLP a few years ago – very few pilgrims on...
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    For solitary walking have you considered the Camino Torres? Pilgrim numbers are pretty low – probably around 20 per year so you are very likely to have the camino to yourself, as I did. Great walking, sometimes in quite remote areas, and some interesting and historic towns (Almeida, Trancoso...
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    Photo video from Camino de Levante

    Hi Bjorg, another lovely presentation, many thanks. It brings back great memories of the Levante route. I echo KinkyOne - it's a lovely camino. Don
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    Accommodation and Obtaining the Credential in Albacete

    Rather old info (April 2014), but at that time the Hostal Atienzar was pilgrim friendly and very reasonable. Also it's well located. Great camino this. Plenty of interesting towns, lots of castles and wide open spaces.
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    Sara’s Ruta de la Lana Youtube Vlog

    Hi Sara, OK, thanks again for the videos, I, and I think several others, look forward to the remaining daily reports and the tips and tricks summary. I hope it's warmer for you in the south.
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    Sara’s Ruta de la Lana Youtube Vlog

    Hi Sara, In case you want to shorten the day, Alan Sykes said “in Caracena the landlady at the bar told me her son is now offering shelter for pilgrims: not quite sure what, but definitely including a shower”. If available it makes for a very handy alternative to an otherwise awkward stage, so...
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    Spiritual Variant- Question on Armenteira lodging?

    Hi Chris, the weather was very good. It was always comfortable walking, so I’d guess that it was in the low twenties (centigrade). Sometimes it was quite breezy but never annoyingly so. There was one light sprinkling of rain for a few hours. I walked the Senda Litoral. The Senda and the Coastal...
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    Spiritual Variant- Question on Armenteira lodging?

    Chris, my timing earlier this year was close to your plan – I was in Armenteira on 13 May. On arrival at about 4:00pm the albergue was approaching half full. At lights out it was full. I saw two rooms with 8 bunks in each. There might be another 2 bed room to get to Brierley’s 34 capacity. At...

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