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  1. Lifesastitch

    Compostela Error

    I was surprised, on this, our third Camino, that our names were written with the actual spelling as on our passports. Not Latinized in the least.
  2. Lifesastitch

    Municipal Albergue blankets

    I found a lightweight down blanket with stuff sack at Costco. This and a silk liner weigh less than my ultra lightweight sleeping bag.
  3. Lifesastitch

    Taking a number in Santiago.

    That’s encouraging. From my previous two Caminos I remember there were always more than four. Thanks for the info.
  4. Lifesastitch

    Taking a number in Santiago.

    Arrived in Santiago yesterday, Sunday, at 1:30pm. No tickets available, told to return in the morning. Arrived by 7:30am in the pouring rain. By 8:00 opening there were perhaps 175 waiting. We were #73/74 and it took two hours, 75% of the time in a downstairs holding area with chairs, wc’s and...
  5. Lifesastitch

    Back on the silver road again

    Lainey, Lainey, so appreciating your up to date reports. We will begin in Zamora next Thursday. Buen Camino!
  6. Lifesastitch

    Puebla de Sanabria to Santiago Sept or Oct ????

    Hello Happy Hiker. We, too, are a retired couple planning on starting in Zamora next week. Maybe our paths will cross. Buen Camino!
  7. Lifesastitch

    Coastal or Inland Portugese Route?

    Here’s my daily blog of the coastal route, so happy to have chosen it: Good luck with your decision.
  8. Lifesastitch

    Santiago to Muxia

    We also did Santiago to Muxia in October, after finishing our Portuguese Coastal route, taking four days/three nights. It was one of the highlights of our two Caminos, peaceful and rural. I blogged about it: It would be a...
  9. Lifesastitch

    camino portuguese from Porto

    I don't think the Camino Finesterre follows the coast. If you read my blog posts from last year, you'll see what it's like from Baiona to Santiago: As Santiago is inland, you are correct, there's not much Coast at...
  10. Lifesastitch

    camino portuguese from Porto

    I see this is an older thread, but for those researching the route, this is my blog post from the first day, starting at the Cathedral, a very pleasant route out of the city, following the river:
  11. Lifesastitch

    Help with luggage

    Thank you, I will contact him. Li
  12. Lifesastitch

    Help with luggage

    Did the Camino Frances last year and have the opportunity to do the Portugues route in Sept from Porto to Muxia via Santiago. I have been trying to find the specifications (size/weight) for shipping a suitcase to Ivars from Porto to Santiago. Have been on the Portuguese postal service website...
  13. Lifesastitch

    Porto to Muxia to SDC

    We did our Frances route in Sept 2015 and in September 2016 want to do the Porto to Muxia, then to Santiago, as you indicated. Looking forward to hearing more of what you plan.
  14. Lifesastitch

    How Many People Walked The Camino Without Any Training ?

    Age 61, had an ankle fracture three and a half months prior to starting. Training went down the tubes in a half leg boot. I was able to get back up to seven miles prior to leaving. Also, my right ankle has a permanent fracture so after heated discussion...
  15. Lifesastitch

    Non Fiction A Senior Citizen Walks the Camino de Santiago [Paid]

    Thank you so much. I am so looking forward to reading it. We finished our Camino in October and I can't get enough of it. Li in Vancouver BC blog:
  16. Lifesastitch

    My experience walking the Camino Frances in Sept/Oct 2015

    I'm looking forward to reading your blog. We, too, came from Canada (Vancouver) to do the Camino at the same time that you were on. I can't get enough of reading accounts of others, especially those who were there at the same time. Our blog...
  17. Lifesastitch

    Got home and received medical bill, how to pay?

    Interesting thread. We met plenty of pilgrims who told us they were charged nothing for medical care on the Camino. I wonder if they received bills after getting home. I had two experiences. Attended clinic in Fromista, during "pilgrim hours" and had to pay e76 cash up front to see a doctor...
  18. Lifesastitch


    I was hoping for a few cuckoo stragglers, but found the birds not as plentiful as I had hoped in the fall. It was incredible weather, though. Sounds like we experienced the same wonders of autumn on the Camino. we are thinking about same time next year, Portuguese Route. maybe Porto to Muxia.
  19. Lifesastitch


    September 2nd, although we intended to start from SJPP, started in Roncesvalles on that day. Chuck and Li from Vancouver, BC. See our blog, you might be there.
  20. Lifesastitch

    Cash or credit card

    Many people we met on our Camino this fall had issues at ATM's. We were stuck at one point without enough money and no ATM for three days. Our Camino angel came in the form of a bartender who agreed to charge cash to our credit card, only adding the 2.5% feee that he would be charged by the...


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