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  1. Poppy-Pete

    Smart Packing and Unexpected Backpack Items

    instead of sink stopper or plug, cut a round from a tyre tube to place over the drain hole, one size fits all :) , lightweight and flat to carry.
  2. Poppy-Pete

    Explain your forum Avatar (name and picture).

    My granddaughters call me Poppy Pete as they have two Poppys and my avatar was taken west of Pamplona in the poppy fields during my Camino in May 2018. The photo was taken by an American pilgrim with whom I had been chatting on the forum before the Camino and as the Camino provides, he was in...
  3. Poppy-Pete

    Completing the French Way in 28 days

    Happyinharrogate you haven't indicated your age or fitness level. I was 59 when I walked the Frances and planned on completing it over 33 days, with planned rest days. I felt fine after a nights sleep and didn't end up taking rest days and due to a couple of wrong turns missed my planned stops...
  4. Poppy-Pete

    boots vs shoes

    I don't know about the Merrell Moabs, but I always find the wide option better. You can always wear a thicker sock if necessary.
  5. Poppy-Pete

    Frances in 27 days?

    Hi Kevin, I walked the CF, starting at SJPDP on 11 May and finished in 26 days. It was my intention to take up to 33, but with a couple of missed turns and booked out accommodation near the end, I finished in 26. I was 59 and had a reasonable level of fitness. I suggest you start at SJPDP as...
  6. Poppy-Pete

    boots vs shoes

    As others have said, walk in whatever you are comfortable with. I walked the Camino Frances in Ascics trail runners. They have sizes in a wider fit, which was great for my foot and as a trail runner they had a chunkier sole, it wasn't so chunky that it collected stones in the tread. Each to...
  7. Poppy-Pete

    "Buff" question for native English speakers

    thanks for the 'rebuff', I had a quick scan of the thread buff obviously didn't see the matter had been buffled, I mean settled!
  8. Poppy-Pete

    "Buff" question for native English speakers

    Ivar, the tone of their letter as included in your original post does not sound threatening. Perhaps you could give them details of what you sell and how the proceeds are used and ask if there is any sort of arrangement that could be agreed upon for you to continue using the word. That may...
  9. Poppy-Pete

    Plane or train from SdC to Madrid?

    You could be cutting it fine if you're planning on arriving in SdC and departing on the same day. With the potential of unpredictable weather or other delays, you could miss you flight home the next day. I recommend you give yourself a night in SdC and then fly out, which will also give you...
  10. Poppy-Pete

    Lightload Towel, has anyone used one?

    I used a cotton sarong last year during my Camino. I had one of these and a lightweight hiking towel, but found the sarong dried quicker and had other uses such as a curtain on the bottom bunk if you're in bed early.
  11. Poppy-Pete

    Traveling with backpack

    There is usually a kiosk at the airport which will shrink wrap your bag before you check in. The cost was about $15 when I flew last year.
  12. Poppy-Pete

    Stuff I was wrong about - And Trail Runners

    Hi Robo. Before my Camino in 2018 I tried hiking boots, then hiking shoes, both of which were comfortable when first wearing during training but then not so after a bit of wearing. I tried Ascis Trail Runners, link below and they were great. Price wise they are at the lower end of the market...
  13. Poppy-Pete

    Best Camino Videos...EVER....IYHO!

    Hi Lissie, I found the videos inspirational as I had originally planned to walk for only 7 days however after watching the videos changed my mind and I walked the full CF. :)
  14. Poppy-Pete

    Best Camino Videos...EVER....IYHO!

    I've watch a lot of these including Efen's. This lot are by Thomas Arnold a young Irish guy who worked for 5 days. I found these ones entertaining and informative as well.
  15. Poppy-Pete

    Sorry to read of your experience in 2016. I wish you all the best for a positive experience...

    Sorry to read of your experience in 2016. I wish you all the best for a positive experience next year.
  16. Poppy-Pete

    Camino Frances - 11 May to 5 Jun 18

    Camino Frances - 11 May to 5 Jun 18
  17. Poppy-Pete

    Live - Camino Francés Home alone

    Thanks for the responses. It was great not having to rush a shower and having the choice of bunks as well as not feelingblike you're hogging the power point! Cheers and buen camino.
  18. Poppy-Pete

    Live - Camino Francés Home alone

    Hola. I've stopped in Melide tonight and wondering whether I should be worried as I'm the only pilgrim in a 20 bed albergue at Albergue Arraigos. Has anyone else been in this situation.? Given the number of pilgrims on The Way I would have thought there would be more people...
  19. Poppy-Pete

    Pilgrims Office of SJPP

    The staff at the pilgrims office in SJPDP are fantastic. Two of us arrived on 10 May and Bari from the office went across the road to ensure we got accom at an albergue. Fantastic service.
  20. Poppy-Pete

    Aussies on the Camino now

    Hola and Buen Camino. I started walking from SJPDP on Friday 11 May. I've come across one Aussie while the Americans I've met tell me there are lots of Aussies. I have to admit my pace is faster than most as I'm in Belarado tonight. Buen Camino. Pete


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