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  1. mahz

    What did you love best about walking la Plata?

    I agree with most: the VdLP is a wonderful Camino. Nevertheless, I think that a cruzial point needs to be kept in mind: Spring is the best time of the year for this Camino. Summer is a risky time. Way too warm weather can really ruin your experience. And by the way, a great albergue on this...
  2. mahz

    COVID The Municipalities of the Way present their Protocol of Action for the Shelters of pilgrims to the Covid-19

    In some places, such as Salamanca (VdLP), you can not travel to a different province within the region (at least up until June 22). This is the case in some other parts of the country, but no so much in the French camino.
  3. mahz

    COVID Fuenterroble hostel is hosting a baker's dozen of pilgrims who got stuck on VDLP

    Hi, the fundraising has been published in the local news. But still the Albergue of father Blas in Fuenterroble, VdlP is not getting its goal...
  4. mahz

    COVID Fuenterroble hostel is hosting a baker's dozen of pilgrims who got stuck on VDLP

    Also in the local press in Salamanca:
  5. mahz

    COVID Spanish lessons in the time of COVID

    You bet, the guy is from Granada (Andalucía) and lives in London. He says so in the presentation of his chanel. Plus his accent and a few details from the video background show it is credible.
  6. mahz

    I am still walking my Camino

    Kelley, it sounds like a luxury to me. I assume than in Spain, under your circumstances (that is, living in an "detached" farm) you could do the same. Farmers can take care of the animals and the crops. Life is harder living in cities. The expected pain is huge, coming from conflicts within the...
  7. mahz

    From Spain, VdLP

    From Spain, VdLP
  8. mahz

    I am still walking my Camino

    In Spain, it is forbidden to walk outside, run, ride your bike or exercise outside in any way. You can only go out to buy food, prescription drugs or other basic stuff. Also you can go to work (if you are still working off-line) or you can go to take care of the elderly if you need to. In any...
  9. mahz

    Poll Where do you come from?

    Living in Salamanca (Spain), but loving to follow you all at this great forum.
  10. mahz

    Fuenterroble to San Pedro de Rosados Stage

    For what I know, there is not much of a difference. The traditional route goes up a 'mountain' for a little while, with not wonderful windmills turbines at the top, but with a fantastic view. Other than that, the stage is flat and beautiful with good weather. San Pedro de Rozados is the place to...
  11. mahz

    From which country this pilgrim is from?

    The brand in the backpack is more usefull no gess where the pilgrim is NOT from. Say, Osprey... not from Spain.
  12. mahz

    It's getting really hot - Seville-Salamanca from May 29th 2019 onwards

    Very, very hot weather coming. Today in Salamanca and Zamora, scorching. Particularly for this time of the year. Wallking on this heat is only for the bravest.
  13. mahz

    Camino Frances or primitivo as a solo older woman

    That picture could be misleading. What time was it taken? Not the early rush hour, for sure. First Camino, try the French. But none would be disappointing.
  14. mahz

    Member from Spain

    Member from Spain
  15. mahz

    Question about side paths and trespassing laws? (+mapping fun)

    "Cazadores de Peligros" means, probably, "danger hunters", but the meaning here (and therefore the translation) should be: "Danger , hunters" (the comma is of the essence). To be translated into Spanish as "Peligro, Cazadores" (and you can safely avoid writing the comma if you use two lines in...
  16. mahz


    In my humble opinion, avoid walking on days in which hunting is permitted would be like avoiding walking on roads because you can be run over by a car. Basic common sense should be enough to control the risks, and the unexpected accident could happen anyway. For the most part, you can expect...
  17. mahz


    Take it as part of your cultural experience in the Camino. Of course, it is supposed that hunters would pay attention to what they aim to. Accidents are extremely rare. The noise and the activity itself is not fun for the innocent (walking) bystanders.
  18. mahz

    Meeting Ivar

    I have not met Ivar, but I admire what he does here. Many would be happy to end the pilgrimage by saying hello to him in Santiago. He would be overwhelmed. We would force him to greet in Santiago only the most active members of this great forum. Maybe an extra stimulus to boost participation...

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