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  1. david1

    Finding Orange at the Madrid Airport

    It's a mobile/cell phone network...
  2. david1

    Fun Santiago bar

    By the time that I reached Santiago de Compostela all the bars were fun! ;)
  3. david1

    Need for a tent

    I walked from Paris to St. Jean... slept in a tent 90% of the time. However I was asked on this forum, during my camino, on the availability of gites, hotels etc through France. I couldn't see any difficulties finding one every night, and certainly didn't have any problems for my occasional stay...
  4. david1

    New thievery model on the Camino....be aware!

    Window alarms. Two small pieces of plastic, joined by magnets, when separated sound an alarm. From Amazon description; Magnetic Door and Window Alarm - Pack of 3 is a pack of warning alarms to alert a carer if a user has opened any door or window, they can be installed directly without...
  5. david1

    Umbrella In Carry On

    Brought mine back from Santiago de Compostela with no problems...
  6. david1

    Completed my Camino Frances on 17 June 2019

    Personally, I have already set up a separate bank account and started saving for my return. 😂😂😂
  7. david1

    Completed my Camino Frances on 17 June 2019

    I wish that you hadn't speeded the video up though, it's a little bit distracting. When I can watch it on my home computer (watching it on my phone now) I shall watch it at half speed, as it is a great video otherwise. 😁
  8. david1

    Completed my Camino Frances on 17 June 2019

    Number 3 !!
  9. david1

    Name that John!

    John E. B. Goode
  10. david1

    is the first day as daunting as it looks?

    Short answer is yes. By the time I had reached St Jean I'd been on my pilgrimage for several months (I'd walked from Wales) In my whole 5 1/2 month Camino the walk to Roncesvalles from St Jean was easily my most challenging. Taken slowly, with micro stops and water it's entirely doable. 😀
  11. david1

    two pairs of shoes vs one pair

    I'd often change over to my walking sandals just to give my feet a break. Sandals are also good for wearing at the end of the day's walk...and to and from the shower.
  12. david1

    Food Poisoning in Carrion de los Condes.

    I use a water bottle with a replaceable filter attached. Filters everything. I regularly filled it up with pond and river water through France and more recently in Spain with no problems. There are only a few that filter viruses, but they're out there. Mine cost me €30 for the 750ml bottle, and...
  13. david1

    Snow in Burgos

    I'm 20km ish from Burgos.. definitely potential hyperthermia weather for the less prepared. And so is sitting around in wet gear once in your albergue, don't forget to shower and change straight away. I've seen peeps get hypothermia like this in my army days.
  14. david1

    Lost I lost 900€ after Puente de la Reina

    I'm a day behind you, and am letting people know.
  15. david1

    App for forum?

    What app is best for accessing this forum? That's all really... 🤔
  16. david1

    Pilgrim masses in Santiago cathedral to be suspended from Monday 28 January 2019

    I'm kinda hoping that no botafumiero will also mean there won't be a sea of phones videoing. I suspect that sea would bring me down more than being a little sad now not viewing the botafumiero. Plus it gives me a reason to embark on another Camino later on sometime. 😁
  17. david1

    Calm Down

    "Fears and what make backpacks heavy” My pack is getting lighter as I walk... 😁
  18. david1

    The Camino De Santiago - A Brother's Way

    Walking my way now. I shall be watching that at my next YHA pit stop (currently pilgriming UK cathedrals) My thoughts often drift off to loved ones who've passed whilst walking... feels kind of "nice" Not the right word, but I'm sure you know what I mean...



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