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  1. Tony Hutt

    Which is the best rain JACKET to buy?

    Do you not have to remove your pack to get out the poncho? A pack cover is an easy option, but in any case pack contents need to be in a waterproof liner/stuff sac. In the end it is all a matter of personal taste and what your equipment starting point might be.
  2. Tony Hutt

    Which is the best rain JACKET to buy?

    Paramo produce excellent kit and are much-used by the Mountain Rescue in the UK. Their system utilises NikWax and works really well. Might have to be mail-order, however.
  3. Tony Hutt

    SJPDP to Orisson?

    If your party is fit and used to walking in the hills, it can be achieved in just under two hours. Three hours should be plenty; just remember to adjust your pace according to the gradient and temperature. Try to establish a good walking rhythm and placing the slowest person at the front is good...
  4. Tony Hutt

    If You have Walked the Camino - Do you prefer boots or trail runners?

    I used Asolo Zen approach shoes. Theses were great although I did have to purchase thinner socks after 500km!
  5. Tony Hutt

    Silk liners...

    Also useful as a neck warmer!
  6. Tony Hutt

    LIVE from the Camino A plea to all women on the Camino Frances: ‘Take your toilet tissues with you’!

    Less to do with ‘class’, more about one’s upbringing, perhaps?
  7. Tony Hutt

    Adios Moabs

    I am also a big fan of Merrell Moabs and am on my 3rd pair of mids. That said, I did not use them on the Camino and would not wear them when mountain walking. They are light and comfortable over normal terrain but not great on slopes, particularly when going downhill and over rough ground. I...
  8. Tony Hutt

    Comment by 'Tony Hutt' in media 'Roasting Hot in Ages'

    Suspect your Garmin was ‘cooking’!
  9. Tony Hutt


    Tortilla and coffee for 1st breakfast, coffee and Danish for 2nd breakfast (sometimes). Lunch was invariably an Ensalada Mixta with Nestea and the evening meal was, well, the evening meal; always good fare. Beer in the evenings was a carefully planned element of a scientifically devised...
  10. Tony Hutt

    Should I add "mountaineering" to my travel insurance?

    As a mountaineer I would suggest not. At no point will you be in mountainous terrain, just hills. Also, I did the Camino Frances in approach shoes and they were fine.
  11. Tony Hutt

    What was in your pack when you finished?

    Hi We may just have been lucky with the places we stayed, but there was always a clothes line of some sort, but not always enough pegs. At the Albergue San Francisco de Asis, in Leon, you have your laundry done for a small fee. Clearly not everyone’s experience as occasionally we spotted odd...
  12. Tony Hutt

    What was in your pack when you finished?

    I subjected myself to a pre-departure inquisition, comprising of just one question; ‘do you really need that?’ Did not need poles, rucksack cover or compass. These were left behind and not missed. Stopped using the platypus; tended to shed water when rucksack was put down carelessly, opening the...
  13. Tony Hutt

    A new pack that could be a Camino fav!

    No pack is fully waterproof unless of the type used on caving or canoeing expeditions. Just yes waterproof stuff sacs or sturdy bin liners.
  14. Tony Hutt

    Unwelcome traces from pilgrim rituals

    The worst thing I saw, virtually along the entire route, was tissue paper. Leave nothing really needs emphasising. Perhaps peregrinos should be issued with poo bags so such detritus can be carried until disposed of correctly. Have seen this working well in US state parks.
  15. Tony Hutt

    Not for Me, Perhaps Some Will Like

    Spoof, surely? Looks like something from a baby's pram/pushchair/stroller. Not to be used in a headwind!