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  1. Chev.Jerry


    I used a Tsonmall Poncho from Amazon for $15 us. Worked well, covers pack too. It might not last 10 years but was good for the Camino.
  2. Chev.Jerry

    wonderful meals along the Camino Frances

    In the back of the bus station in Serria was a wonderful restaurant.
  3. Chev.Jerry

    First Camino - Sleeping bag/liner/mat for July (in case no b

    LT, I went in September on the "French" route, and took a fleece sleeping bag liner and a silk sleep sheet. I never stayed outdoors, but this was plenty. Remeber each albuge will have a bed, usually blankets and other people to keep you warm. Buen Camino Jerry
  4. Chev.Jerry

    What Was Your Biggest Mistake

    Simple question, complicated answer in simple words: forgetting the Camino is a Pilgrimage. Buen Camino, Jerry
  5. Chev.Jerry

    Photos from a Winter Camino

    Wow. I did my walk in September, and this gives a whole new meaning to the Camino. Being from Texas, U.S. of A. Snow is a very rare occurrence and while beautiful. I can only imagine it. Congratulations and Buen Camino. Jerry
  6. Chev.Jerry

    Cash machines

    Liz, We found them almost everywhere. Note however, try out your card before you go to make sure it works. Also, we are from the U. S. and a friend took his Cash Card from a local credit union and it would only work in the larger towns and then only at bank machines. Our card was from one...
  7. Chev.Jerry

    Carry a sleeping bag? Other packing tips?

    My wife and I did the Camino is September, and we did not carry a sleeping bag. A fleece bag liner and a silk sleep sack was it. Remember, you will be staying indoors, with a number of close friends whose 98 degree F bodies will bring warmth to the room, even if the room is not heated. The...
  8. Chev.Jerry

    Jackets, Vests, etc...What to leave behind?

    Dear mmmdumplings, My wife and I walked the Camino in September and the weather was generally wonderful. Some times wet, occasionally brisk but nice. And we had the first hurricane to hit Spain in 30 years to boot. We layered. Tee or undershirt, Exofficio outer long sleve shirt, occasionally...
  9. Chev.Jerry

    Starting in September

    Lynn, We (my wife and I) did our Camino in September and jokingly said Camino de Santioago is Spanish for "uphill in the rain." Hurricane Gordan, the first hurricane to hit Spain in 30 years added to this we later learned. A poncho was our choice, and I'd use one again... As to a sleeping...
  10. Chev.Jerry

    Nervous Anticipation

    Buen Camion Bill, Know, The light of God surrounds you, the Love of God enfolds you, the Power of God protects you and the Presence of God watches over you. Wherever you are, God is and all is well. Jerry
  11. Chev.Jerry

    Ponferrada to Santiago - advice request

    Arbie, If you choices are to go with the group, or not go, by all means go. I walked from Ponfarada with a group in September of 2006, and we would just agree to meet at the next stop. If others were along for a while, great. If not, great. Dinners were a joy. The sharing of that day's...
  12. Chev.Jerry

    "A Journey of Spiritual Significance"

    The Light of God surrounds you, the Love of God enfolds you, the Power of God protects you, and the Presence of God watches over you. Wherever you are, God is, and all is well. Even on the Camino. As Carl Jung said, "Invited or not invited, God is here." Any journey can be of spiritual...
  13. Chev.Jerry


    Many of the private albergues have washing machines and dryers, and for a few euros they will do your laundry for you. You can always share a load with other pilgrims to make the cost lower... Jerry
  14. Chev.Jerry

    re-use a Credential?

    Ian, Another thing to consider, and I don't know the answer myself, is the last stamp on my Credencial is from the Cathederal in Santiago when they issued my Compostella. I don't know if they would issue another Compostella or not. That may not be a concern with you, I doubt that the alburges...
  15. Chev.Jerry

    A year ago .......

    Petro, Thank you so much for sharing, it brought a smile to my face and a longing to my heart. Ultrea. Jerry
  16. Chev.Jerry

    Cameras or Camcorders

    Bharat, In my humble opinion, a small digital camera will serve you best. A SD card can capture over 500 pictures, and AA batteries are available everywhere. You don't need special equipment or software to edit your pictures, most computer come with the software already installed. Just...
  17. Chev.Jerry

    Maps and Guides

    I used the Brierley guide, not just for the map, the Camino is well marked but we still took routes not intended..., but for the information and the topographical information, (up and down hills etc.,) for a reference too. A long flat day and a challengening up/down hill day, are two very...
  18. Chev.Jerry

    the rhythms of the camino: new article

    Rob, Thanks for sharing, it makes me want to go again, and meet you along the way. Jerry
  19. Chev.Jerry

    Vegetarian food?

    Hola, Just a thought but you might want to do a search for "Vegetarian food" in the search box and see what has been said on this before. We only saw one "vegetarian" cafe before we got to Santiago and that was in Sarria. You can, of course, go to the market and fix whatever you want in...